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    Quick Fix for a Broken Hydraulic Hose?

    Cap it at the tractor or remove busted hose and make a loop with other hose back to the tractor if possible. Been there, the gotta keep moving thing... I kept moving right to town with hose in tow to have a replacement made, I have found that to be the best way.... But then there is days like...
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    Tiller kick-stand....

    Like I have said, I have been harder on the KK than it's been on me. I have had good luck with my tiller.... and I use mine ALOT.
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    Culti-weeder results....

    I'm tech not savvy, had to resize stuff. Here it is with teeth
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    Culti-weeder results....

    FINALLY got to really work with the culti-weeder today. First run looked like you drug a box blade over the hard clay I have for dirt. So, back to the shop and fab'd up two long and skinny teeth and welded them on the blade of the culti-weeder in hopes of better ground penitration. That was...
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    Trouble growing turnips for the past 3 years

    The place where I bought my collards seed, they say to rotate Growing out of collards two to three years. But sounds like deer or something has figgered out you are planting good viddles :)
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    I have no experience with high speed and the Tuff Top canopy. Just low speed high torque run-ins with limbs and shop doors... Limbs lost also
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    Tuff Top. Spendy. Yep. Worth it, double yep. My Tuff Top got into it with my shop door... the door lost. Can be removed easily also. But not by a shop door.
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    Who makes John Deere Synthetic Oil?

    Back 15 years ago when I bought the 790, between me and the Deere dealer Looking were pretty sure we had the manufacture pinned down to chevron for deere' branded oils....
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    Tiller kick-stand....

    Got home from work, greased my trusty KK tiller and hit the dirt today. I Was finishing up a 2 acre till from last night. I was tilling up-hill, not super steep but I noticed the LS was seeming to loose traction, stupid R-4's I thought... the loss of traction compared to R-1 I have noticed the...
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    JD 450C Dozer?

    Exactly 4570. More done quicker, less time on job. Be it skidding logs, building roads, moving dirt or clearing ground. When I was looking for a dozer, 20,000 lbs was my minimum for what I needed and wanted to do. I work for a saw mill now. I run there D-7 dozer bought new in '75 till 3...
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    JD 450C Dozer?

    Well, it sounds good..... Here is my take on dozers of that size. In this part of the state I live in we had one of the most sales of JD dozers nationally at the local Deere dealer back mid 70's early 80's. The logging was booming and the woods was full of the little JD crawlers doing...
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    3 point wont lift

    Check the hydraulic outlet Control levers. I had the same thing happen and I found that I had bumped the non-detent lever forward and it killed the three point function. I also had adjusted my flow valve and had the same problem, it does not take much of a turn on the knob to change or lock...
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    Some mods to my new LS

    Nice additional mods (y) I like the toolbox placement. Did you drill holes or was there holes already in the loader frame? I'm Leary of poking holes in the loader frame.
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    What DON'T You Like About Your New LS

    At 210 hours, like my XR3140H quite well. The steering is slow, as in ya half to turn the steering wheel twice as much compared to my 790 to make turn. And the warning beeper for the parking break is completely obnoxious, or was;) That's about it so far
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    Best uses for chlorinated brake cleaners

    Still have a choice here of crc green or red can brake kleen...