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    Brand new KIOTI dead on arrival

    i hate to seem the doomsayer but i would back up the money bus return that thing and go get a deer or kubota, i dont know the KIOTI and it may be a simple fix and leave you with a good machine...OR it may be a lemon, either way its a bad start to the good experience of having your own tractor...
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    What additives do you use in your fuel and engines?

    stanadyne in the TDI and the kubota sta-bil in any gas thats going to sit for any length of time. mystery oil in the tank if i get a bad shot of gas , happens all to often here in western washington. powerservice products are good for the diesel especially if you need to clear up a shot of...
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    i know this doesnt really answer your ?? but if you have anything to sell that would help you make your payments i could help you out and buy some items from you. of coarse you would have to let me make payments and trust me to do would have to trust that im not some jackass thief that...
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    Diesel Running Backwards

    way way back in time they would be called direct reversible. no reverse gear you shut down the motor and restarted running backward when you needed to back er down. saw one on a boat when i was a kid i belive it was an atlas. big huge pistons and about the simplest engine, my dad did a repair...