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    Please answer without comment

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    Dozer usage

    We've had many dozers over the last 50 years, and in my experience, they don't have any more or less problems from sitting as opposed to any other piece of equipment. It's safe to say that for clearing land, we use our excavators much more than the dozers. I would say I put 50hrs a year on a...
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    Do i hay or crops

    I think you need to add more details to your situation before anyone can give you advice.
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    Engine Oil in UDT

    I agree, no problem at all. Engine oil, in a pinch, can be used in almost anything that requires any type of oil.
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    PTO Generator

    I have a Baumalight 12KW. It provides very clean power thru my transfer switch when the power goes out. This has been a great solution for the 5-7 power outages we get each year. Normally I run the generator on my 4052 tractor in E-PTO mode. The 100 horse in the picture is just a tad overkill!
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    The right tractor for towing/forestry work

    I can’t stress enough how much better a dozer is over a tractor for forestry work. Even in the best working conditions, sticks, stumps, rocks, limbs, etc are hard on tractors. I live on and selectively cut timber on my property. My tractors see very limited use in forested areas. The safety...
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    Out here in Orygone, this is a 4X5 w eye guards.
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    When do you start and stop mowing the grass where you live?

    April-July here in drought stricken SW Oregon.
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    4 wheel drive all the time? or just when needed

    Leaving your tractor in 4wd only presents an issue when working on hard surfaces such as pavement. The “winding up” of front driveline components happened to me once, but it was in a pickup that had mismatched gear ratios in the front and rear differentials. My dad leaves his tractors in 4wd...
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    Left turn on 2 lane. Stay in R/H lane or L/H to let cars continue on?

    B is the only choice for me.
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    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    1983 GMC Suburban
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    Found a great gas can spout!! Buy these once, never spill gas again.
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    How can I be sure the check will be good?

    I've sold several higher dollar items to private parties. I recently sold my camper for $12,000. After negotiating the price, I met the buyer at his bank, and walked out with cash. It's all on camera, and it's all legit.
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    F2690 quality issues

    It's been my experience that Kubota generally builds quality products. What you are describing is definitely not the norm. Sorry for the bad luck.
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    Which would you buy

    You will get a lot of opinions on gear vs hydro. I chose to go with hyrdo when I bought my Deere 4052. It's good/great for everything except really heavy tillage, which I do very little of with that tractor. New vs. used is very subjective and again you will get a lot of opinions, no comment...