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    Have you considered selling it to pay off the debt and get some money back? Tell the buyer you’ll give them the title after bill of sale when all the paperwork clears
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    Spilled diesel fuel, need help

    Kitty litter and a broom or sawdust if you have it. It takes forever to dry, so you need to get it up
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    PINE logs anyone?

    Paper mills will want them. Don’t cut them unless asked to. They’ll want them more it you drag them out and stack them all up
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    For Sale: Gravely 16-G, 50" deck, Plow.

    I have a Gravely 16-G Professional with 50" deck, roll bar, rear wheel weights, and attachable snow plow. It's been barn kept, and is in great condition. It has 409 hours on it. I got it in an estate clearance for doing a lot to work. I need to sell it asap to recoup my investment. I...