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    What's it cost to have a Briggs 8 hp engine overhauled?

    While our power was out we were running on our 4 yr old generator and it started surging, then it got worse, then backfiring, then emitting flame out the exhaust, 6" diameter, then 8-10 long flame, then it quit running. Has been a good generator, would like to have it overhauled and put back to...
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    Torch problem

    Got gas set for 10 and oxy set for 20. What should they be set for? I can feel a little oxy leakage blowing against my wet lip. Trying to light the torch it blasts & pops and quits. Shutting off the oxy all the way, it still does the same thing. Haven't used the system for a year or more...
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    How to build a snake--a very big snake

    We will be moving when we can find the right property. With no timber to manage as our present property will be sold. I need a project. So, what to do, what to do? Most of the places we have seen have a little garden area beside the walkway to the front door. I want to build a fake snake to...
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    Sand blaster

    I have had 2 cheapie sand blasters. Both would flow for maybe 20-30 seconds then stall. Shake the thing then it will start blowing sand again. Sand is dry. Now I have another project that needs blasting rust off some steel and I want to get a blaster that actually works. So I am looking...
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    My saws

    I'm not a logger, but I do have 10 acres of Douglas-firs which I planted in 1993, now about 10-12 inches in diameter. Power Pruner (now Echo), great machine, bought it in about 1994, probably been in the shop once. I can reach limbs 13+ feet high. Very easy to start. Only complaint is it...
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    Bent tie rod JD 770

    Like others, I hit a hidden stump & bent the tie rod. Removed the castle nuts off the top of the ball joint but can't free it. Tried whacking a 1X2" with a hammer against the threaded part that held the castle nuts and no luck, didn't budge. So, what next?
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    Gas Backup power didn't back us up!

    We have gas water heater and gas furnace. Lost power for 5 hours a few days ago. Fired up the generator, hooked it up as usual and the furnace fan ran as usual, but the gas in the furnace didn't fire up. And the fan blew cold air. Water heater didn't fire up either. Checked the propane tank...
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    What am I doing wrong?

    New to stick welding, Lincoln 225 set for 90 amps. Rod is 6011. Practicing on steel about 1/32 inch thick. Can run an arc for about 10 inches ( some of the time) which uses up most of the rod but burns a hole in the part much of the time. On some passes it deposits metal and on other passes...
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    Deer into strawberries and blueberrys--Grrrr!

    A doe and probably last year's doe have found my wife's berrys and we are not happy! In our strawberry patch they have eaten most of every plant. Browsed some of the blues. Last week I snuck out the side door or the garage and went after them, scared them off for the time being, but they will...
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    Answer to 770 OPTO locked up

    Problem was under the seat. Multiple posts before because no one had the answer & no one new was posting their guesses. So here is the answer: There are a pair of yellow rubber cone shaped cushions inside a pair of springs. They had rotted down to fragments. Talked to a JD guy & he knew the...
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    770 PTO locked up

    Second post. Everything in neutral, nothing attached to the PTO, engage PTO you can only rotate it by hand about 1/8 inch and fire it up & it wants to kill the engine if you slowly let out the clutch. So, what now? Thanks for any suggestions
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    3-Point Hitch Engine stalls when engaging Bush Hog mower

    Haven't used my 770 PTO mower much, and it has sat for a year or two. Used the tractor a couple years ago to till with no problem. Stored inside. Hooked up the mower today, fired up the tractor & all it wants to do is stall the engine when I slowly engage the PTO. Run it up to over 2,000 rpm...
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    15 gal sprayer question

    I used a HF sprayer for maybe 15 or more years until it quit. Bought a new Shurflo pump and it quit (leaked) after a couple years. So I went for a Fimco and was pleased with the spray distance, about 30 ft horizontal until it started leaking in less than a year. Fixes didn't work so I'm...
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    New to arc welding--very new

    Bought a used Lincoln 225 welder with 50 ft. of cable. Set it up today first time, zzzzt, zzzt a couple times and then only the humming sound in the unit. No more arcing between the electrodes, nada. Checked the CB which was OK of course since the humming still came from the unit. Any...
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    3-Point Hitch How to remove pto shaft cover?

    Shaft is on a Bush Hog mower. Big plastic covers on ends of shaft surrounding the yokes. Need to remove the cover so I can take off the yoke for repair. It appears that the shaft and cover are Italian made, if that helps anyone. So if I learned how to attach the pic, you can see the small...