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    Need help John Deere 1600

    No I did not. Got rid of it. Very disappointed in the 1600 mower overall.
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    As a customer what is acceptable to you?

    Nice to hear there’s honest folks out there to go to the trouble to contact the company to pay for the additional Products.
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    Mowing Kubota diesel overheating.

    Put the proper thermostat in it. Take the radiator to a radiator shop and tell them to rod it out. They will take the tank off one end and run a rod downs through every flu. Probably has 2-3 stopped up. That’s all it takes. Then proper coolant mix. Make sure they rod it out not just flush. That...
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    Need help John Deere 1600

    I own a John Deere 1600. In order to engage the pto on first mow I have to pick the center deck up and back down.also when I hit a big bump the pto shuts off.6 times today in one hour. Done everything I know to do.please help.