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    Off-Topic - Dirtbike carb Q (LOOK AT PICS PLEASE)

    Yamaha PW-80 kids Dirtbike, Mikuni carb. Just took the carb apart and put back together. These 2 ports were open without any hoses when I found the bike (it was essentially a dumpster find) so I'm not sure where they should get routed to, if anywhere... or capped. Any ideas? (Note - the bike...
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    Massey 1652 in white

    I call it "Polar Edition"
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    Massey 1652 Polar edition

    Here's a few shots - in the barn, with her sister (Terex track machine) on some jobs, with the flail at the field, etc...
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    Any snowmobile owners who own tractors?

    Good thread! We're down in S/E Michigan. Didn't get a ton of changes to rise this year but it wasn't terrible. The kids were able to ride around the property a bunch. The wife and I have vMax 600's and the kids each have Enticer 340's.
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    Mowing L5740 set-up/combination

    I used to pull an 8 ft Ford pull mower, pto-to-belt driven... My machine has about 40 PTO hp. Could pull it up hills, could cut grass and weeds. Was a really great mower. I sold it and got an 8ft Ford flail-mower instead. The flail does a great job but I think the rotary mower left a nicer...
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    Dangit... Accidentally caused myself a bunch of work (engine repair)

    Full rebuild... Spun bearings and damaged 2 rods with excessive heat. New crank. 2 (of 4) new rods, new pistons, bearings & seals, bored .10 over but head and block were checked and were good. Rebuilt the fuel pump and injectors. New water pump. All new gaskets & seals. Probably more I...
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    2019 F350 crew cab lariat question

    Ok thanks, glad to hear the ride is improved with the newer models. I know my 2014 isn't "old" and I keep it in great shape.... But my only really complaint is the ride quality. I agree with you, the diesel is obviously more powerful. I don't want to turn this into a gas-vs-diesel thing...I'm...
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    Bought a 1999 NH 445D

    Nice looking machine! I had a 545d that o really liked. Ended up selling it because I wasn't using it enough. Tough machines.
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    Leveling topsoil for new lawn

    Perfect way to finish it after that is with a Landscape Tiller (ATI Preseeder is what I use). Very expensive tool ($12k) but the finished product is very nice.
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    Mowing.....Tell us about your yard weapons.

    Mine is a Hustler Super Z Diesel, 66" deck, Shibaura 25 HP motor. She's a beast, about 1600 lbs wet. Very smooth ride for a ZTR. She wasn't cheap but she's paid off and should last a long time. I mow about 5 acres at home and a couple commercial accounts on occasion. The grass in this...
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    Quite a shocker let me tell you

    Re: Be very careful if you are considering a Mahindra You can also try Northern Diesel Controls in Sterling Heights, Mich. They rebuilt the injector pump and injectors on my track loader and did a great job.
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    2018 Diesel Trucks - 3/4 or 1 ton - favorites and why

    Here's some of the trucks I was referring to...
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    Trade MF1547 for MF1749?

    I just checked TractorHouse again and you are right, very thin pickings. I'm not sure when the last time I checked was but it wasn't too terribly long ago. They were more available then than there are now to be sure... This one looks pretty interesting, (the one with no price). It doesn't have...
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    Massey Compact owners: hydraulic system maintenance

    Just an update... The original part number for the metal-mesh suction filter is 7069948M91 but I believe that number was replaced by 6255299M92. Those are Agco numbers. They are around $130/ea (2 required). Here's pics of the SKU #. Also, here's something interesting. I usually use...