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    Tractor accidents, video, large variety

    Everybody should be able to learn something from watching this safety police comments necessary...consequences obvious in the end, but how some of these catastrophic failures develop is not always obvious in the beginning.
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    idyllic ag area, happy workers, good food, exotic beautiful women, Brazil is GREAT

    my son married a Brazilian, family is now visiting us in USA. I have to agree that they are the happiest people and most accepting people I have ever run into, as a group. However, there is yet an even more wonderful farming community, as reported below...and, it's past April, 1!! MailOnline...
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    drip and tricks?

    I've heard and read up about drip irrigation. Have acquired a bunch of the usual stuff...filters, pressure reducers, lines of the usual sizes, fittings, shutoffs, emitters of various rates and adjustable, etc. I figure I can hook up and learn from my mistakes....or ask y'all for your best tips...
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    RTV 1140 radiator electric fan motor overheats, melts fan, shroud

    Smelled something burning/overheated..water temp near red line, ran hose on radiator/engine, noticed fan not running. Discovered electric fan motor got HOT , melted plastic fan off motor and fan attachments to radiator shroud. :fiery:Subsequent analysis shows the fan to be the only failing...
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    weather station recommendations?

    So, I'm getting lazy. I'm wanting a weather station that does the following: wireless rainfall wind velocity temperature alerts for very high wind for safety and low wind for herbacide spraying nice large display, maybe backlit nice-to-have atomic clock PC connectivity .any recommendations...
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    Linux sighted rifle

    Yep. That is what I said, Linux Rifle/Scope. It is a rifle with a Linux powered scope. The scope is not just an optical scope. It has all sorts of sensors to feed its brain, including target tracking, ranging, wind speed, humidity, and video recording are just a few. It will have to bring down a...
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    night laser or green LED??

    I have an interest in getting a light to augment my scope for night hunting of hogs or coyotes. Hogs hunted over bait. Coyotes called up. I've done lots of night hunting with regular spotlights, etc. some years ago. I'm now reading about green lights, rifle mounted, which spook animals less and...
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    Worst place you've taken a tractor (and gotten away with it)

    I was disking around a new tank for native grass seed planting. I misjudged the turn radius slightly and the slope slightly and got slightly tipsy. Luckily, I was keeping my FEL just inches off the ground and the lower edge of the FEL hit the ground, keeping me from flipping. I waited for my son...
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    3pt hitch towable 1,5yds dirt pan

    You're too was my little Kubota 5030 that did all the work! Here are a couple of photos. One of the more successful pulls I had The whole rig weights on 3ph dig area, rig in distance in front of existing dirt tank (been in a drought) spoil area above spillway water line
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    Tires L5030, increase stability by widening front end tires??? Not sure, difficulties found

    Been doing lots of work on slopes lately...digging out a dirt stock tank. Decided that everybody says to widen front end stance just make sure tires/rims are set so they dish "out, not in." Might be a good idea to do it now. Feeling that I would benefit from a improvement in stance, thus safety...
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    Oil & Fuel GL 5030 fuel gauge let me down

    I did a search but found no prior posts re Kubota fuel gauges. My L5030 fuel gauge has been reliable until this morning. Just a couple of days ago I ran it down to one bar and the red "fuel" light came on...drove back to house to fill up no problem. But, this morning I was thinking...sure...
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    Caught an Intruder

    Massey, you will want to use this kind of fence strainer on both barb and smooth wires. Type of low impedance fence charger you need also pictured. I get these from Tractor Supply but they are available elsewhere.
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    good price parts from

    I needed some AC parts for my Kubota L5030, looked around on the net, found, checked their prices versus local dealer. Price difference was just too great to go with Kubota local dealer, which I had planned to drive to if the difference was acceptable...but parts were not in...
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    why one should ALWAYS carry your weapon

    The other day I decided to wear a pair of pants I don't like for a day of rough dirt work. No hip pockets and front pockets too shallow to conceal my pistol. So, no wallet or pistol for first time on ranch or off, since I got my CCL over 2 years ago. A friend and I were digging post holes on my...
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    Rotary Cutter JD 5105 tractor with JD MX 6 rotary cutter quits cutting

    I admit it... am embarrassed by this question, I should be able to figure this out myself but am stumped. This is a friend's equipment, very well maintained, in fact, by dealer. She's owned equipment 5+ years, all she does with it is mow grass, she knows the equipment and how to mow, she never...