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    Recommendation on transfer pump

    Are the GPI brand pumps any good? Looking at a factory reman one online for quite a bit cheaper than a new one. Plan on mounting this to an old fuel oil tank.
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    Lx4100 rear light

    Figured some of you would like to know there is an accessory plug at the rear of the LX models. Between the right side of the fuel tank and ROPS there is an unused plug that is wired to ignition power. My Ex3200 had this same plug so I believe its for a rear light that I havnt heard anything...
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    1/4 hose for toplink

    Anyone use 1/4 hose for a toplink over 3/8?" Im leaning to 1/4 for the size and minimal flow it will need, may be a bit of a restriction to slow down its movements. Anyone go this route with success?
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    Shortening hydraulic top link

    Hey guys, got a different tractor and it looks like it may need a shorter top link, not by much though, an inch or two at the most will give me sufficient movement I want. Anyway, I have a hydraulic top link now, however the stroke doesn't use the whole rod end. What I mean is, in its fully...
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    Bulk fuel

    Hey guys, was somewhat interested in getting some smaller bulk storage of fuel and was wondering what the typical savings would be over going to the station all the time?? We will be using this for on road vehicles as well so it would need to be on road diesel. I was thinking of getting the...
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    Filling tires question

    Have a question on an alternate way to fill tires. Wouldn't it be easier to remove the wheel assembly from the tractor, lay it face down with the rim supported slightly by some blocks, pop the upper bead and dump your fluid of choice in with a predetermined amount you want and then re-inflate...
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    Power tool for removing stones from lawn?

    That's what I use too, except in Stihl brand. Works for a lot of other things too but its our main use for it. Will sweep driveways and stuff pretty well too. You buy the stihl power head and any attachments you want for it, lots of choices for around the house stuff. I cant see buying a...
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    Rear hydraulics on EX3200

    Read this thread first : Now, there is a factory kit but I have no idea what it really consists of and is only one remote. I have an extra valve on my tractor as of now that I...
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    Fuel totes (275 gal)

    Anyone have one of these that they fill or get filled by a company? We have a rollback wrecker and the tractor to fill every so often and it may be nice to just keep 300gal onsite instead of running to the pump everytime. I can take the tote to a fuel station with the wrecker and slide it off...
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    Grapple Failure

    The more I look at the pictures the more I see wrong. The tower itself is bent. That's some pretty substantial metal to bend, especially that direction. Something isn't quite what it seems to me. Either the ram is way too big for what its being used for or it has way too much leverage on...
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    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Cutting / Groving / Siping R-4 for snow

    Well no one really posted an R1 tire cut so I thought I'd try mine. Working out so far, did the tire in like 10 minutes. Much easier than I thought. I also found out if you flip the blade over you can but sipes in the tire as well, two evenly spaced ones that is, if you want sipes as well.
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    Titan SSQA kit

    Nah, doesn't need to be massive. The tube is just there to align the pads, it may give a little more rigidity but only as byproduct for its need to be there anyway. If people are bending those tubes its from misuse or not having their attachments connected properly. If you're twisting your...
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    Box blade to snow pusher

    Well I'm not dead set on the idea but I look at a box blade and think I could easily use that as a snow pusher without all the attachment points and bracing in the box blade of course. I look up snow pusher prices and am about blown over by them. I could get a box blade, new even, cut out the...
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    NPT tricks for aligning?

    Does anyone have any tricks for lining up NPT fittings (like 90*) fittings where i need them to be, tight and not leaking?
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    Hose sleeving?

    Anyone know where to get hydraulic hose sleeving? I'm talking about the black nylon? type stuff that I can bundle a few hoses together with.