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  1. Liquidsilver

    [email protected]#n Scrub Oak!

    A couple of years ago I sprayed this pasture (and others) to the tune of about $1700 in Dow Remedy... and they looked great, until this year. Should I have to spray this field every two years? I just bush hogged over it and it looks better now, but what do I have to do to get rid of...
  2. Liquidsilver

    Which Backpack Blower?

    I have the biggest Echo backpack blower... 80ccs. It's great when it's working. I need it for the power to blow off my woods trails, even when the leaves are a little wet. I have to have a carried/backpack model, because many of the trails are too steep to use any of the wheeled models...
  3. Liquidsilver

    Renting a Cat 953D - Stupid Idea?

    I have an area behind my pond that was left a mess by a friend with a backhoe when he fixed a leak in it. It's been a weedy mess ever since, and the area behind it has a pretty sharp gully that's about 100 feet long and 40 feet deep. I've smoothed it out with my FEL but it's still really...
  4. Liquidsilver

    How Warm Should My Cutter's Gearboxes Get?

    My six foot cutter has a gearbox that calls for 90wt gear oil. I would call it a noisy gearbox, generating a pretty noisy hum... but even on hot days cutting tall stuff, I'm surprised it never gets very warm. It's never given me a problem either. I also have a fairly new (less than 20...
  5. Liquidsilver

    Drawbar Adapter

    I feel like I'm looking for something that should be easy to find, but I'm not finding it. I'm using my M5400DT to pull my 10-foot pull-type rotary cutter and it pulls easily and cuts even the heavy stuff very well. My only problem is, using my fixed drawbar, there's very little clearance...
  6. Liquidsilver

    M5400DT Front Axle Seals

    I'm using the heavier gear oil in the front axle of my tractor and it's started leaking out so fast I'm finally ready to do something about it. I read here on the forum about a gentleman replacing his own seals, and it looks like others here do it themselves. Even so, I think it looks...
  7. Liquidsilver

    Can these be shortened?

    If I buy more tractor, I'd still like to pull it into my barn that has a standard height garage door. My current tractor fits by folding down the ROPS and I had to shorten the exhaust pipe by about 6 inches. The new guys have those fat, combo pipes. Can they be shortened?
  8. Liquidsilver

    Hydraulic Oil Disposal

    My bush hogging operations are late this year, but before operating in the high heat, I decided to change the fluids in my Kubota 50-horse. I don't have any problem dropping off a few gallons of used engine oil at the auto parts store for recycling... but what do I do with 11 gallons of...
  9. Liquidsilver

    Communication Tower Site on my Property?

    I'm being approached by a company saying they're interested in 'leasing' a 100x100 foot area on my property for a telecommunications tower. Understandable, as I have a very nice, scenic view from my country house, and I'll bet they'd want to be there on the same tall hill as my house. In...
  10. Liquidsilver

    Time to Replace My Seat

    I've gained tons of experience in my first year of large (to me) tractor ownership... and thanks in part to people on this forum for the friendly counsel, I've really enjoyed maintaining my own gravel road, clearing off broken trees, re-grading a mess left by a sloppy highlift operator and...
  11. Liquidsilver

    Holy Muffler M5400

    My first 'big' tractor is my 1999 Kubota M5400 4x4. Most of the hours since I've had it have gone into mowing my rough fields with a 6' Modern Ag rotary cutter. I've learned lots of lessons already, including how to replace a ruptured hydraulic line on the FEL. I had a muffler shop...