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    Are New Bx23s still unobtainum?

    Was at Barlows in Somerset, Ky yesterday getting a part and Steve Barlow said he has BXs in stock but short on other inventory as he left the building to go bushhog. Saw a BX23 in his showroom ready to sell.

    Comparison ROPS height, BX vs. B, and slopes!

    You guys are just to helpful and generous, with my spending :) :). Someone needs to grab my neighbors BX and store it in their own garage, maintain it and pay for it. :)

    Comparison ROPS height, BX vs. B, and slopes!

    I sold my rental property 5 years ago so now I don't drive by Barlows so often. Have to drive about 5 miles to get to his lot. All my Kubotas have changed since this was originally posted and my land sales and aquisitions have also changed. I have bought 6 lots across the street and the 25 acre...

    L vs M series Kubotas?

    B2650 to L3901 to MX5400. Go for the MX which was a big step up for me with weight/traction (Knock down power), stability and lifting power.

    Lynch Pins Coming Off

    Some questions about how these come out. I've lost several over the years and believe one way is branches are springing up and grabbing the ring, just guessing but tree limbs have created havoc for me in several different ways. Some are stiff as metal and some are springy and seem unbreakable...

    zero turn mowers EXPENSIVE

    I was a RD only buyer for some years after many years of SD experience. Now after many years experience of RD and SD I'm a convert to SD with mulching kit. I've got a ZD1211 and F2690 now with SD with mulching kit and it is my new way to go. I just blow the slight cut grass accumulation off the...

    Kubota F series

    It does happen. I still some times bump a tree but I figure it should get out of my way. :)

    Kubota F series

    The steering wheel requires much less input/movement/adjusting than the sticks on open somewhat rough ground. The steering wheel seems to stay true to the course but sticks require almost constant corrections and that comes from experience with both from me and others that I had helping mow some...

    Went to Barlows yesterday just to research

    Read the last few pages of this TBN forum post and see what owner/users think of the Kubota small Z

    Went to Barlows yesterday just to research

    Wow! What a difference 2 and a half years make. I think I have reached the 30 mark and have traded/sold all the Kubotas I had when this remark/post was made. I'm surprised, I thought I was done trading like I'm thinking now that I'm done again.

    Went to Barlows yesterday just to research

    Not according to people that actually have bought and use/used them. The original one I purchased is still running perfect with never a repair and currently is mowing a 21 unit residential multiply acres and storage units location. Between me and where it is currently being used my niece and...

    What about a skidsteer backhoe on a tractor?

    I think it works for what it is made for but just don't extend the FEL cylinder arms to far like I did on B2650 when I stood the arm almost straight up so I could see better and had the cylinders all the way extended and bent them. Keeping tractor FEL arms down and extending the bucket and...

    What about a skidsteer backhoe on a tractor?

    I did sell that front Backhoe for around $1300. Later bought a L3901 and bought another one and since traded the L3901 to a MX5400 and still have the front backhoe but have not mounted it to MX5400 yet to test performance. I had some fitment issues with the "New" front backhoe popping off one...

    Kubota F series

    I currently have both now and believe the hanging deck may have some advantages. The front wheels of the F sometimes act like they are digging into the yard in front of them when you come up to a steep accent and a slight bump up on the lift corrects it and let drop back down when going up the...

    Easy Peasy self oil change

    I've been so impressed with this post and others input that I ordered another one of these pumps for my barn to fuel Kubotas with it instead of hefting 5 gallon canisters up to the hood of my MX.

    Easy Peasy self oil change

    I guess no one thing works on every possibly conceivable machine made by mankind over the past 200 years in every country and even individually manufactured machines.:cry::cry::cry:But there are some accessories that will work great or good or fair on some of the thousands of different machines...

    Easy Peasy self oil change

    A recommend for those that want to change their own oil but can't get back up after crawling under the car/tractor to loosen the oil pan bolt. I've used this on 4 wheelers, or my grandson has and used it on the VW Beetle yesterday and it works fine. Can pay for itself after one use instead of...

