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    Time to Upgrade- Stuck in Analysis

    I've no input for OP, just stopped by to say to say that my monitor's size and the forum format made for a really interesting preview of the title. Just a few letters makes quite a difference.
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    Premix vs gas station 2 stroke

    Two chainsaws, a weedwacker, a stick edger, and a leaf blower. I put both chainsaws away with ethanol fuel in them for probably 5 years. Both of them got fully rebuilt and now get engineered fuel because they do not get regular use. The weedwacker, edger, and leaf blower don't ever sit long...
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    TC33D Water Pump Torque

    Must be the season, I just changed the water pump on my TC40 over the weekend. Pulled the battery, radiator, took the fan, spacer, and pulley off. As everyone noted, the gasket for the factory water pump appears to be part of the engine casting process? I debated using the OEM pump versus...
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    Removing water

    My tractor (New Holland TC40) has a bit of water in the hydraulics, fun times! Fluid and filter change are imminent, but in my hunt for a long term solution (as this is not the first time water has been an issue), I've come across a couple of water absorbers that you can put in the hydraulic...
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    Replacement Loader Pins

    There was no more ignoring the condition of my New Holland 16LA loader after last year's gardening; but due to the poop hitting the oscillator I managed to delay maintenance for another year. One of the curl cylinders has become a fountain and the other one is also leaking. Well, since I have...
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    Let's talk filters

    It's absolutely time for a fuel filter change on my tractor, so I figured I would go ahead and do the air filters just based on age, not hours. There are many options online, some look a little questionable and I'm avoiding them. I remember the air filter being a ridiculous price at Napa, so...
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    Driveway advice

    It's time to fix the driveway for real. About 10 years ago, I built a driveway with "road base", which in my area is recycled concrete and limerock mixed. It has served us well, except for 2 spots where I suspect I just didn't get it thick enough, the rest of it has hardened and packed down...
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    6.0 Power Stroke Questions

    By default, I have found myself in charge of maintaining a company truck. 2006 6.0 PSD, F350, 4x4 flatbed. We finally got to 36,000 miles on it this year (yes really), and I checked with the garage that was doing the oil changes, and the oil changes were the only work ever done. So I had them...
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    A trip down memory lane

    I took my dad to a local tractor museum for his birthday yesterday, Paquette's Farmall Museum in Leesburg, Florida Home - International Farmall Tractors. It was very considerate of them to host an antique truck show on the same weekend we were there. The place is way bigger than I expected...
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    NH TC40 Hydraulic Pump Question

    My worklife (and brother in law) have kept me from having any real tractor time over the past year. Yesterday was a the first day I really needed the tractor in a couple of seasons and that's when the trouble started. No lift or rollback for the front end loader, and lots of noise from the...
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    Sand spur total yield per acre

    Just taking a quick break from this year's harvest to post some preliminary numbers. Looks like this years crop will be around 1 bushel per acre (down a bit from last years), this may be due to the Bermuda High ridge that has persisted most of the year. I haven't called processing plants for...
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    Let's play guess the weight.

    I don't know the answer, so there is no prize, sorry. One of our local companies is a concrete manufacturer. They make concrete beams, poles, and bridge sections. Ordinarily, they move the large stuff (like bridge sections) at night, to avoid messing up local traffic during the day. Lately...
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    Wild Turkeys

    This was my jobsite for about 6 months. Every morning and every afternoon, a troop of about 12 turkeys would come thru. Pretty cool to watch the hatchlings grow. Never saw the Toms with the hens, only saw 2 Toms, and they were trying to figure out who was top dog (turkey)
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    Internet based TV

    Anybody have experience with InternetVue 2100 wireless PC2TV adapter DVI VGA or similar products to send internet TV shows to their TV wirelessly? I'm ready to ditch the dish, I think. Anybody have experience with Magic Jack? (Might as well ditch the phone while we're at it)
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    Let's talk brakes again

    My brakes have started making a bad noise:(. Under light pedal pressure, there is no noise, and they stop straight. When you use them a little bit harder, there is a grinding noise, much like gears grinding on a non synchronized transmission (how old do you have to be to remember that sound)...