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    JD Z525E zero turn mower

    Hm OK I have the big JD zero turn. Don't know about the 5 series. I'd be caught pulling that thing apart and seeing what's up. Probably something simple like an o-ring. Hydraulics tend to be quite simple.
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    Kioti LB 1914 running really rich

    It's not turbocharged is it? I don't think it is. You shouldn't have any smoke when it's running. Black smoke on diesels means incomplete burn which can be timing, or over fueling or something with compression. One of those things is keeping the diesel/air mist from burning all the way. You have...
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    Backhoe Draft arm to backhoe swing cylinder interference and review

    No problems here. DK45S Cab and 2485 hoe
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    JD Z525E zero turn mower

    I am fortunate to have an amazing dealer here. Whether I was buying $500,000 worth or $5000 they stand behind every sale. I think that makes a world of difference in the "user experience". That said, something in what the OP says in his post doesn't add up. There is no such "left gearbox" in a...
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    DK45s and Titian flail mower

    Poster states DK45 in the title so it’s a 45hp tractor. Not a huge machine but big enuf for the smaller flail. I can’t imagine trying to wrangle a 72 inch flail mower on a DK45
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    kioti dk45s jumping out of gear

    Buy the repair manual. Its a very interesting read.
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    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    My tractor has a cab and I wouldn’t have it any other way. A few things that haven’t been mentioned... Getting in and out is not as easy. Doors can get hung up on things if you drive with them open. You shouldn’t but you will. Wear your seat belt. Bouncing up and smacking your noggin on the cab...
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    Tires Keep rolling beads

    ugh second time in less than 10 hours I rolled the front tire off the rim. I dunno what I'm doing wrong exactly, but I'll just keep after the tire pressure and hope I stop doing this. it was $30 this time since it took two guys a half hour. any tricks I should learn ?
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    New to me

    Picked these up yesterday in Leesburg. The faded one has a Kohler 16 hp twin. Paid stupid cheap for all.
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    Leaky front swivel seal...again (DK series)

    Well $80 later the new seal is in on the '06 DK45C. Fortunately I bought this giant snap ring pliers set to take a turbo apart with, so I did have the right tool for the job. So to save the next owner a lot of time doing useless stuff like taking everything completely apart.... Remove the...
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    Axle housing leaking...again...

    Bleah. Opened the barn to find a huge tidal wave of 90 wt trailing into the center drain hole in the floor and coming from the RF axle. The very same one I repaired three years ago. Guess I know what I'm doing tuesday....
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    Trackhoe base for 3 point BH attachment?

    Forgive me if this has been covered. I have a fine 3 point sub frame detachable backhoe that is great for what it can do on a tractor. I find that there are many instances....mucking ditches in particular...where I wish I could turn the whole mess 90 degrees to the tractor. How wacky an idea is...
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    Slo Blow 60A fuse woes

    Just for your edfification, I spent a good half hour trying to figure out what the problem was. Good power from battery to terminal lug on starter, but no power to ignition switch, lights etc. Checked slo blow fuse and it was good. Still nothing. Finally just tried wiggling it ( I know, real...
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    Hive mind query: Tig welder...

    Good deal or run away? TIG Welder Thanks.
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    3-Point Hitch Pulsing, jumping lift when cold

    I have noticed lately that when I lift the mower deck or the bush hog or whatever is hooked up to the TPH, it kinda bucks and jumps until things warm up. Anyone else experience this? Not sure it is a symptom or a feature. '06 DK45 SEC. Tanks