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    Case 65A - Cab air conditioning

    Wow, it is a major deal to clean the evaporator on my NH TN70D. You have to remove the headliner in the cab, remove the heater core/evaporator/fan enclosure then split the enclosure to get to the evaporator. Just finished cleaning the coils and reinstalling the enclosure. What a pain in the A$$...
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    Cleaning Up Substantial Yard Debris

    I recently purchased a skeleton (rock) bucket with two grapple lids on it. I have been using this on my skid steer (with foamed tires) cleaning 20 years of trash off my property. I found that by pushing the skeleton bucket into the pile at ground level, I eliminated much of the degris that would...
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    Plate tamper for compacting 300m of driveway?

    I work as an inspector on water and sewer line projects also a few road projects here and there. The last project I was on, the contractor was using a plate compactor that was attached to a backhoe. It ran off the backhoe hydraulics. It was very effective in compacting the back fill in the 2'...
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    Farm UTV/RTV Purchase

    I bought a 2019 Polaris Ranger 570 full sized new a few years ago. Mostly just use it riding around sight seeing. Have used it some for fence repair and chasing cows on the 300 acre ranch that my SOL rents. This has been a solid unit that has given no trouble since I have had it. It will run a...
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    Best Pallet Fork Grapple?

    I bought a "The Thumb" more than 10 years ago and mounted it on a dedicated heavy duty pallet fork. I have used it on my skid loader for carrying large trees to light brush. Also it is great for demo work on old out buildings, barns and such. I once picked the entire roof off of a 8'X12' chicken...
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    Grapple style preference

    I finally got to try my new grapple yesterday evening. The grapple has been sitting in the yard for 2 weeks but my skid has been on another job and not available. Got the skid back home yesterday. This thing (the grapple) is awesome! I only picked up three scoops out of the trash pile before...
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    Grapple style preference

    I just purchased a new grapple. After much inner debate, I went with style 1 except that the bottom is a skeleton style rock bucket with 3" spacing between the tines. The grapple is a 66" with two lids that weighs right at 1000lb. Another thing I was looking for in a grapple was where the tine...
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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    Wow, have never seen a mast like that or a tail wheel on a skid steer either. Searched on Google and found a couple of videos. Very cool attachments. Tim
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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    4570man, $200 for all, don't know about the price of new rims. Ruffdog, I watched that same video. I think there may be some difference between a lawn mower tire and a skid steer tire. I watched a farmer's video where he cut his skid steer tires off with a chain saw. Tim
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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    Thanks all, doesn't seem like a job for the faint of heart. The tire dealer said that it would cost about $200 additional to have the old tires removed from the rims. After your responses and watching a few you tube videos I suspect that is a cheap $200 Tim
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    Anybody attempted to remove skid steer tires that have been foamed?

    I put new tires on my 2007 skid steer when I bought it in 2015. Now it is time to change the tires. Any suggestions on how to remove the old tires for the rims will be appreciated. Tim
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    Thank you all for your replies. I will call the manufacturer today and get clarification on the liquid propane issue. After reading your replies and talking to th Wheat Energy (propane) guy, I am inclined to believe that this generator was designed to run on vapor. Tim
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    Great review, thanks for posting. Looks like this was written in 2019, Now that you have had it for a few years, what do you think of the generator? Tim
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    Got a new Duromax XP10000EH Generator, propane question

    This desire for a generator is prompted by an unusual weather event last year here in Texas. We had about 4 days of extreme cold (hovered around zero for much of the time), wet, snowy weather last winter. During this time, we were some of the lucky ones in that we only suffered rolling...