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    M7040 Problem

    R40kh, does the 7040 have a marked spot for N on the hi-lo selector or are u just bumping it between? The 7060 just has a rabbit and turtle on the handle. Thx!
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    M7040 Problem

    I have a 7060, and run our Canadian premium UDT. When it’s cold, everything in neutral I’ll also sometimes feel an ever so slight bump/jerk, not enough for the machine to move but you can feel it in the seat. If it’s in gear, shuttle in neutral sometimes the digital speedo will flicker ever so...
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    M7060 with bad brakes!

    Romoni, I think I got the screen out of mine without taking anything off, I was able to reach it, awkwardly.
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    M7060 with bad brakes!

    From the WSM.
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    M7060 with bad brakes!

    Here’s a link to the shop manual I downloaded this one, I’d email it to you but at 71mb, I’m not sure I can.
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    Snow boots

    These boots are very warm. I was leary about them and the cost (about $300). I wear them snowmobiling at -25°c, standing while running firewood processor and my feet which are prone to get cold, stay warm. No liners to fuss with. For the -30 and colder days I use bama booties/socks overtop my...
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    Backblade upgrade!

    I knew this cylinder was a bit weenie, light duty work, oops, lol.
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    Carrying rake and shovel

    Piece of 3” pipe. Works for shovels and rakes too I don’t normally drive straight downhill, but when I do, the pickaroon don’t fall out in case you’re wondering!
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    M7040 Cab full LED conversion

    Rob, the ambers you linked mention needing a resistor if being used as flashers, have you tried those yet?
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    3pt Clutches - Slip & Overrun

    As stated, the WM chippers have shear bolts on the pto shaft. My snowblower has several shear bolts, no slip clutch. I’d think if anything, the snowblower ought to have a slip clutch. I change 1/2 a dozen or so shear bolts a season. But maybe it’s best having it ‘work’ till it don’t….. I...
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    The M7040 got a 7' snow blower today :)

    Id kinda like to see a set up for an M sized machine! The giant ones for a wheel loader come to mind that airports and cities use! :). Would be fun! However, here would be an option I suppose
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    The M7040 got a 7' snow blower today :)

    Our snowmobile trail groomers have mirrors like you mention, almost like a school bus…… it’s a knack to get precise using it. I find with the rear blower one is driving ahead almost as much as backward to reposition for the next ‘blow’, it’s not like you’re looking back the whole time. Front...
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    The M7040 got a 7' snow blower today :)

    Rob, something I didn’t see mentioned here yet unless I missed it….. your toplink length will adjust your cutting edge ‘height’. I have an 8’ blower on a m7060. On gravel or a bumpy area I’d shorten the top link to make the cutting edge higher up off the ground by a few inches. I leave my...
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    snow roller for XC snow

    Interesting Stomper, thanks for sharing your experience. We are in the same boat here, usually not big snows and quite rough trails. Usually dragging an old chain link fence gate at the beginning for the first few snows seems to help make a base. Like you our snow is almost always light and...
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    Tractor Cover Recommendations?

    This sounds like a perfect DIY project. Old bed sheets. Get out the thread injector and cardboard aided design and go to work if you want it fancy!