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    Grapple Overload - MX5800 Needs A Grapple

    I have a 50 year old Pecan orchard and constantly pick up small to large limbs from trees to move to burn piles. Also logs and whole tree trunks. Have been doing this for 40 years here on the family land. I have three tractors from 25 -65 HP and have used grapples and pallet fork grapples for...
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    Buying Advice Compact Cab tractor for vineyard work.

    True Vinyard tractors have a much skinnier footprint than regular tractors to fit down the standard row....
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    8 Foot Caroni Finishing Mower Dissapointment......

    Anything is possible but as I stated above there are 1/2 inch lips welded to the deck that the covers fit over and bolted down. See picture below. Also, these are sealed bearings and sit 3 inches above the deck with the covers over them. One would have to completely sink the mower in water a...
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    8 Foot Caroni Finishing Mower Dissapointment......

    They are Pecans or as folks up North call them Pee-cans! :) I am very fortunate to live here. The family bought the raw property when I was a pre-teen. They paid $400 per acre which at the time was high but my recent tax bill listed it at $40k per acre! Ouch! The orchard is out my front door and...
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    8 Foot Caroni Finishing Mower Dissapointment......

    I have had my eight foot Caroni Finishing mower for 3 years now and treat it exceptionally well. The 7 acres I use it on are smooth and manicured like a golf course. (Picture Below) Have about 125 hours on the unit so far, rinsed off after every use, stored inside and bearings greased every 3...
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    Round two with tractor purchase

    I use my L6060 with a 8 foot finish mower on 8.5 acres and my B2650 in the yard around trees with the mid mount mower. I have front buckets, forks and grapples to fit both units.
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    Cup Holder for Kubota L 3560 HSTC

    On my two New Holland and two Kubota cabbed tractors I have always installed cup holders that clamp on the door bars. These are made and sold for motorcycle handle bars. Work great in my case but I use pretty regular sized enclosed coffee mugs and water bottles. I use ...
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    Kubota announces price increase

    I hope everyone realizes that a cab doubles as a mobile man cave when one needs a escape from the family. Put a cool one in the cup holder, adjust the air ride seat, turn on the stereo and adjust the AC or heat for greatest comfort. Then sit back, close your eyes and enjoy! :) PS- I have never...
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    Kubota announces price increase

    New L6060 next to my 2 year old B2650. Do not know why the one thumbnail picture is up side down. When opened it is correct!
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    New L6060 Speedometer Reads In Km per hour....

    I have looked in the manual and understand everything on the tractor but cannot seem to find any directions to change the speedometer to miles per hour. Please advise! Thanks.... :)
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    Anyone Own A L6060?

    I will be filling the rear wheels with water just like every other tractor I have so no problems there. We have lived on our place for 50 years this year so all the huge projects that wear out machinery is long over. Tractors here live the good life!
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    Anyone Own A L6060?

    Going to purchase a big brother for my B2650. Any chronic problems or dislikes with your L6060? Thanks...
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    Anyone ever regretted buying a HST?

    Blue tractor in the background is my New Holland T4.75. At wat the noise level in the cab is 72 decibels according to my meter. This unit has a 12 X 12 transmission with shuttle shift. Orange tractor is my Kubota 2650 with HST. At wat, not even moving, the hydraulic whine is at 90 decibels...
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    Pictures of Your New Holland

    My T4.75 at work!