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    7100 2 row or 71 2 row?

    7100 might be the most common planter ever made and parts are easy to come by.
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    It’s a fun game!
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    2022 Honda Pioneer 1000 windshield?

    Let me start out by saying I've had a Ranger, a Pioneer 1000, and now own a Mule Pro-FXT. If you want full doors go with Ranger, Can-Am defender, or Kubota or Deere. They have the best cab systems out there. Both the mule and the pioneer come with half doors. The Pioneer 1000 has crazy...
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    A solar powered generator?

    They're pretty nifty little units that come in all different capacities. So you can get a small one to just run or charge a few small things or a big one that will run your house during an outage. All that said they're ridiculously expensive. You can easily build your own setup for a fraction...
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    high pressure tree sprayer run on PTO

    Yeah they're not cheap but that's what orchards and vineyards use. You can get a a cheap fimco style 3pt sprayer and like 3gunr said, the roller pumps supply more pressure typically than the diaphragm pumps do. This can allow you to use a hand wand and possibly reach the heights you're looking...
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    high pressure tree sprayer run on PTO

    Just buy a 3pt air blast sprayer.
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    Looking at MX5400 for my 80 Acres-good choice?

    They all shrink when you get them to the farm and you'll wish you had something bigger. I wish mine had more power at times but I didn't want a tractor any larger in physical size than the MX. I also wanted a geared tractor and they don't offer the MX6000 with a geared transmission.
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    MX5400 breakout/lift strength?

    I've been underwhelmed by MX5400 LA1065 combo as well. I came from an '07 L3940 with a Woods loader that I feel like would do more than my MX can. I asked my dealer about it but they said everything was in spec. My L3940 would easily lift the rear end off the ground if I tried to pick...
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    This is my last post on TBN

    Get on twitter or facebook if you want to ramble on about the ills of the world. Plenty of folks over there to banter with regardless of your stance. I come to TBN to learn about tractors.
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    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    Maybe on a forum like this where most folks have small compact tractors with loaders. But look at any row crop tractor out in the field. Just about every single one of them will have weights hanging on the front of it. Imagine how much traction you need to pull a 60 ft planter across the field.
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    Floor Options For Pole Barn (Not Concrete)

    I would do everything you can to try and get the concrete floor in there now. I did the same thing as you and kick myself everyday for not just putting in concrete when I built it. And now the shed is full of crap that it will be an even bigger job to get it all out of there so i can put...
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    Autumn olive and multiflora rose puller

    I used and Intimidator tree puller to clear out this little area. Was super impressed with. One cool thing about it is that when it's closed up it can be used like a stump spade.
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    I have a pull behind but wish it was 3pt so I could move it from plot to plot easier. Been thinking about rigging it so that i could do either similar to what 3Lfarms did.
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    Small Pond Build

    Update: It won't be near a 1/4 acre in size but I think it will serve its purpose in holding water for some cows to drink in the summer. Dug down fairly deep to get into the clay and packed it all down as best as I could with my tractor. Got some rain the other day and it's already holding...
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    JD 4052R vs 4066R vs 5065e

    If you're not doing any ground engaging work (disc, plow, etc) then I would lean towards a HST for your needs. If you're looking at Kubota the MX series sounds like it might fit what you're looking for. Last piece of advice... No matter what you buy, it will shrink when you bring it home and...