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    dated Kohler generator year?

    Definitely old school cabin building. The only thing I see that is atypical, to me, is that the plank roof runs up/down (easy to build, but leaky toward rain) vs. horizontal which is more weather resistant. To me that argues for winter protection over summer, or a one person build over a team...
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    Let's talk driveway material. Just under 1/2 mile long.

    In my experience, price is extremely local, so I can't comment. If you are doing 6", I would ask that it be done in two 3" lifts. On a new road, I think that geotextile is a must and a good investment. All the best, Peter
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    dated Kohler generator year?

    Definitely Kohler. (Did you see the article that I linked to above?) There is a fair amount out there on the electric light plants, and you can still get manuals for them. Do you have a serial number, and a model number? Some of those units were DC. These days might be useful for LED lights...
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    dated Kohler generator year?

    Great find! Might be a fun restoration project...or not. It was built 1926-1948. The giveaway is the "electric light plant" language. It is a very very early term to describe generators. All the best, Peter
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    Best inexpensive tool cabinet?

    @Larry Caldwell I don't know which is more amazing, your rack, or the collection of vice grips. Wow. @Muhammad @Steppenwolfe x2 on the used / estate / auction route. I have picked up a couple of tool chests at pennies on the dollar, and always with great additions to the tool collection for...
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    Any PT Tiller Users here?

    I have one on a 1445. I grew up with an old Sears front (yuck!) tiller. It was always flinging itself up out of the ground. We upgraded to a Troy built rear tiller. The Troy built was amazing. You could literally point it down the row, and run ahead to remove a rock. It produced a fine airy seed...
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    Today's RV time?

    Love to hear about solar / lithium. I have been looking at Nissan Leaf batteries / battery packs and thinking about a 48V replacement system for the RV, vs going whole hog and just putting in a whole 20kWh Nissan battery pack to backup the RV, and house, when needed. We have a Renegade...
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    I think it boils down to where the bottleneck is/was in your system. If the LTE link/modem was the slow piece, it wouldn't matter how it was connected. Your experience suggests to me that the Starlink router may be a little underpowered in terms of throughput and latency relative to the actual...
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    The thought is that the 7/13/17 year cicada swarms evolved to overwhelm predators with a mass hatching, mating, and egg laying that allow large numbers of cicadas to successfully complete their lifecycle. Rather hard to definitively prove, but there are very few areas where all three types...
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    Insurance cancelled on century-old farmhouse. What are the alternatives now?

    Another vote for Lloyds. We had an issue come up that was essentially uninsurable in the US, but we were able to arrange very reasonable coverage through Lloyds via an independent broker. As in the premium was about 10% more than we had been quoted before things went sideways, and things were...
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    Insurance cancelled on century-old farmhouse. What are the alternatives now?

    You are in a tough spot, sorry. Check with the state for the pool insurance and see what you think. It might be possible to insure the orchard and ranch aspects separately as commercial insurance. Fire, earthquake, and replacement value are going to be very tough to get. With last years fires...
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    Hot water heater leaking at relief valve

    Congratulations on getting them out! I think that you still had a fair amount of anode left, so you are probably fine. The dissolution (electrolysis) starts at a small irregularity and works out, so eats away certain areas quickly. Your wire was still intact, and you had lots of material left...
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    They sprouting like mushrooms around the country. Looking at the map, it looks like they are in remote-ish areas with fiber to get the data out. I think of Starlink like an umbrella, with the satellite at the tip of the umbrella; the signal gets bounced from you up to the satellite and down...
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    Metal roofing over firewood.

    I guess it depends how much effort you want to put in. I would think about putting 2x4 or 2x6s bolted to the tops of the existing posts, and screw the metal roofing to that. I would do it so the water drains away from your side... Keeping the rain off helps, but split wood is pretty good about...
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    Noise levels

    By the way, welcome to TBN! What part of the country are you in? All the best, Peter