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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    The pump is a .36 ci gear pump. Ya open to any motor. No idea what pressures the system is running at as there is no gauge. At the end of the day, is changing the displacement of either the pump or the motor basically doing the same thing as changing the sprocket ratio in terms of speed vs...
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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    This is the winch
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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    Sorry this is not on a tractor, its on a boat. The hydraulic power unit is run from a 9 hp honda. I thought about the log splitter pump but I am running a 5 spool valve which also controls the boom cylinders. The entire system works good now other than it takes about 15 seconds to pull in 20...
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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    I'm trying to compare motors with quite different displacement. A 23 ci/rev 4500in-lbs motor which turns at 150rpm gear up to match the speed of a 5 ci/rev 1500in-lbs motor that turns at 750 rpm. My application is I have a winch made with the 5ci motor and it is geared down with chain and...
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    Hydraulic motor power vs speed

    Generally speaking, if a larger displacement hydraulic motor is geared up with chain and sprockets to achieve the speed of a faster smaller displacement motor, will it still have more power (torque) than the smaller motor?
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    Red transmission gear dash light. This light has been on for years, everything works fine. I did replace the transmission pressure sensor switch a few years ago on the dealers advice but the light came back on shortly after. I just replaced the transmission filter but that didnt get rid of it...
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    Loose loader control

    I have a TN75 and the loader control has a lot of play. Top moves side to side 6". How do I tighten it up. Dealer says replace it at $800.00 Not happening. Should the ball stud (red arrow) be tight in the cast aluminum part (blue arrow) of control? Now it is held in place with a roll pin and has...
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    Fuel sender

    My tn75 fuel gauge doesnt work, will a generic after market unit work with the NH gauge? I am assuming the factory sender will be millions like ever other part on it.
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    Tn75da joystick bushings

    Any sources for bushings for joystick. I have about 5" of side to side play. Dealer only sells complete units for around $600.00
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    3pt hitch tiller

    Want to build a tiller 6 feet wide or so Should I go PTO powered or hydraulic. If hydraulic can I just use hydraulics from tractor TN75. If hydraulic, can motor shaft directly turn tiller Or should the be a chain drive.
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    Side hydraulic brush cutter

    I built this a few years ago. Works great. Uses 10" saw blades. Hydraulic motor turns the first sprocket, then each shaft feeds the following one.
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    TN75 air conditioning

    TN75 da AC problem. No cold air, quickly depressed shrader valves to see if they had pressure and they do. If I turn on AC the compressor will engage and run. If I increase engine speed the compressor will squeal and then sometimes stop turning although belt is still turning clutch sheave. It's...
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    Polyethylene seem welder

    The price is reasonable, doesnt need to be strong as the mussels grow into the mesh within a few days which supports their weight. Worth a try, I wonder if it would be possible to increase the temperature as the mesh may require more heat than a polyethylene bag
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    Polyethylene seem welder

    Not really tractor related but there are smart minds in this forum. I need to build something to melt polyethylene netting together. I'm thinking something similar to the way ketchup packets/mr freezes etc are sealed. We buy 1000 yard rolls of this polyethylene sock netting, cut it into 10'...
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    TN 75 fuel pump leak?

    The kit is a available but my dealer told me they used to rebuild them but got away from doing it as they never had great success with it. I ended up buying the whole pump for 100 bucks.