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  1. saracenas

    Rear Dirt Scoop, Like New, 30"

    Many FEL owners feel obligated to criticize the rear scoops as such :) But if it works well for you and you are happy with it, what's a problem? 👍 I have been doing this for many years.
  2. saracenas


    Happy Easter to everybody! Just to share. Some time ago I've posted a video story about an SMG creation in Lithuania. It was in my language. Since I've made it in English and posted today on YouTube, I thought maybe someone would like to watch it. Here it is: The First Lithuanian SMG Of All...
  3. saracenas

    My Lumber and Plywood Cart

    I didn’t want to start a new topic to share what I did this year, so I’ll stick here if no one objects. I've started this work in the early spring, when the first pandemic lockdown was announced in the country. I finished it recently, within the second lockdown. When I realized that I could no...
  4. saracenas

    Three point hitch forklift

    That's what I have adapted myself to my tractor. Works great.
  5. saracenas

    Tractor Operations Randomly Caught By Camera

    We've been in Paris a couple of weeks ago. Have visited also Versailles. It was a rare possibility to watch at the gardening process there. Here I'm sharing a brief video on it. Floriculture around the Palace of Versailles - YouTube Please feel free to share your videos of random camera shot...
  6. saracenas

    Grappling fun - A Picture Thread....

    You probably have already posted those pics, because I remember I've seen the spikes welded on the edges of the bucket sides some time ago. Guess they help to take or to keep a log? I think the teeth on a cutting edge are a must for such works like you do. The idea of my grapple will be similar...
  7. saracenas

    Christmas Holiday Greetings

    Merry Christmas to everyone on :tractor:BN ! We've just had a Christmas Eve supper. Before that we prayed for the global peace in the world.
  8. saracenas

    Project collapse

    Yeah... I loved early radish
  9. saracenas

    Project collapse

    That's happened not this year, but in 2015. It was lifted off by the wind, rolled over through the road and thrown onto my neighbour's land. This greenhouse was equipped with the 4 anchors made of concrete. They worked well several years, but didn't help this time.
  10. saracenas

    Project collapse

    We loved to have early greens... until... one day came on with a few special seconds...
  11. saracenas

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Here's what I've done last week. Have prepared some firewood of a couple of fallen trees.
  12. saracenas

    Need advice on welding machine purchase

    Thank you, Shield Arc, I understand your advise. And indeed I'll take it into account for the future. But please take a look at another picture attached. In fact the bucket edge should be welded from opposite (bottom) side first and, after turning it over, - from another side (inside)...
  13. saracenas

    Need advice on welding machine purchase

    I'd be very thankful if someone may pass the answers to the questions. Is there a rule of how to make a bucket edge welding correctly? Do the arrows in a pic attached show a correct position of forces to be applied so to have it straight after welding?
  14. saracenas

    No Fords? Well no Dodges either.

    Just to compare some older technologies from different parts of the World. :) A few soviet dumpers I had been driving in my youth, early 80's. I was working mainly in the gravel-pits with them. MAZ-503A (product of Belarus) - 6 tonnes bed, V6 engine, noisy inside a cab, high vibration...
  15. saracenas

    Need advice on welding machine purchase

    Here is my first serious welding job with a new machine. Looks not enough good to me, but a bit better than at the beginning. Steel - 65G (GOST standard, soviet - it's a spring steel), electrodes - ELGA Cromarod 312 (3.25 mm), thickness of pieces - 10 mm, current - 100 Amps.
  16. saracenas

    Hydraulic distributor. Am I correct?

    So these are the marks I could find on a casting of distributor: "P", "I", double "T", double "A", double "B", "47" and "49". "A" and "B" are on one piece of casting and another "A" and "B" on the other, which are also connected with two end pieces of casting by long bolts. Totally this...
  17. saracenas

    Hydraulic distributor. Am I correct?

    I think larger diameter goes to tank. I can't answer the other questions. Needs to find out somehow. Thanks for reminder to use air flow to verify how it goes. I have no possibility to find mark PB right now. I'll do it later.
  18. saracenas

    Hydraulic distributor. Am I correct?

    This is a distributor which I've got from metal scrap. Don't know what machine it is from. All I know it's made in Sweden. I have only one port of remote valve on a tractor. What if I'll attach this distributor additionally to have many more ports? The thoughts are as follows: 1. I guess...
  19. saracenas

    Need advice on welding machine purchase

    This is an example I'm now working on. I've just obtained a forklift which I'm going to adapt to my tractor. All is good, machine shop guys have welded the supports (according to my drawings) so they would fit the lift arms of a tractor. But the top link bracket on a forklift is a little bit...
  20. saracenas

    Need advice on welding machine purchase

    I'm not sure if you guys use this kind of equipment much in N. America. If yes, I'd be thankful to get an advice. I'm about to decide to buy a new portable welding machine Kemppi Minarc 150 from a local dealer with 2 years warranty. I know it's an older version, but I think it could satisfy my...
  21. saracenas

    Humanitarian help to Ukraine

    Having not much ties in N. America, I'd like to ask you fellows for some help if possible. In coordination with Ukrainian government, I'm looking for public organizations, which are able officially to supply second hand children's clothes to Ukraine (customs operations included). That's what...
  22. saracenas

    Western versus Eastern technology competition

    The rocket with 2 Lithuanian first ever satellites has just been launched into space ~1 minute ago. I'm watching it on TV right now. Must say - thank you America. :thumbsup:
  23. saracenas

    PTO oil seal issue I never thought will occur

    Jon, thanks for your input. I thought too that I'm missing something. But new seal has a wear ring (as I called it "metal liner") to be mounted on the shaft. That ring has rubberized internal surface like it must be. And the catalogue doesn't show any additional part(s). But you made me...
  24. saracenas

    PTO oil seal issue I never thought will occur

    The PTO oil seal started leaking between the rubberized metal liner and the shaft. Ordered new one via local Kubota dealer, payed $48. I was surprised when realized that the brand new seal doesn't fit my tractor. The internal diameter of new seal is larger in 3 mm. The 6 slot shaft is of 35 mm...
  25. saracenas


    I'm planning to install auxiliary non-GPS odometer to my tractor. Have heard some types of them - Hub Odometer or Bike Odometer. But haven't heard anything about Tractor Odometer. Does anyone of you guys use it? What kind, make, model? If there is any info on this subject please pass a link...
  26. saracenas

    Planting Apple Trees

    I've lost 2 apple trees to the storm last year, which I planted 6 years ago. Take care from this point of view.
  27. saracenas


    The following suggestion (pics below) is not exactly, what you need, but just for thoughts...
  28. saracenas


    This is our crop of watermelon :licking:. We are located much further North than the Northern States of the USA on a Globe, but still it's possible to grow them at the open air over here. We've got 12 units from 10 seeds.
  29. saracenas

    Let's see your Kubota

    Cutting grass with Welger SM600 and transporting square bales.
  30. saracenas

    Coupling a one-way cylinder to M9000

    I must say very BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU, guys, for the advises! No matter if it falls even behind schedule. All you have written here is clear and useful to me. Although the situation has changed (we refused to obtain a hay collector), but the subject you have replied on will work for me in...
  31. saracenas

    Coupling a one-way cylinder to M9000

    I'm going to attach a hay collector to my tractor. To do this I have to have a possibility to couple a one-way additional cylinder to be operated by the 3PH position control lever. But a problem is that I can't find a port for such connection on a tractor. Can anyone help me to find that port on...
  32. saracenas

    Stump removal question

    Used the following stump removal method (pics below). It's not mine, seen it somewhere, probably in TBN. The stumps are wet but not rotted off. Method works great, I have removed 27 stumps within 1 day.
  33. saracenas

    Question about 3pt hitch dump boxes

    That's true. To set off a bucket I'm using a ballast adapted from unknown tractor at the front. Total weight of ballast is 250 kg (550 lbs). Empty bucket weights 210 kg (462 lbs).
  34. saracenas

    Question about 3pt hitch dump boxes

    That my attachment unlikely is a 3ph dump BOX. This is more like 3ph dump BUCKET. :confused3: OK, whatever it is, it has no cylinder, but kinematically operated. And I can't live without it. :thumbsup:
  35. saracenas

    Share your photos of traditional /regional fairs

    This weekend the ordinary traditional fair of 2013 took place in my town. Just 2 tractors I could find there. Not many. But both were impressive. If a manufacturer of one tractor could be determined, no brand name identification I could make on another one. :confused3:
  36. saracenas

