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    floor jack

    I知 looking for recommendations for a low profile floor jack for very occasional use. I need to change the oil in the Miata and I want to jack it up and set it on jack stands. There痴 a few for <$100 on amazon. Anyone have experience with those?
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    4720 oil pan bolt size

    so the property owners association tractor is a 4720. the oil has probably not been changed in years. I went and got a filter and oil but I don稚 seem to have the right size wrench or socket to remove the bolt. 24mm?
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    what is it?

    i found this in a storage building at a house i bought. i used it to stack firewood for a short time.
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    come alongs

    i have some fairly large logs on the ground on a downhill slope. the slope is steep. i want to pull them up to where i can cut them and use them for firewood. i have no tractor here to work with. so will a come along do this? any come along recommendations?
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    Allis Chalmers Snap Coupler Sickle Bar Mower

    can someone explain what snap coupler is? this a a mower listed on cl for $500.
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    solar fence chargers

    i'm looking to use my old chicken fence for my goats. its poultry netting that i got from premier fence a few years ago. i want to get an easy to move solar charger. any recommendations? the fence is about 150' long. just a couple of goats. small goats.
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    Raised beds and gardens

    these beds are 30" wide. i can reach all the way across a bed to weed or harvest. it looks like one of the american pit bull plants ran out of the bed.
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    easy on/off for truck camper cap

    i got this really great camper cap on my pickup but it weighs a bit. is there an easy way for one old skinny guy to take it off and put it back on?
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    automatic chicken house door

    anyone have any experience with an automatic chicken house door? is it reliable? do some chickens not make it back in before it closes at night? how long would you be away and feel secure enough about it working as it should? what model do you have?
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    tailpipe extension doesn't fit new muffler

    i got a new muffler for my 1710 tractor. the tailpipe extension from the old muffler doesn't fit, its too small to slide over the tailpipe coming out of the muffler. suggestions?
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    Ginger anyone?

    as a sort of test to see how it would grow and sell i grew some ginger in a hoophouse this year. i plan to charge $1/oz for it. there's more to harvest.
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    seen while dumping the trash.
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    tv antenna

    this is my antenna.
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    (don't) let your children be farmers Let Your Children Grow Up to Be Farmers|Jenna Woginrich here's a couple of interesting articles about small scale farming today.
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    tv antenna

    i dropped the tv cable from my phone/internet package the day after the superbowl. now i'm looking at getting an antenna. any recommendations? i live in the mountains south of Roanoke VA. 60 miles to the transmitting tower. no problem doing the installation myself. does a steel roof cause...