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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    when does the korean new year begin?
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    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    42 and 47 have 2 remotes, 52 and 57 have 3 remotes
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    New LS MT352

    I lived on Genesee St in Utica NY over 40 years ago. I don't remember where the Genesee River is. Your post brought back memories of the snow. Glad to be in mid MO
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    Buying Advice LS Pricing

    Stumbled onto website by accident. They have pricing posted for many, not all, LS tractors.
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    Backhoe Dolly for LS XG3025 LB1106 Backhoe

    This has been a help to me. I hope to have a concrete floor in my tractor barn this winter, or sooner if I can hire someone to do it. Everyone is too busy for a small job. I have a porch landing that was removed from my shop that is 42x68 inches that I plan to use. I have a pallet jack that...
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    What did you do on or to your LS Tractor today?

    I moved a gravel pile into the tractor barn to prepare for concrete floor. It will be a long process as there is a 21 inch difference in height from one corner to the corner diagonally across from it. It is only a 20x30 barn and must be 30 years old. It looks rough, but is the only option I...
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    LS MT357 owners manual

    I would suggest going to nearest dealer. Those I have visited have brochures with more information than the owners manual. The owners manual covers the MT342, 47, 52 and 57, but not as well as the brochures do.
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    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    A neighbor had a new truck that would not keep running. He had no help from dealer or compony until he had a 4x8 sign painted with big lemon on it and the words "I know the price of fruit is high, but I paid==== for this lemon" (I have slept several times since and don't remember the price"...
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    Buying Advice LS Pricing

    I misspoke above. gave 37.7k, which included third function valve and loaded tires. sorry bout that
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    Buying Advice LS Pricing

    I ordered a LS MT342HC in January, took delivery Feb. 13. Paid 37K with LS backhoe. Dealer told my insurance co the list was 45K Really like the cab and everything about it. 48 hours on it now and about ready for first service.
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    Spacers for Lawn Tractor wheels

    It is just the tip over factor that worries me.
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    Spacers for Lawn Tractor wheels

    I have a slope that must be mowed across that I slide half off the uphill side to keep wheels on the ground. Has anyone put a spacer on a lawn tractor's wheels to widen it for stability? I have a John Deere 110, which is not a big tractor. Would loading the tires be possible?
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    MT357HC or MT342HC buying advice

    Did make a deal yet? Mid-Missouri dealer's are around 31,000 for MT342HC with third function and loaded tires. Add $6 to 6.5 K for backhoe.
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    4640 price check

    I don't know the difference between what you are looking at and my MT342HC, but tractor, loader, 2100 backhoe, third function and loaded tires was priced at $37,700 before trade in. supposed to be about $45,000 list.
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    Newb questions re: MT345E

    Enjoy your tractor. Several years ago I had a piece of property logged. I cut the tops up and sold firewood. There was more money in the firewood than the tree tops. I don't know what kind of trees you have there, but mine were mostly oak. I enjoyed the work and extra $