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    Loved Ones - Toyota

    This is funny
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    What type alarm system for home?

    I also have a hard wired system, it is a good piece of mind having both. Shane
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    Anyone build a 6 way blade?

    I did the old search option with no success. Just wondering if anyone has built there own 6 way blade? I have seen a couple of sites but still can't figure out how the angle up and down works. Any ideas? tks Shane
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    Loader Bolts

    Does any one have any issues with the loader bolts loosening, or shearing off? I have a 1433 with almost 700 hrs on it. i have had issues with loose bolts that mound to the engine. Now i have a couple of bolts shear off of course that means the bolts are still in the engine. Has anyone...
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    Has anyone seen this video?

    No this is not me so don't ask. It is funny though. YouTube - Digger incident Shane
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    V8 mini skid steer

    I though this video was pretty neat. Shane YouTube - LARGEST V8 RC SKID LOADER HIGH RPM
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    skid steer high flow

    Just wondering if anyone knows if you can add high flow hydraulics to a skid steer. I don't own a SS yet just wondering if this was possible. Tks Shane
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    I'm dying to....

    Here you go Rob. I would highly recommend this stump grinder. Besides being a powerful machine it was a few thousand less then any other machine i was looking at. Shane
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    I'm dying to....

    This is my stumpgrinder it is an awesome machine. Shane
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    My neighbor does the same thing that vacuum's do

    This is something you can try Jim:D Shane
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    Getting Stuck pics

    Okay i will admit i was merely delayed, But thes guys are really stuck. Shane
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    Posthole Digger PHD and Hydraulic top link????

    Has anyone put a hydraulic top link on to a standard PHD? Shane
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    Show Me Your PTO Stump Grinder

    I am very happy with mine, it is a powerful machine i can do a large [50"] hardwood in about 30 min. I weighs about 900lbs. so make sure you tractor can handle it. There is money to be made with this unit and if you do it for a bussiness it is a good in you can talk to people about what...
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    A steal on steel????????

    Eddie I will need to do some modifying but if you go to the link i attached above and scroll down to post #54 you will get the idea. I seen this crane[link above] and it though i was a great idea. i know mine needs some cleaning and painting maybe my imagination got the better of me this time...
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    What a Joke

    I think this guys is close to his "10000 pound" capacity.:)