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    Bad Boy Land Plane

    I've used a Bad Boy mower very hard for the last 10 years. No problems. Build very well. Welds and material have never given me any concern. I wouldn't be afraid to buy the Bad Boy land plane. I've been using a LP land plane for 5 years. Double blades and 5 or 6 scarifiers (sp). Best...
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    Washout-proofing a ditch

    My solution after many years of the same problem was to install an 8" double walled corrugated pipe (whatever size as needed) down the driveway. Expensive but I installed 60 ft one year, 100 ft the next and so forth until it was complete. I found rerouting worked for a while.
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    Is a 6' box blade too much for a compact?

    I've been using a 5 foot box blade with my TC33D 4WD, 33 HP, with nothing in the rear tires and that is about all I would want to pull. It'll pull it but a lot of my time would be watching the box to see how full it is cuz I know if it gets too full I'll start spinning or just bog down and stop...
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    Mowing Level (soon to be lawn) with tiller, disc or box blade?

    My vote is the tiller. You'll never get the finished lawn you want using the box blade or discs. I've used them all plus a land plane, box spring, dozer, FEL & spring tooth harrow. With time and effort you can make any of them work to some degree of satisfaction I guess, but the quickest and...
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    Forward Exit Horizontal Exhaust??

    I have horizontal forward/side exiting (RK24) and side exiting (NH TD33). Neither has ever bothered me during operation. Both are on the left exiting the side engine panels.
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    Most cost effective way to divert water

    Was the property that way when you bought or inherited it?
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    fuel issues

    I know it's an older thread but just in case someone is having the same problem, mine did the exact same thing. I ended up using Hot Shot's Secret Diesel Fuel Additive in my fuel. That and putting a tee and valve in the fuel line between the fuel filter bowl and the tank I got a brass tee that...
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    RK24-What is filter in front of radiator? Fuel?

    I received a quick answer from RK Tractor (Daniel Patterson) that , it's the fuel water separator. Yes, I looked in the manual. No mention of a fuel water separator, only an oil water separator, and no reference as to where it is mentioned in the manual. The picture of the fuel water...
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    RK24-What is filter in front of radiator? Fuel?

    My RK24 has a fuel filter behind the side cover by the oil filter as shown in our manual. It also has a filter that looks just like the fuel filter in front of the radiator on the right side. What is this filter for? Here's a pic:
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    Transmission (API GL-4 Grade) Tractor transmission and hydraulic oil Below -4コF(-20コC) ISO VG32 Above -4コF(-20コC) between ISO VG46 and 68 Front Axle (API GL-4 Grades)Gear oil #80 or #90 The above specs calling for GL-4 Gear oil for the front axle are from the current manual for all tractors...
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    Rick, here's the Rural King fluids listed under RK24H maintenance on their website ( for transmission and front axle: Transmission Transdraulic Fluid H.k. Univ (SKU 3261927) Current Price $22.49/2 gal Front Axle (Do Not use the Universal Trans/Hydraulic Fluid in the front axle...
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    Rick, I agree. I'm looking at the date & time stamp at the bottom of page 5-11 in the PDF manual. It is: 2018-12-11 08:08:01 No idea for sure what format they are using for date (is it Nov 12 or Dec 11? Not important for our discussion.) Do you have a date on the printed manual you...
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    Here's some added info on the gear oil/tran hyd oil question I found in another thread in TBN (Ref Quote #5 in the following) Here is the specific reference #5
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    IMHO You will need the Rural King mechanic and store manager to put that in writing. (And maybe make a video of it on your phone) 2 months ago I asked at Rural King and was led over to the CAM2 PROMAX Tractor Hydraulic 303 Oil and was told that's what they use in the service area for the RK24...
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    Tires RK 24 tire pressures

    coastie, you are absolutely right. 40 front and 25 rear. :tractor: