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  1. Deere Dude

    Which solar panel for my barn

    Tenders are fine, but I found just disconnecting the batteries and leave them alone worked for me. When I came back from Florida to Wisconsin after 4-5 months everything started right up. It maybe didn't crank like a new car, but it only needed to start.
  2. Deere Dude

    How to repair carpenter bee damage?

    i had a wood tailgate for a trailer 2x10x6 feet hat was attacked by those little buggers. For a project I had going I needed some saw dust. (5 Gallons or so). I decided to plane down that board into dust. After taking a few passes 1/16" at a time I was amazed at the passages they left. Some...
  3. Deere Dude

    Making a Seat Cover

    Just curious, I have a JD tractor with the standard yellow seat and has some serious cracks in the plastic seat portion. If I got a new seat, would a fabric seat cover keep cracks from forming on the new one? I like your work op. Hope it works out for you.
  4. Deere Dude

    How to repair carpenter bee damage?

    After a summer or two of fighting them I found that painting the wood works and for EVERYTHING else I spray with a BIFEN IT concentrate mixed with water. A couple ozs/gallon works well. After spraying right way in the spring and again in the fall the Carpenter bees start finding someplace else...
  5. Deere Dude

    considering this trailer...

    I would get rid of the springs and weld a saddle for a 3.5" trailer house axle and use load range "G" tires. That stuff could be found cheap. Shoud be good for any load you are going to pull on it.
  6. Deere Dude

    Ehydro issue

    Recheck oil level. If mine is 1/2" low that is over a gallon low/ But is a 3720/
  7. Deere Dude

    Thinking about a new saw

    I bought an Echo 620p about 3 years ago. At the time, I was also looking at a Stihl 362. I was sold on the trouble free claim and the 5 yr warranty. It is a beast, in my view. In about 10-20 cords of bigger oak cutting I have absolutley no complaints. Good weight, soid build, easy low...
  8. Deere Dude

    Troy built tiller with Tecumseh 6hp

    Another one on the connectim.g rod list. Some of you mentioned oil level. I am thinking that was my problem. Maybe I'll find out?
  9. Deere Dude

    Get rid of those bent axles!

    Long time ago I heard they are designed so when load is maxed out the axles will be straight and even with semi flatbeds the trailers will be flat when loaded down.
  10. Deere Dude

    My new pressure washer is haywire. Helllllp

    I thougtof making something that attaches to the sprayer to hold the handle in the on position while cranking the engine overwhile starting. Might make starting a mite easier.
  11. Deere Dude

    Purchase dilemma

    If the rears need to come off to load them, I woud consider sticking spacers on.
  12. Deere Dude

    My new pressure washer is haywire. Helllllp

    I have an Excell washer with a 10 HP Briggs motor. the ony way I can start that is with water on and flowing freely with the pressure hose disconnected. I let it run to clear all the air out of hose and pump. While disconnected I start the washer and let it run for a minute or so. Then I shut...
  13. Deere Dude

    Ballast Box Loading

    Very good point. Would lose a friend that way.
  14. Deere Dude

    Ballast Box Loading

    I would sell the lead and fill the box with heavy rocks with concrete used to fill the voids. Pretty cheap if you have rocks. I mounted a chainsaw scabbard in the weight box before filling and works great for carrying my saw.
  15. Deere Dude

    Zero Turn w/ Kawasaki FX850v: Mowing RPM / Full Throttle?