    Computer selection - please advice

    There are three recent proposals I've got from the net shops. :confused2: Two of them are from the net shop - I'll mark them 4 and 5 so not to muddle them up with previous three versions. 4. Dell Vostro 470, 3 yrs Warranty, +keyboard, +mouse, W7 Pro, $1138 (data pic attached) 5...
  37. saracenas

    Computer selection - please advice

    Thank you, fellows, for the advices. Here I have that 3rd proposal (with 16GB of operational memory). What do you think about this one? Name: MAGNUM I5-3470/16/1TB/GTX660/NOD32 (locally assembled) Tactical frequency: 3200 MHz Installation: NOD32 installed Operational memory: 16384 MB...
  38. saracenas

    Computer selection - please advice

    One of my stationary computers needs to be replaced into new one. A screen and a keyboard will remain the same. Have spent some time in the shops looking for the best version to be fitted to my requirements and talking to the sales guys. I'd like to have it most fast, powerful and up-to-date...
  39. saracenas

    Loader Help! Will this bucket fit my loader??? Kubota m9000 with la1251 loader - see pic

    I don't know the story of what and why did it happen. Anyway it looks like the subframe part from the clutch to the rear of a tractor was either absent or weak. Or the FEL was overloaded.
  40. saracenas

    Wolf pics from the web

    Looking at the pic below I'm trying and trying, and trying, and trying ... to realize your statement, but no way.:confused2:
  41. saracenas

    Merry Christmas

    Dan, your response is very informative. Thank you very much for that. So do folks here. You may choose either to follow the tradition which is much associated with Catholic creed, or to do as you wish. In my family case we just have some fun to apply the tradition. OTOH we have a special...
  42. saracenas

    Merry Christmas

    "... may God bless the memory of ... freedom fighters who did not live to see this moment". We with my wife remembered them perished in the battles all around the world and prayed for them. Pics of our today's Christmas Eve.
  43. saracenas

    Homemade garden mini tractor 4x4

    You're welcome. Take a look at the pics of a tractor built ~25 years ago (when it was not allowed to own private tractors) by a friend of mine. It is 4x4, with two PTOs (hydraulic) and two 3pt hitches. Engine from T-25 tractor, other components from different machines, including shortened axles...
  44. saracenas


    At my side. Not the Kubota ones, but ... $9.37 each. :laughing:
  45. saracenas

    Share your photos of traditional /regional fairs

    Well, one of my favorite subjects to watch is the pics and/or videos of fairs and different kinds of parades (especially tractors). When I placed the photos of the traditional fair of my country into the album of the Facebook, I was thinking nothing special about it since one idea came to my...
  46. saracenas

    Comparison 20th century tractors vs 21st century tractors.

    I had never found any discussion in any thread on the TBN about what are the ARGUMENTS of buying an old(er) tractor or staying with it for the decades (including if those were bought new many years ago) versus obtaining modern one. I'm not taking into account the possibilities of a budget. Some...
  47. saracenas

    Today's horse race under frost of -22F

    There is a tradition in a small village of Dusetos to organize the horse race in winter. From unknown ages to some years ago the race took place on the ice of a lake. But right after the racecourse was built there, they started to organize it on the solid ground surface. Unusual of today's race...
  48. saracenas

    Apple press

    Fellows, I have tons of apples in a farm. Tried to bring them to the guy who's making juice (or you call it cider) about 10 miles away from a farm. OK, I payed he made. But I've started to think, why wouldn't I have my own press to make cider myself. I would appreciate if You could share Your...
  49. saracenas

    Average age of the farmers in North America

    I'd like to ask some social questions, if You won't take amiss, fellows. 1. What is the average age of main number of farmers (or some of You) who are producing and selling Ag production in Canada and in USA? 2. What is the age of farmers, when they (or some of You) are giving over farming to...
  50. saracenas

    Cat1 attachment to Cat2 tractor kit

    No any commitments. Just I'm sharing an info on a subject, what kinda kit I'm using to fit Cat1 attachment to Cat2 tractor. Not often, but sometimes it may happen, when you need to do this. In the pic2 you see dimensions (a) and (a'): a - is equal to the width of Cat1 lifting arm fitting point...