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    Emax 22 Backhoe Locked up

    I think this.. Supply (high pressure) Return (low pressure) Return from relief valve(s)
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    Emax 22 Backhoe Locked up

    Why the 3 lines? Supply, check. Return, check. What's the 3rd?
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    Don’t buy mahindra

    I don't have the big models only the eMax25 and then stepped up a bit to a Max26. Super happy with both. Mahindra won over JD and Kubota in my research in getting a hobby tractor. I'm sure each mfg has skeletons.
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    Max26xl HST Diff Lock Pedal

    That describes what I see. Thanks.
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    Max26XL anyone have a their 3 point hardware removed because of installed backhoe?

    Sure. Issue is the mount rod through the transmission mounts is stuck. Can't remove the pins and slide it. My plan is to work on this. Might need to remove one wheel. Unfortunately life, work, weather isn't cooperating. Since it now lives on a trailer I just can't work when I want.
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    Brake adjustment ?

    Why do you think adjustment is needed? I ask as I had an eMax and always thought the brakes were weak. They worked but if I forgot to release the lock the HST would easily overpower them. I now have a Max26. When those brakes are locked the HST will not move it. BIG difference between the two.
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    Max 28XL HST Pressure Help

    Did you find one?
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    Hydraulic Relief Valve Shims

    This is on a Max26xl but may relate to other models. I need to increase the pressure off the main relief valve (currently low). The shim (items 27-30 on attachment) descriptions are very cryptic. Any internet search shows they're not available. 10052405130 Shim T=0.1 10052405140 Shim...
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    Max26xl HST Diff Lock Pedal

    It doesn't unlock immediately which is my expectation. It does after some movement. Yes, the 1" drop then engagement upon wheel movement is what I see too.
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    Max26xl HST Diff Lock Pedal

    Thanks Joe. Being in NC I never thought 'snow' in mid April. 🤪 I used the backhoe out riggers so one wheel was up and the other was in contact with a slick rock. Normal operation without locking, stepping on the lever locked it up. Upon release it didn't unlock immediately although it...
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    Max26xl HST Diff Lock Pedal

    I never used the diff lock till yesterday. It works, just press with left heel. But upon letting up it only rises 1" or so. Seems like the pedal lost a spring. I can pick it up by hand and lift it 2" but it drops right back. Can someone check if the pedal is under spring tension? (Held up till...
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    Good Price

    I would say yes but I would try $15k. The question is if you want the mower. Since the price is 'firm' that's what you need to answer.
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    Backhoe Thumb

    I have a job to really utilize and work the BXpanded thumb this weekend. Moving large rocks, stumps, etc. Will post some pics, if I remember....
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    Backhoe Thumb

    Hmmm, check for clearance in every position. (If not already, multiple times)