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    Loader BX2380 Quad Hydraulic FEL disconnect leaking?

    Are those still quick connect? I mean can you pop each of the 4 off or do you have to unscrew each line to take off and put on the loader? I'm back for the 3rd time at the dealer now. Very frustrated. I've been through 5 gallons of hydraulic fluid now at $70 each 2.5 gallon jug. My dealer...
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    Loader BX2380 Quad Hydraulic FEL disconnect leaking?

    Worse when connected and motor running. Lost 2 gallons of oil.
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    Wood pellet BBQ smokers such as Traeger ?

    Must have put these on another thread. Smoked meat loaf. Best meat loaf I've ever had by a long shot. Instead of ketchup, I glazed at the end with an apricot amaretto mix. Sauteed onions and minced garlic for a little bit before putting the mix together. Sausage, ground beef, sweet bell...
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    Yet another new SCUT question

    I mow with my BX with the loader and attachments off. I have real wheels filled. Mows great. 4X4 high on the hills. When on this side hill and a little steeper place I feel nervous, but I can sit in the seat and rock toward the down hill with no lifting of uphill tires at all. You can drive...
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    Smoked a chicken

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    Smoked a chicken

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    Wood pellet BBQ smokers such as Traeger ?

    Yup RT-700 and I love this thing. Use it several times per week. All stainless steel. Will last forever.
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    2018 Diesel Trucks - 3/4 or 1 ton - favorites and why

    With 2018 year models very mature and 2019's right around the corner, I wanted to get the most current opinions from owners of why they picked the brand they did and if they are happy with their decision or not. I'm once again considering finally buying a new truck, really want a diesel, and am...
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    Help needed - Spraying advice 101 - Lawncare

    I've read some other threads on the subject and there is a lot of info already out there, but I am very green in this area and it's a lot of confusion to me right now. I just bought a Fimco 40 gal sprayer and some 24D Amine on the advice of the Tractor Supply worker. As usual, I sprayed and...
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    Rear remotes troubleshooting question - BX 2380

    Finally went and picked up my parts to use the hydraulic top-link. I added the rear remote option when I bought the tractor, but haven't had a chance to use it or even finish setting it up yet. Had trouble finding the right male adapters to match, but we got all that resolved and hoses made up...
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    What are good concealed carry choices for women?

    Don't want to get too much into the back story, but recently a family member of mine got in a sketchy situation after dark at a business located in a rough area. I am thinking of helping her get signed up for a CCW class and wanted to know opinions of what would be a good carry choice for a...
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    Need help - emptying pond

    After several years of having a pond, I'm now wanting to fill it in and put it back the way it was. My younger neighbors in the "hood" are having more children and they like to play and roam (which I am perfectly fine with) and I'm just afraid that one day, one of the kids could slip or drown...
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    Grapple for BX23S

    To the OP's question: I have the same loader as you and Old Red. As Travis mentioned, you can't get the SSQA in the 48" Landpride, you'd have to get their 54". I had the Landpride 48" on my BX2370, but it did not have SSQA, so when I traded to the BX2380, I also had to go one size up with the...
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    South west PA and steep hills with a SCUT?

    Don't know why my picture didn't work. Will try again. Also, to your question about the hydrostat on a SCUT vs lawn tractor, there is literally no comparison. Two completely different worlds.