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    Rear Dirt Scoop, Like New, 30"

    Many FEL owners feel obligated to criticize the rear scoops as such :) But if it works well for you and you are happy with it, what's a problem? 👍 I have been doing this for many years.
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    Happy Easter to everybody! Just to share. Some time ago I've posted a video story about an SMG creation in Lithuania. It was in my language. Since I've made it in English and posted today on YouTube, I thought maybe someone would like to watch it. Here it is: The First Lithuanian SMG Of All...
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    My Lumber and Plywood Cart

    I didn’t want to start a new topic to share what I did this year, so I’ll stick here if no one objects. I've started this work in the early spring, when the first pandemic lockdown was announced in the country. I finished it recently, within the second lockdown. When I realized that I could no...
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    Three point hitch forklift

    That's what I have adapted myself to my tractor. Works great.
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    Tractor Operations Randomly Caught By Camera

    We've been in Paris a couple of weeks ago. Have visited also Versailles. It was a rare possibility to watch at the gardening process there. Here I'm sharing a brief video on it. Floriculture around the Palace of Versailles - YouTube Please feel free to share your videos of random camera shot...
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    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    You probably have already posted those pics, because I remember I've seen the spikes welded on the edges of the bucket sides some time ago. Guess they help to take or to keep a log? I think the teeth on a cutting edge are a must for such works like you do. The idea of my grapple will be similar...
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    Christmas Holiday Greetings

    Merry Christmas to everyone on :tractor:BN ! We've just had a Christmas Eve supper. Before that we prayed for the global peace in the world.
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    Project collapse

    Yeah... I loved early radish
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    Project collapse

    That's happened not this year, but in 2015. It was lifted off by the wind, rolled over through the road and thrown onto my neighbour's land. This greenhouse was equipped with the 4 anchors made of concrete. They worked well several years, but didn't help this time.
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    Project collapse

    We loved to have early greens... until... one day came on with a few special seconds...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Here's what I've done last week. Have prepared some firewood of a couple of fallen trees.
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    Need advice on welding machine purchase

    Thank you, Shield Arc, I understand your advise. And indeed I'll take it into account for the future. But please take a look at another picture attached. In fact the bucket edge should be welded from opposite (bottom) side first and, after turning it over, - from another side (inside)...
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    Need advice on welding machine purchase

    I'd be very thankful if someone may pass the answers to the questions. Is there a rule of how to make a bucket edge welding correctly? Do the arrows in a pic attached show a correct position of forces to be applied so to have it straight after welding?
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    No Fords? Well no Dodges either.

    Just to compare some older technologies from different parts of the World. :) A few soviet dumpers I had been driving in my youth, early 80's. I was working mainly in the gravel-pits with them. MAZ-503A (product of Belarus) - 6 tonnes bed, V6 engine, noisy inside a cab, high vibration...
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    Need advice on welding machine purchase

    Here is my first serious welding job with a new machine. Looks not enough good to me, but a bit better than at the beginning. Steel - 65G (GOST standard, soviet - it's a spring steel), electrodes - ELGA Cromarod 312 (3.25 mm), thickness of pieces - 10 mm, current - 100 Amps.