    What Stump Bucket for MX5200

    I'm not doing so great with stumps, maybe trying to remove without making a big enough hole. Used mine yesterday for digging some planting holes then digging up some shrub/bushes and planting them in the hole and tamping them with the stump bucket. Dug up some dirt and filled some previously dug...

    New bx no fluid in front acle

    I've bought many BXs and they arrive at my home with front axle near full. After 2 weeks use the front axle is almost always low. Someone should have told you this and it has been covered, mentioned and talked about here many times a year, it seems. Sure you filled it with fluid and how much...


    WOW!!! Never seen a Jeep Wrangler that could MOW!!!!! Mine won't but my F and Z will.

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    I will not treat the same oil again but when I change fluid and filters I figure I'll need to treat the new introduced untreated almost clear oil to be able to see it. I also have had some hyd hoses bust/break on other tractors over the years and have lost lots of fluid and replaced with more...

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    I filled an eye dropper type device a couple of times about half full. Should get about 8 to 10 treatments out of a bottle. Next time I'll just do one half full eye dropper.

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    Installed JD red dye and tried to get pics yesterday. Sun was in front of tractor and not sure I got pics. Posting and looking myself......I can't find it in theone pic but can in one due to red spot and light blue magic marker around it in the other pic.

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    Knowing where the sight glass is I still have to look all around the general area where it is located to find it. That is going to end......I'm going to paint a colored circle around it!!!!

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    I just did mine and would not be able to sleep if I had paid someone to do it. 2 hyd filters and one engine oil filter sticking out the sides of the tractor. Refill engine oil and HST fluid with a long funnel. 2 bolts on the bottom of engine to drain engine oil without jacking up the tractor...

    What Stump Bucket for MX5200

    Uncrated the stump bucket yesterday for a quick test. Got it attached, has a fairly small upper lip for tractor attachment feet to connect under but got it done when both bucket and tractor were on level ground. Bucket fit good and tight, unlike the front how I bought from them which had one...

    What Stump Bucket for MX5200

    Will do.

    What Stump Bucket for MX5200

    Rec'd my Heavy Duty V2 Stump Bucket today. Ordered it and they charged me for it about a month ago. I feel it's been a horrible experience with them and no contact with me other than saying it was shipped several weeks ago with tracking number showing no response. According to shipping Company...


    It is not hard to turn around trees with an F mower says me with over 14 years experience using them and several years using the zero turn mowers. Yes, the Zs are a fraction easier/quicker unless it is a larger tree and then no quicker or easier than the F which will circle the tree cutting...


    I have owned a couple of the ZD3xx's and currently own a ZD1211 and F2690. I've also owned several Fs and they are the tops and winners in all areas. Why are you not considering a F2690 4wd? I bought the ZD1211 last year and it's OK but told dealer if he gets another F trade in that I want to...

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    Thanks for pics and Yep, i found all the filters, they are in about the same locations as my former L3901. I also went out yesterday and as hard as Kubota tried to hide the sight glass I found it :)!!! With help here and rereading owners manual I determined the location but had to get down close...

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    Thanks to all who replied. I looked at my owners manual yesterday and now makes more sense with all your input. I believe I can now find it. I was looking way higher up on the machine looking in relation to the fill hole believing it would be higher up. Just about to turn over my first 50hours...

    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    I and a friend looked all around my MX5400 trying to find the sightglass to see the level of HST fluid in my tractor yesterday. Couldn't find it. Have owners manual which hasn't answered my question and know owners of a MX5400 will know where it is and tell me. Will be going to dealer in a few...

    Kubota F series

    What's funny on my end is one boy likes the zero turn, and the other likes the F. Go figure. That's good so they want be fighting over which one gets to drive the one they prefer. I have a 16 year old in Dec Grandson who helps me mow for a fee (My choice so he'll earn spending money). He also...

    Any owners of the new MX5400 or MX6000?

