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    NH TC45 PTO problems

    I have been using STP multi trac. I am going to switch to Traveller. Pics attached yes the pressures are adjustable externally from the pressure relief valve but those do no good if the rings that seal against the fluid are shot. It just lets the fluid past the clutch not applying pressure to...
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    NH TC45 PTO problems

    Well I finally decided to go deep and tear it down. I did all my pressure tests and tried adjusting relief valves etc with no improvement. My main hydraulic pressure was fine at 2600. The PTO control valve would not come above 120psi and would drop fast as soon as it warmed up. I got into...
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    New Holland PTO is weak

    I posted this on the NH page also but it may be a general hydraulic question. I have a NH TC45d. I replace the PTO clutch about 300 hrs ago because the clutch break failed. This season my PTO has no muscle. It will spin. It will turn the tines on the tiller but when it gets loaded it will...
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    New Holland TC45DA PTO Pressure Control

    Did you ever figure this out ? I am having the same problem too.
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    NH TC45 PTO problems

    Here is the next step to getting nowhere. I got gauges to test the systems. The main hydraulic system tests at 2500 psi at the rear remotes so I pretty much eliminated the hydraulic pump as the problem. I then tested at the PTO control valve by removing a plug on the valve. 70 psi. Not...
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    NH TC45 PTO problems

    Quick update. The problem seems to get worse when the machine warms up. I took apart the PTO relief valve and cleaned it as well as the PTO control valve. Nothing remarkable was noted on inspection so i reassembled it and the problem still exists. I also took apart my main pressure relief...
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    NH TC45 PTO problems

    It been awhile since posting. I have a new problem with my TC45d. My PTO does not seem to have any muscle. It turns on and spins but if it gets loaded it just stops. When tilling I have to lift the 3 point then it will start to turn again. I replaced my PTO clutch 300 hours ago because the...
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    New Holland TC45d Hydraulic Adapter Plate questions

    I am carrying this over from the New Holland forum. I have a NH TC45d that I purchased in a few pieces but that is another post. I have been running it now for a few years and need to add a rear remote. I have a Bradco backhoe that I use on it and get my power from the Power Beyond on my...
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    Rear remote / Valve body

    This came with my tractor but I am not sure how to hook it up. I know that is attached to the three point system and replaces the cover plate. Just not sure how to plumb it to a hydraulic valve assembly. I know one must be supply one return but the last I am not sure. Three ports but not sure...
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    Oil & Fuel TC 45D Died

    OK I am at a loss. I will admit I haven't tried a few things but it is raining too hard to go out and work on it right now. I was removing my backhoe this morning and the tractor was ideling just fine. I had been unhooking things for a few minutes when it sounded like it was trying to die. I...
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    TC45 DA Tire Size ????

    I am looking at getting new tires for my 45 but I am not sure what size. I would like to get R4 tires and I know what size the book says but I am wondering if I can put a 43 x 16.00-20 on the rear and a 28 x 8.50-15 on the front? Why..... because a guy down the road has a brand new set of...
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    Backhoe Adding backhoe to TC45D

    Now that I have the Ol' Blue running smoothly I am ready to add the backhoe. It came with a Bradco subframe mounted backhoe. The problem is there are no rear remotes. This is what the local dealer said I shoud do. Take pressure from the FEL line at the block and then return to the tank vai...
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    TC45 Alternator Wiring Help

    Still working on my TC45 project. (see other threads) I am now on to the alternator. Whoever had it before me cut the wires right off the alternator instead of unplugging the wires and unbolting. I think they were canabalizing this tractor. Anyway this leaves me the problem of what wires go...
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    TC 45D Rear Differential Rebuild

    Ok so I am new user and I started a thread on rebuilding my rear differential but I started it in general service section. I think this might be a better place since its blue. I bought this tractor broken for a reasonable price and I am about to start the differential swap out and I am looking...
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    TC45D 16LA and Bradco 509

    Just picked up a TC45D with a 16LA loader and a new Bradco 509 backhoe. The rear transmission is trashed since the case has been broken on one of the webs that carries the PTO shaft. I paid $5000 for the whole package knowing that I will have to put some $$$ to get it back up and running...