    I've decided to drive mine like I stole it...WOT running and WOT engage and disengage deck. Anything less than that would irratate the snot out of me.
  16. Deere Dude

    Bad dealer

    I don't see how to justify an insurance claim caused by abuse. Be lucky they pounded it kind of straight. Possibly the dealer misspoke about having insurance covering it and is now trying to back out ungracefully. Possibly the bucket leveler rod can be shortened by the OP.
  17. Deere Dude

    X730 hydro oil change

    My X740 had the problem where it wouldn't go ahead far enough and had very limited movement, it seemed to me. I sprayed the track with a water hose but had little effect. What did work was to slam it forward and backward with my body on the seat forcefully up against the endstop. I thought I...
  18. Deere Dude

    logsplitter question

    Personally I like a stand alone splitter so I can use the tractor for jockying logs around. For a very small amount I would consider an electric splitter. But I never tried using my electric splitter for anything substantial, like 18" oak. I don't recall if you use the wood for anything like...
  19. Deere Dude

    Tiny Houses

    As a kid I would call those types, "Forts"
  20. Deere Dude

    Spraying around Christmas Trees

    How tall are they and are you spraying weed killer? Just curious. I need to spray a dozen or so so am following.
  21. Deere Dude

    Anything better than wire nuts?

    I use wire good nuts all the time. It may take a little more time but I twist the ends together using two pliars then snip the ends off to the shortest wire. Then crank the wire nut on. Seems to work for me.
  22. Deere Dude

    Does anybody follow the Olympics?

    Blah, blah, blah, blah,blah...
  23. Deere Dude

    Tooth Bar Home Run

    I would cut from one end. I think the teeth will still look symetrical. as if the stone pile would care. It was a good deal for a toothbar like that.
  24. Deere Dude

    Pulling down a block chimney?

    That would be an accident waiting to the tractor hood.
  25. Deere Dude

    Dialects, got to love them

    I gotta go and "drop the kids off in the pool."
  26. Deere Dude

    Dialects, got to love them

    We moved from WI to remote TN 8 years ago. What was most memorable to me was the first church service we visited/attended. I swear I coud not understand a word anyone said for the whoe hour. Everyone sounded like they had lazy tongue. Now my hearing is getting worse which doesn't help...
  27. Deere Dude

    Jacking up a trailer

    IMHO jacking on a axle where the u-clamps are connected won't hurt anything. My concern is jacking on the tube in between clamps could bend the tube and cause all kinds of problems with tire alignment.
  28. Deere Dude

    Stupid Things I Have Done

    Running a 16K 28' GN trailer from WI to TN 6 times while moving I noticed a yellow 2" winch strap beside the road on the 3rd trip. I was going to stop and pick it up because I was missing my winch strap on the 3nd trip and figured it had to be mine. I cruised past it at least 4 times noticing...
  29. Deere Dude

    Renting out you're own equipment?

    I have plenty of machinery laying around that if I was concerned about it paying for itself I would go nutty and not own anything. Not concerned about how I could capitalize on my investments so I don't lose momey. If it does break I will just order a new one from my friend Bezos or my local...
  30. Deere Dude

    Need some advice

    I was building a house 40+ years ago and I needed a big dump truck load of gravel for cement. He asked if he could drive and turn around in my hay field. I gave him the go ahead. I had maybe 6" ruts where he drove and didn't think to much about it. When the house was done I decided I wanted...
  31. Deere Dude

    Need some advice

    Was the roof contractors given permission or the go ahead to drive on his lawn and septic? If he was he may be off the hook. Anyone with common sense would have stopped as soon as it started to rut up.
  32. Deere Dude

    using a Barrel Pump ? set up, but no result

    Maybe take ot out and put it upside down and dump maybe a 1/4 cup of oil into the suction and let it run into the vanes of the pump. Turn the crank while upside down to circulate the oii and reinstall.
  33. Deere Dude

    Water line question

    I just gutted my 25yo house of CPVC. Sick of fixing leaks yearly. Went to PEX for ease of working with and durability. In the OPs case I would run 1" PEX with no underground joints if possibly. Try to bury in sand.
  34. Deere Dude

    Man shot and killed by juveniles while bush hogging

    I really don't understand how anyone can let 8,9 and 10 year olders run around with 22s by themselves. I barely trust kids with pellet guns when they hit 16 and even then I am very wary around them.
  35. Deere Dude