    I added a couple more hours to my new MX5400 yesterday. I attached the LP Quick Hitch and then picked up the Grader blade and leveled aan area where I plan parking my 12' trailer. I compacted my big brush pile and pressed down on it with bucket and tractor weight. I attacked a grown up area...

    Defeated the Kubota Gorilla from factory install of bolts and filters

    Did my first service on my F2690 yesterday. Changed engine oil and engine and hyd filter. Used the same strap wrench that gets tighter on filters as you turn one way or the other and it kept slipping. I had purchased a filter removal wrench some months ago for removing filters on Polaris ATV...

    Had to laugh, 4WD wont do everything

    :D:D I had a F 2wd mower for several years and almost got it stuck in a back wet corner of my rental property where the rain water drained to. I then got a F 4wd and ended up mowing in that rear corner and only about the second time I had used it and got it stuck!!!!! It just loaded up mud on...

    ZD1211 Lost mowing deck wheel like on my F

    Many years ago the front wheel on my mowing deck on my F came off and never noticed it but returned over mowed area and found it. Put it back on. Later it came off and I ran over it, cut the rim and wheel. Apparently the force of my rough mowing and then ditches broke lock ring or pulled the pin...

    Should I try to buy this farm by Barlows

    This farm is next door to Barlows which could cut down on delivery time and testing of equipment and quick visits to discuss trading and even learning about new Kubota/Landpride Equipment and even great used trade in and using no gas in my truck/car. Just hop the fence or cut a hole in fence and...

    RatchetRake or BXpanded Piranha Toothbar-BOTH

    I bought my first RatchetRake many years ago, about the first year they started selling them online only. I loved it and usually had it mounted on my tractor bucket 95% of the time but it did restrict bucket pick up and front bucket digging. I actually bought about three of them over the years...

    Making an offer on a 'used/new' Kubota 1140?

    If you decide you want to shop close, Somerset, and want to save lots of money, like about $8000 dollars, then I have a near new RTV500 with under 90 hours for $8350 and I'll even help you negotiate it down to $8000. I bought it for Grandson when he's here and then bought him a 4 wheeler and...

    Loader SSQA mount play

    Hooked my Hoe up today and tried it. It stayed on which is what I was after. I have two countersunk bolts holding the plate on. I had tightened them hand tight and checked after using and they were a bit loose ss will get allen wrench and tighten them down. Knowing where they are located I can...

    Anyone made their own doors for a Kubota RTV????

    Cheapest doors I can find for my RTV500 is a bit over $300. Has anyone made their own? I believe I can buy two Lexan sheets and hinges for less than that or make lower wood and upper Lexan half for much less than that. ANYONE?????

    Found three (3) used Kubota Fs for sale!!!!

    I traded a F3080 to Barlows and today Steve Barlow told me he now has three (3) used low hour Fs for sale!!!! One is my F3080 trade in and one is a Kubota demo display F3080 and one is a F2690 4wd he took back from a gvmnt entity sale since they expressed a preference for a Z for their property...

    My old Sold BX2370 pulls my new Z724X out of the ditch

    I sold my brother who lives next door my 50 hour BX2370-1 and bought a used 99 hours Z724X from Barlows. I was testing the Z on some steep hillsides behind and beside my brothers house and was crossing a steep hill when my Z rear wheels got in a water run off gully/10" ditch that was wet. Got...

    Good bye F3080 HELLO F2690 4WD!!!

    Nearing 300 hours on my F3080 and hit a rock and bent a blade and it clicks when it taps the deck and front wheel on deck is wobbling again so I asked Steve Barlow about taking it and fixing it and bringing me a new one. He agreed to do that and has a 60" side discharge deck on hand but the...

    Previous owner of trade in known...ME RTV1140CPX 200 hours

    I traded my RTV1140CPX yesterday to Barlows for a RTV900XT and the physical trade should be completed this week. paper work done. I bought this RTV1140CPX new and maintained it per owners manual since new. It has a top and obviously is camo. Here are some pics and it's also in my profile pic. I...