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    5inch minus spreadability?

    Unless you're going to put in a really deep lift (like a foot or more) you won't get as much support from the 5" minus base course material as you might think. Without a deep enough lift the pieces don't have the opportunity to interlock. As others have noted, spreading 5" minus is more like...
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    Landscape Rake Experiences

    I've got a grapple rake on my skid steer but unfortunately I have very little terrain other than a few skid trails that the skid steer can handle, and even those have sections that I can only work by backing uphilll. So, I'm mostly using the Ventrac to rake material in selected areas and move...
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    Landscape Rake Experiences

    Shooterdon, Is that something you fabricated yourself or did you find it for sale somewhere? How about a pic of that adapter sometime - sounds like a great idea!
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    Landscape Rake Experiences

    Well, that's a setup you don't see every day! Pretty slick!
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    Landscape Rake Experiences

    I went and bought the Ventrac KR502-AC1128 Terra Rake and used it a bit today. It seems to be working great. A couple pics show some of the work today but there are areas where the masticated stuff is much heavier. In this area I have an old skid trail where I can run my skid steer and...
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    Landscape Rake Experiences

    Drumminj and JCoastie - did you run the rake with gauge wheels while doing that cleanup?
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    Landscape Rake Experiences

    I have a piranha tooth bar on my bucket and I'll give that a try.
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    Landscape Rake Experiences

    We've got a contractor working on our wooded property right now to thin out trees and remove brush. They're using tracked machines (ASV and Fecon) with mulching heads. A lot of pieces, chunks and stems are left after the mulching is done and there are areas where I'd like to bunch this stuff...
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    Ventrac 4500Y w/ MS720 Mower Deck Roll or Slide

    I'm far from the most experienced user here but I've been running a 4500Z with duals on steep slopes here in Idaho for a couple years. I'm working in the woods with burrows, stumps, and uneven ground to contend with - not on anything resembling turf or pasture. I haven't seen any tendency to...
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    Oil leak on new 4520

    Thanks MountainBuck for the info and the pic. I'll take a look with a mirror like you suggested. It kinda looks to me like there should be a rubber washer or something between the bottom of the tank and the large nut that holds the fitting to the tank. I don't see a washer and that's where...
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    Oil leak on new 4520

    What did you find out about your leak? I just discovered a puddle of hydraulic fluid under my 4500Z. After much de-greasing I've traced the source back to the hydraulic expansion tank. It looks like it's leaking around the nut that secures the fitting to the tank underneath the tank...
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    Don't be this guy

    This is just a line from an old "Prairie Home Companion" show but it's too good not to share: My aunt had a box on her shelf labeled PIECES OF STRING TO SHORT TO SAVE.
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    Snow Snow plowing recommendations for gravel road

    If you can push the snow with your bucket on the skid steer you should have enough traction to use a plow. Maybe others with tracked skid steers can offer a better perspective. I plow with a wheeled skid steer with chains all around because I'm on a fairly steep grade and by mid-winter it's...
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    Power Bucket - Dimensions

    I have one installed. Here is the info I sent to BXpanded and a pic of mine installed.
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    Unsecured hay hauling

    This isn't about hating farmers - that's a red herring. It's about having some consideration for other people, the same consideration you'd hope others would have for you or your family. There's no excuse for not properly securing a load on a highway whether it's hay, lumber, demo debris or...