    Man shot and killed by juveniles while bush hogging

    I saw a pheasant about a minimum 1/4 mile away in the middle of a disked and dragged open field. I aimed up with my open sight 22 rifle and fire a round at it. I was about a hundred feet short and off to the side. I corrected a bit and took a shot. Darned if I didn't hit that bird. I was not...
  36. Deere Dude

    Man shot and killed by juveniles while bush hogging

    My guess is they knew what they were shooting at and missed a couple times and kept on untill something happend not realizing the terrible consequenses of it. The farmer probably didn't know he was targeted until he felt it
  37. Deere Dude

    Tie rod end grease fitting?

    I would check with a dealer. The reason is maybe the factory switched in the middle of a run to greaseless. Happened to me. Owners manual says to grease but no zerks to be found, past a certain serial number.
  38. Deere Dude

    Rabbits Rabbits Everywhere

    My wife sees a rabbit in her fenced in garden, it's goodby rabbit, We have a 100 acre woods they can hop around in, if the make it past the buckshot.
  39. Deere Dude

    first time painting - should I grind off the thin surface rust or just apply rust converter?

    Ospho is good stuff. Beware though; make sure you have old clothes on. Ospho is like water and it is easy you splash it on good clothes and in a few months you will start seeing white sploches all over them.
  40. Deere Dude

    RK55 HST slipping probelm

    Are the RPMs 2000+ when this happens. What gear (low-medium-high) are you in when this happens.
  41. Deere Dude

    How did your knee replacement go?

    STx I hope your dad continues to improve. On my redo the surgeon told me that if I could acheive a 90 degree range of motion I would be lucky. He said because of my age and stiffness of tendons etc. A couple months after the redo it still is not comfortable but am still diligent in modest...
  42. Deere Dude

    JD Z525E zero turn mower

    I am a JD fan, but that would really tie my undies in a knot. Luckily in 45 years I never had a problem like that while owning many low hour JD garden tractors etc. Must have been one made overseas on Monday. Edit; I did have cylinder seals on my 3720 at 400 hours and on a X740 a steering...
  43. Deere Dude

    Fair ask price for me selling my Massey Ferguson GC2610 TLB

    Agree with rngrrymd. For starters I would replace the battery. Any buyer will/may think there is a problem with the charging system. It looks like a handy tractor to have.
  44. Deere Dude

    Barn - wasp nests and cobwebs

    Once I had problems with spiders and carpenter bees all over the old 40x60 barn. I sprayed everything from shelving to walls and ceilings joists and basically anything made out of wood with Bifen IT. 2 oz per gallon of water in a tank sprayer. I can do the barn using about 25-30 gallons of...
  45. Deere Dude

    Wrong size tube, now what to do?

    I have a JD Garden Tractor that used a 18x8.50x8 front tubeless tire. It has two old plugs that are slightly leaking. I need to add air every other day. I bought a new tube on Amazon and came in today but the size I ordered was correct but I received a 18x8.50x9.50R8 with TR13 valve (...
  46. Deere Dude

    Did you guys know this about outlets? I didn't!

    That is interesting and might come in handy at times. Why are some outlets mounted with ground on top, even though most I see are on the bottom?
  47. Deere Dude

    Droopy bucket

    I have a JD and within 4 years the FEL bucket started drooping as soon as the hand was off the joy stick. It would uncurl down all the way in 10 seconds and was impossible to carry anything in the bucket. Had to put new seals in the cylinders even though maybe one was bad.
  48. Deere Dude

    New 45 HP 4WD John Deere runs hot

    Is the needle in the red overheating area? If not they would probably say close enough, instead of why. What were you doing to think it is overheating?
  49. Deere Dude

    Log splitter question

    It seems to me that the space although not needed for a majority of the cuts, gives an opportunity for a longer chunk to be put in and split. 95% of mine split at that point.