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    Heating Budget

    You hot the nail on the head. Corn stoves have a lot more stainless in them, especially the flue, to handle the water and acids from corn. So they can burn either corn or pellets. If you put corn into a stove/flue that wasn't built for corn, it won't last long. All the best, Peter
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    Does anyone use aw32

    @scotts562 Thanks for the update. Any idea why the front right would keep blowing seals? Just curious. All the best, Peter
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    1845 v. 1850

    Are you trying to mow grass for a lawn? For a pasture? Or trying to mow brush? Are your slopes a sustained 30, or mostly 25 degrees with 30 degree pockets? Before my 1445 purchase, I wandered my slopes with an 6' section of unistrut with an inclinometer to get a sense of how bad my slopes were...
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    Grounding Questions, Electrical

    Doesn't it depend on the details of how the generator is constructed and how it is wired in? If you are interested, you can see OSHA's fact sheet here. I have to admit, I follow the logic of not wanting ground loops, and why you wouldn't want ground currents traveling through conduits, but I...
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    Pto rpm question

    There is a whole thread here on that attachment that you might want to have a look at. What are you wanting to accomplish with the tractor and mower? (It might help others give better advice.) All the best, Peter
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    Pto rpm question

    Yes, it would be about 26HP; but hydraulic HP doesn't map perfectly to another tractor's performance of a given HP, since it isn't mechanically linked. In general, items like the PT mowers and tillers are quite fit for the intend use (I.e. the hydraulic flow generates enough HP to drive the...
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    Pole barn build now or wait?

    That's very kind of you to tend to your neighbor like that. I grew up around more than a few 150+ year old log cabins, most (all?) of them oak. If you did build one, it would definitely out last you, me, and everyone else. There are lots of variations, and some definitely more durable than...
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    Splitting wood and lifting forks with my 425 “Artie

    Yes, they are an odd connector; Stucchi connectors, for ag use. There aren't many connectors available at the pressure and flow that the PTs use, at least at a reasonable price. Some folks have converted all of their connectors to more standard flat face connectors, but not all flat face are...
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    Splitting wood and lifting forks with my 425 “Artie

    To me, your photo looks like you are using the PTO circuit. Is that what you meant by "AUX"? Just curious...great job either way. Congratulations! It looks like you have a gorgeous place right on a slough or Yaquina river. All the best, Peter
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    Time to check out the generator.

    Home diesel generators have been banned for quite some time now. Getting parts can be a challenge as many companies won't ship parts to California to not run afoul of the law, which doesn't apply to parts, as far as I can see. I can still get parts. The nitrogen oxides are the primary offender...
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    Forum for air cooled diesel engines and clones

    @tmash Since it is an aluminum engine, I think that it is worthwhile. Aluminum expands and contracts more with temperature than steel. All the best, Peter
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    Pole barn build now or wait?

    Exactly! Which is why I am a fan of concrete below ground, when you can do it. I do wish honey locust fence posts were more widely available. All the best, Peter
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    Time to check out the generator.

    One great reason not to let your small generator run out of fuel or shutoff under load is that those things tend to remove the residual magnetism in generator. Which would force needing to reflash the generator. You can reflash a generator with a 9V battery. You don't need much. All the best...
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    Does woven wire horse fence exist anymore?

    I keep seeing surveys that have 50% of the nurses and 50% of the doctors planning on retiring in the next ten years, and those were pre-covid. The same for semi drivers. Labor shortages are very real, all over, and the backlog at the ports, and the dearth of shipping containers isn't helping...
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    Pole barn build now or wait?

    @Dwellonroof great solo job there! I find myself making all sorts of jigs and speed clamps to do carpentry solo. @Frankenkubota I agree with @EddieWalker that drainage is key. I have dealt with white oak in older building and it is a tough, tough wood. As in drill before nailing tough. If you...