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    Anyone gotta safety pin?

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    Big Rollover Recovery

    Found on the Tubes of You...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    My little Johnny needs the engine replaced. Drive belt on my Craftsman failed. Tired of balancing little tractors on little bottle jacks and jack stands. Needed something better. Shopped around for mower lifts. Lowes, Home Depot, TSC, couple other local tool supply places, all had various...
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    Black Talon High Back Seat ON SALE at RK

    Last I saw, they were over $150 each, now $117.43. Not sure there is a better option for the money if anyone is looking... Black Talon Seats Tractor Seat Universal High Back 44BK3UN
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    The real world; Fast Fords

    I find this amusing. The fastest speeders caught in Texas: #1 a sport bike @ 156MPH #2 a Ford F150 @ 150MPH #3 another sport bike @ 145MPH Source: 86 mph over the limit — just one of the 1 fastest speeding tickets in Dallas-Fort Worth | News | Dallas News
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    Currently, the list is all compressors, floor jacks, safes, saw mills, storage cabinets, chests or carts, trailers, trencher/backhoe, welders, Admiral, Ames, Bauer, Cobra, CoverPro, Daytona, Diamondback, Earthquake, Fischer, Hercules, Icon, Jupiter, Lynxx, Poulan, Predator, Tailgator, Viking...
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    How sad...

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    Grapple vs forks

    You could get a pallet fork with a grapple attachment on it if you really need to save a few bucks and have a tool that is nearly "all in one". There are many styles available: Personally, I like a separate grapple and forks. I purchased my forks first, which I would advise for anyone...
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    Dangerous times even in small town

    If it is good enough for them, it is good enough for me...
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    2020 Siverado HD

    Then what is with the new superduty? It uses the full headlight area, it remains lit all the time for both low and high beam, as well as daytime lamps. The height used to make sense of low mounted headlights before this. But why now? It apparently doesn't matter...
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    2020 Siverado HD

    They all should do as they have with their muscle cars. Just do larger modernized builds of their classic designs. I think we would all agree this is much better looking than the 2020 HD... Same for Ford and Ram.
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    2020 Siverado HD

    Yes, it is a photoshop, but not a joke. It is just to ease folk into the real thing (shown below):
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    I had no clue where else to put this, but laughed and wanted to share.

    linked to me from a friend. I'm sure it's been all over since it came from facebook, but was the first I've seen of it.
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    Appalachian English: Why We Say 展arsh Rag & 鏑ow Tar

    Interesting article. Appalachian English: Why We Say “Warsh Rag” & “Low Tar” | Appalachian Magazine