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    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    What mikester said..........has worked for me........ having owned three Kubotas and one Case in the past 38 years.
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    Tractor Storage Cover Suggestions

    What rScotty said works for me too......have been doing it for years keeping sun and snow off my Kubotas and ain't perfect but is much better than nothing. Of late I built a 12 x 24 ShelterLogic unit that is still serving me well for the past 5 years. I do include some rodent bait...
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    Are calcium filled tires a horror show?

    There are many die-hard loaded tire fans on TBN. Maybe the daily functions on those users is helped by loaded tires. In my short 12 years of CUT home ownership, I've found that ballast has provided sufficient traction.....summer chores and winter (chains). I do have cast wheel weights on...
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    Woodland Mills wood Chipper wait times !

    Whoa!!!! One Hellava chipper. Cheers, Mike
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    Ooops... I did it again. B2650 T/L/B to L3560LE-HSTC T/L/B

    Nice pics Rock. May that new Kubota stay up with your demands. Cheers, Mike
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    Charging Trailer Brake Battery

    I remove the battery from my now seldom used trailer....and....put it on the Maintainer now and then as it (battery) sits in the garage. Cheers, Mike
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    Chipper Shredder

    I'm with B John.... Load it, Haul it, Unload it, Burn it, How dry is it..?? How windy is it??? How long will it burn?? I do burn on certain occasions, but find both the small MacKissic Chipper/Shredder SC1650 HTE or the Woodland Mills WC68 have been my method of choice. Cheers, Mike
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    8" No-Name Chinese Chipper Grief and Slip Clutch

    That must be some large chipper with a 200 lb flywheel....must be a commercial unit beyond my experience. But good luck anyway. Mike
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    Income Taxes: Turbo Tax - H&R Block - File Your Own?

    Why do us old folks (over 80), who only make a little money (less than $40,000) have to pay / file taxes? Seems like to me that we should not have to bother with it after all these years of ...Working....Military Service..... and....paying taxes. Boy, that a stupid question...
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    injection molded plastic hard to read

    I'm a member of this club too. But recent cataract surgery opened up a whole new world to me. For eyeryday things I feel undressed without my former glass perched on my nose....and.... I can read street signs now. But that tiny lettering is still a challenge even with a magnifying hand held...
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    NC High Country

    Rick, That's an anniversary to remember. Having a clear day helped. Cheers, Mike
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    What's he asking for it? I'd offer maybe $500. The chain and gear box are easy to service with new lubricants. It'll probably last you as long as your JD1025....assuming that you are just tilling a garden....not a field. Did the PTO shaft fit? Cheers, Mike
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    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    Only while in the Army at Fort Sam Houston, Camp Bullis and Brooke Army Medical Center for several months. Quite a memorable time. Cheers, Mike
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    My Place: a CAT, Mahindra, and Ducks

    Me too, even though most of what you do is beyond me.(y) Cheers, Mike
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    Hooks on FEL Bucket

    That's so cool. Looks like something I'd do as I fumble around some days.