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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Has anyone bought/used one of these?: Which I could not find a coupon for in the database, but I'm pretty sure I saw in a sale catalog for $179.99? I think they would be way easier on my old knees than using ladders...
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    Getting a whole house genny installed...

    That's why we bought a big portable North-Star genny with a Honda motor- I can take out when I want to weld somewhere away from the house. But it WILL also run everything we need to run in an outage, including the furnace and fridgetator. I put it on a 4-wheeled dolly that's easy enough to...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I usually wear through, rip, cut, or otherwise ruinate gloves faster than I can buy them... I bought some of these late last winter, and they haven't ripped, torn, cracked, or let me get cut, despite my attempts to cut myself cutting with axes, saws, knives, and machetes: U.S. Military Surplus...
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    Dog pics

    His[ or her- Sorry, but CRS strikes again] face reminds me of our Sully: He's a mixed breed rescue about 2 yr old now- with definitely some hunting type breed in there because he gets a scent and won't stop following it, and tries to catch [and I think eat] anything he sees moving. He also...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Hi SplitHoof, WELCOME to TBN!! That looks to me like a good-sized cedar- we do use the ends of the ones we use for landscaping, etc as kindling, I built my version of the [in my opinion overpriced] "Kindling Cracker" to split them fine and easier to catch on fire. But no one said that it had...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I love it! Here try these:
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Mine came with a metal stand: 18 Pc SAE & Metric T-Handle Ball End Hex Key Set No coupons found on HF Database- you'll be stuck with only 20% off. :confused:
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Since you mentioned the "hickory-handled" hammers, I have to say that I'm really unhappy that they some time ago, discontinued all of their fiberglass-handled hammers except the framing hammers. Their 3# and 4# drilling or mini-sledge hammer were some of my favorite hammers- which means of...
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    how to mount a tactical shotgun

    Cool- I just have PTSD/Backlash Syndrome because of my outlaws, who kill any snakes they see with extreme prejudice, despite living in an area where venomous snakes are so unlikely that I have never seen one, and I LOOK for snakes. Thanks for 'splaining, not that any justification was...
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    how to mount a tactical shotgun

    I'm sorry to dissent from your opinion, EintheWoods, and agree with LSN and DE, but to me, that's is the definition of in the way, obstructing sight-lines, and also at risk for soiling by dust and debris. The previously shown mount, if used muzzle down, say inside one of the ROPS uprights, is...
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    What is user UNFRIENDLY on your tractor?

    Hi Kev, My SWMBO and I are both kinda decrepit in different ways, so I mounted a step sold for a pick-up truck on the left side of ours- and the way I mounted it, it will pivot up freely with the mower deck's ups and downs, but it's the most help with the MMM off in the winter. Why couldn't...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    HF Compressor Auto-Drain Questions Hi, is anyone using [one of] these? I have a question about the installation process. There is a threaded port in the side of the the brass main valve, and despite close attention to...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    We got one of these because that line can be a real PITA at times: Shakespeare Push-N-Load 3-blade head- Shakespeare Push-N-Load 3 Blade Trimmer Head at Tractor Supply Co. We're on year three w/ it and still have some spare blades left, but they're only about $8 per dozen, so whatevs...
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    Weather and logic, people are strange

    Hey Bruce, There seems to be a meme somewhere in there- 'cause I have this one in my backgrounds/screensavers files:
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Hey SD, If that means you leave with your prizes, and when you get home, you see that your CC wasn't charged, I think the onus is on them for not having a better system. That said, it has never happened to me- if I have more than one transaction at the store on the same day, they all go...