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    Manual for Kubota L3750

    Wondering if anyone of you has the manual showing the hydraulic circuit for an L3750. A diesel mechanic friend of mine is willing to come over and work with me on my bucket lift. He wanted to look at the manual first. I don't have that manual. I know I could probably order one. Thought that I...
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    Boy Toys

    I thought boy this would be fun to grind stumps or dig trenches with. It is up for auction at a place near me. Capitol CTC 960 9' Wheel Crawler Trencher Caterpillar | eBay Make: Capitol Model: 960 Year: 1988 Hours: 705 showing on working meter - see attached pdf Serial Number...
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    Stihl recall on some products for gas caps

    I thought that I would share this from our local newspaper. I tried the link that is shown in the article but it didn't work for me. Fuel spilling is just something to think about no matter what you are putting gas in.
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    Swiss army knife type machines

    Looking at this auction place down the road from me they have this machine that is like a Swiss army knife. What other machines are out there that perform multiple functions. This will only be on the auction site for about a week. Vermeer V8550 Vibratory Ride On Cable Plow Backhoe | eBay
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    A few tractor attachments this week

    I'm not sure if I can put this link on here without getting in trouble. This auction site puts the items up for a week. They typically have the equipment at their Seattle yard. Anyhow I noticed some nice tractor attachments on there today if any of you might be looking. Don't worry I am not...
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    Chainsaws as metal detectors

    I had to take down 3 100' fir trees at my Dads a few weeks ago. Before we started I knew that some punk neighbor kids had put nails and bolts in the trees years ago because some were sticking out of the trees. I had a friend paint red marks on the trees where she found metal showing on her metal...
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    Good Safety website

    I am the head of Triage treatment for my building of about 1000 people. So I try to find good information to send out to the people. This website has some great stuff. For a good laugh though go to the "I did it tab" while you are there go to the "things I shouldn't have done" tab. Be Safe...
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    PHD U joint

    My neighbor gave me a post hole digger for hauling some horse stall mats. The other day I was out digging some holes with the old beast when the auger started swinging I lowered it to the ground to start digging. Well I lowered it too fast or something and it twisted the U joint apart. My...
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    Don't try this at home

    Just thought I would tattle on myself. Working about 20' up in a wild cherry clearing branches over some power lines. I needed to cut a lower branch near where I was standing so I reached down with the chainsaw to cut the branch. I knew I was near my foot but was trying to be careful. I felt the...
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    How Hot is it!

    Doing a tree job for a customer today and I had a little bit of excitement. It has been a decent summer for Washington. Today it was 86 degrees. It has been fairly warm and dry. I had dropped a little Maple that was about 70' tall and dead at the top. Bucking it up into rounds for the home owner...
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    Were these tires filled?

    A backhoe is almost completely submerged in the Green River in Kent after a worker lost control of the vehicle Tuesday. A backhoe driver working near the Green River in Kent lost control of his vehicle Tuesday about 2 p.m. and the construction equipment ended up in the water. The driver escaped...
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    The weak link hitch

    Driving down the freeway the other day a guy had one of these Mini's on a nice dual axle trailer. He was using a late 90's Ford 2500 pickup. As I passed him I looked over to see what kind of hitch the tilt trailer and truck was using. It was one of those hitches that have holes in it so that...
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    What type of oil do they use in PHD's?

    My neighbor gave me this Post hole digger for hauling some mats for her. It looks to be fairly old and left out in the elements. It does spin easily enough. There don't appear to be any leaks from the gear case. I am thinking maybe I should change the oil in it just for preventive maintenance...
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    Interesting but boring chainsaw facts

    I bought a pair of chainsaw chaps a couple of weeks ago after nearly removing my knee cap with the saw. Loose fitting pants got caught by the tooth bar on the saw. Then the chain caught my coveralls and then pants. Just had a small scrape on the skin right above the knee cap fortunately. 40...
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    Another what's this worth question

    This brush hog is on a local auction site. Right now I have the high bid of $80. Not that I need it really. Here is the description: 48 Rankin Brush Hog PTO driven Mower S/N: 01022150 PTO Driveline included in auction 3-Point Hitch Type Non-stationary blades Dual blade mower Never flat...