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    Generators - Backfeeding - 120V

    Been a long time but I thought I would answer the concerns above. First off it is over 10 years later and this thing is still working just fine whenever we have a power outage and I need to fire up the generator. It makes it so easy. I can't speak for how other utilities operate, but my...
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    X534 a.k.a Crazy Wheels and a Snowblower

    Here it is 2021 and I still have the X534 (with 284 hours) and the snow blower. My cable mod still works whenever we get snow and I get to use the snow blower which hasn't happened in a couple Winters now. I figure we are due this year.
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    Is bleeding necessary after replacing hose?

    I recently changed a line to the boom cylinder and afterwards the boom now sags under it's own weight. Never had a problem with this cylinder until I changed the hose. Now, even after a few hours of use it has not self-bled and returned to normal. I have down pressure and I can also raise the...
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    Worried about wasps and bees

    "..I remember seeing those red wasps but never got stung..." Are you referring to Red Velvet Ants? They are called ants but actually a wasp. The females are wingless and can be up to an inch long. Males have wings but no stinger. red velvet ant - Google Search I have seen them a few times...
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    Let your mower chill for a few before putting it away

    Heard from my BIL yesterday that he almost burnt his shed down. He had just finished mowing the lawn and went in the house to get a drink of water and take a short break before putting the mower and yard tools away. He came out to the back yard just 5 minutes later to find his mower engulfed in...
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    X300 / X500 bagging options

    Hey Gearz, the O-ring chain tensioners I found on Amazon I believe. They are made from ~1/4" round neoprene and about 8" in diameter. Mine came with four hooks to secure them to the chains. Some people use bungee cords to do the same thing. but these O-rings I think work better and provide a lot...
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    Loading a Zero Turn Mower on a trailer

    Interested in hearing opinions on loading zero turn mowers on various style trailers. Do you load forward or backward and why. How do you load with ramps and how with a tilt bed. I searched this particular forum and the whole TBN site and though I got hundreds of hits of all the threads I...
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    Keep mice out of equipment

    Thanks for the feedback about dogs and mothballs. didn't know that. How long do the Bounce dryer sheets work...weeks, months ? The area I need to protect is behind the instrument cluster as can be seen below. The only way back there appears to be to remove the instrument cluster which is only...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Slightly overloaded. I snapped this just as the light turned green. We were not moving yet.
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    trailering a gator 6x4

    I'll be assisting a friend with moving a JD 6x4 Gator this afternoon using my tilt bed trailer and was wondering about proper tie down points on the gator. Can anyone tell me does it have tie down points on the frame and if not then what's the best place to use. I found the manual on the JD...
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    I actually like my new gasoline can.

    I have a couple of the No-Spill cans and Oi like them. I bought a 5g diesel can and a 5g gas can as well as a 1 g gas can for mixed fuel for the weedeater and stick edger.
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    bleeding long hydraulic lines

    Thanks everyone. Wasn't sure if there was any need to worry about the air getting trapped in the cylinders or not. The fittings are (I would imagine) those that came on the plow. I'll get the numbers off the fittings next time I am over there. The hose definitely says 3/8" Hydraulic Hose SAE...
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    bleeding long hydraulic lines

    I want to get a set of lines made up for my JD 4410 so I can run power from the rear remotes to up front to power the snow blade angle cylinders. First problem seems to be that the hoses on the blade have some odd size connector. Went to my local hydraulic shop and he couldn't match them up...
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    3/4 ton mpg empty?

    2012 F-350. 6.7 diesel, 38000 miles. Over 95 % of this miles are unloaded/no trailer and my average commute one way is 19 miles with few stops and almost no traffic in the morning since its so early. I've been getting 20-22 mpg for the last 7000 miles. Overall since mile one about 19 which...
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    Firepit on wood deck?

    We have a large wood deck constructed from 2x6 deck boards over 2x10 joists every 16 inches. It is very sturdy and once held a 500 gallon hot tub. The hot tub is gone but the large (1200 sf) deck remains. We've been thinking about putting a wood burning firepit out on the end of the deck which...