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    How Much Front Bumper Weight?

    I have a New Holland TC30 tractor and I recently purchase a Rhino 6ft finish mower. The Rhino mower is built with some heavy gauge steel. When I used the mower for the first time I found when going up a hill the front end of the tractor would sometimes raise the front wheels off the ground...
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    Need Some Help With The Corn

    I planted my first crop of corn and I am getting my first ears of corn. I noticed what maybe some worms. I have attached a few photos of the corn with what I think maybe some kind of bug or parasite. Can you tell me if they are worms and if so what should I use to spray the corn to get rid of them?
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    Weed Control In Watermelon Patch

    Is there anything to control weeds on a watermelon patch? My watermelon is coming up very good and is starting to get their yellow blossoms. Some areas of the watermelon patch have a lot of weeds. At this point is there anything to use to control the weeds or is it a hopeless cause? Thanks As...
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    Bulk Seed Source (This One Is Not Worth Buying From)

    I had purchased seed from Main Street Seed & Supply Co. I planted corn, peas, okra, eggplant, squash, cantaloupe, and watermelon. The peas, okra, eggplant, and squash did not germinate and did not get the first plant. The corn came up sporadic at best; I would venture I had less then 50%...
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    Bulk Vegetable Seed

    A little off topic. Where can I purchase sweet corn (i.e. Silver Queen) and other varieties by the pound to plant. I am also want to purchase other vegetable seed by the pound. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Planters Covington Planter

    I recently purchased a single row Covington Planter. The instructions that came with the seed planter are considerable lacking. I was told there are currently rewriting their manual. Can you tell me what the suggested retail is on the Covington seed plates? I wanted to order a Sunflower and...
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    Covington Seed Plates

    Does anyone know what the Covington Seed Plates cost? I think I will try to find and purchase the plate for Sunflowers and Watermelon.
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    Planters Covington Planters

    I am looking to purchase a planter. I have been looking at the Covington, Cole, and the Yetter Flex 71 single row planters. I think I have narrowed it down to the Covington and the Yetter Flex 71 single row planters. I think I am leaning towards the Covington planter. I would be using the...
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    Farmwithjunk, Question about the Flex 71 seed plates

    Farmwithjunk, I went to the Lincoln Agricultural Products web site to see what see plates were available for the Flex 71 planter. I did not see plates for watermelon, orka, eggplant, lima beans, etc. Can you plant these seeds with the Flex 71? Are there plants available for these seeds? Thank...
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    Planters More Information On the Yetter Flex 71 Planter

    I have been looking at the Yetter Flex 71 one-row planter. It appears that you are better off buying your own 4-inch toolbar for your three-point hitch separately. If you buy their hitch assembly plus the tool bar from Yetter you are going to be well over $400. I believe you can purchase the...
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    Rotary Cutter Bush Hog Finish Mower Price?

    What is a fair price for a 72 inch Bush Hog finish mower?
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    Planters Single Row Planters, Covington & Yetter 71

    I have been looking at planters for a small garden (3/4 acre) and some food plots for deer and turkey. The planters I have been looking at are the Covington planter with the fertilizer hopper and is mounted on a cultivator. The price is about $995 plus shipping in the amount of around $125; for...
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    How do you install the PTO shield on the PTO shaft?

    I did a search on the forum to find how to install the plastic PTO shield on my KingKutter tiller. I did not find anything that was on point. I only have to reinstall the end of the PTO shield that attaches to the implement end. KingKutter sent me a replacement PTO shield. Eurocardan makes the...
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    TC30 Question

    I was thinking of adding a log splitter to mount behind my tractor. Does anyone have an idea as to the cost of adding a rear hydraulic kit to the tractor would cost. Is there another way to tap into the hydraulic system without the kit? What is the best way to add a log splitter to a tractor...
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    LandPride Finish Mower

    Still looking at finish mowers. Had the local LandPride dealership call me today and suggested the LandPride FDR1660 (5 foot) finish mower or the FDR 1672 (6 foot) finish mower. He priced the 5-foot LandPride at $1,600 and the 6-foot LandPride at $1,950. Is anyone familiar with the quality and...