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    MN DNR Bald Eagle live feed

    Here's a bald eagle nest they have a real time feed on. Fun to watch from time to time. DNR EagleCam Live Stream - Minnesota DNR
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    International Model M grain drill

    I have what I think is a model M International / McCormick grain drill. One of the 8 tooth clutch sprockets to engage the drill is worn down so bad that it won't stay engaged. That part is not available anymore, but I believe I could rebuild it with some intricate welding and grinding. The...
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    need help with Allis B trans / diff

    Does this help?
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    Baler mounted moisture tester

    I just bought a Agratronix BHT-2 baler mounted moisture tester, and I'm ready to install. I'll be mounting it in a NH BR7060. Before I start drilling any holes, I thought the smart thing to do is to ask some of you New Holland owners, where is the best place to mount the pads. Attached, are 2...
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    Agco Allis 8630 won't fire

    Looking for some help and or advise. I have a 1993 Agco Allis 8630. It has a 6 cylinder air cooled engine, with electronic governor. The fuel filters are good, the fuel pump works, and the injectors were all working fine. Engine turns over fine, but will not fire, which tells me the governor is...
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    How to calculate the change in watts if input voltage is changed?

    Here's a list of all the formula's you'll be needing.
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    Small square bales in wagons

    We have 9 x 16 foot wagons, and our bales are about 3 foot. We can also steer the thrower, which helps a great deal. A typical load is 120 bales without stopping. If I stop to re arrange the bales, I can get another 15 on. I just put a new floor in this wagon last year. I tried something...
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    Baling corn stalks

    I had a neighbor ask me to round bale some corn stalks for him, which I've never done before. I've heard that it's hard on a baler, so I'm kind of reluctant. The owners manual doesn't mention corn stalks. Does it take a different pressure setting than alfalfa, grass, or straw? Anyone out there...
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    Male Skid Steer Plates

    Xfaxman's pictures explains it very well. Titan sells weld on plates complete with latch pins for I believe $279?? You will have to adapt them to fit your loader.You can find them on ebay. If you would like to do it the hard way (fun way), the pictures show what I did. I used half inch for the...
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    Hay wagons; let's see them!

    Yet another approach. I've seen a few commercially built wagons made this way, so I thought I'd try it on one of mine. It costs less because there are no 4x4 cross members and 2x6's cost less per foot in shorter lengths than 16 foot lengths. I don't see why it wouldn't be just as strong. Now I...
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    Wrapping with solid plastic?

    I just took delivery of a NH BR7060 round baler yesterday. Looking through the manual about loading the net wrap, it says that I can also use solid plastic with adhesive backing. I have never heard of using solid plastic on a round bale! Has anyone here tried it, or know of anyone that has done it?
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    Bale spear advise

    I need to build a FEL bale spear. I was looking at, they have plenty of choices, and seem reasonably priced. There is a choice of two different weld on sleeves that the spear slips into. One is a tapered sleeve with a nut on the end, and the other is a straight sleeve with a cross...
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    Round baler advise

    Now that I'm past 50, my back can't take handling 10,000 small square bales per year. I would like to start doing some round baling. I've already decided on a 4x5 size bale, and I have 2 New Holland dealers reasonably close by for parts availability. Now I need to decide on a model & twine or...
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    Electronic Ignition

    I was having problems with a broken spring on the ignition points on my Farmall H. A new set of points would last just over a year, and then the spring would break. I was told that the rotor was worn to the point where it wobbled, causing excessive spring movement. Does this make sense? He also...
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    What kind of dogs do you own?