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  1. deerefan

    6.0vs6.6, 6.2vs7.3, 6.4 Hemi

    In a previous thread, I was looking at a gas 3/4 ton with the 6.0. I am finding some from all 3 with the newer gas engines for not a big money difference. What are your thoughts on the above comparisons? New are better? Junk? Let me know 🤷‍♂️
  2. deerefan

    Trailering Advice Needed

    See attached picture. This is a 3 horse trailer with one horse loaded in the front, one in the middle, last slot empty. The vehicle sag is exaggerated some as we were sitting in a slight swale. We may only bring one horse home. In your opinion, what is best way to load? Center stall over axles...
  3. deerefan

    Need opinions 2016 Chevrolet 2500HD

    Not the best market to buy in right now I know. Looking at this truck, 6.0 gas, 2wd, 4.11 gears for our farm tow vehicle. Work truck package. Power windows, power locks, vinyl seats and rubber floors. Give me some opinions. I am familiar with GM as we own a 2015 Yukon XL, but never owner a 2500...
  4. deerefan

    Where did Rotella Gas Truck Oil go?

    I read/watched some tests and reviews on this oil and switched our trucks to it a year or so ago. Tractor Supply used to have it, now they don’t. I checked Autozone, OReilly, Advanced and even Walmart. No where to be found. I am in Louisiana by the way. Where did it go? 🤷‍♂️. Good oil at a great...
  5. deerefan

    Weed killer accident

    I usually spot spray weeds with Roundup in our house garden before mulching. I use Eraser Max on our pasture fence lines. Somehow I managed to mix the wrong one and spray. While I do not spray the plants directly, it is inevitable some may hit a leaf or branch. We have camillias, azaleas...
  6. deerefan

    2015 Yukon XL

    After having a 3rd child and with needed space with 3 kids and farm/horse activities, we have decided to trade our 15 Armada for a 15 Yukon XL. It is a SLT with the 5.3. It has 85k miles. Great shape. Wife puts 8-10k miles a year on a vehicle. Last GM product we owned was a 2011 Silverado with...
  7. deerefan

    Buying Advice Older Kubota?

    I am thinking of purchasing this for our horse farm. Cleaning stalls, moving/grading dirt, etc. Is this one of the “grey market” Kubotas, hard to find parts or a good deal?
  8. deerefan

    Welded vs bolted trailer balls

    I use the Reece 3 ball welded straight shaft units as we have trailers with 2” and 2 5/16” receivers. What is safer, bolted or welded? Bolted could work loose, welded can rust and crack 🤷*♂️. Thoughts? We just completed a 900 mile round trip towing with my wife’s Armada and three horse trailer...
  9. deerefan

    2014 Sundowner 3 horse bumper pull trailer light question

    All lights work except interior lights for tack room and horse area. They do not work hooked to my 15 Armada or my 15 F150. Is there a fuse in the trailer or relay/fuses needed for this circuit in the above mentioned vehicles?
  10. deerefan

    First long towing trip with 2015 F150 2.7EB

    I have owned the truck about one year and continue to be impressed by this motor. My truck is 2wd, 3.31 gear ratio. Daily driving, I average 25mpg. My dad and I went this weekend to pick up our 52 8N with loaded tires and 4ft bush-hog. The trip was 200 miles total. Averaged 17mpg. That was of...
  11. deerefan

    Mowing 2005 5103 gauges

    My hour meter quit about a year ago. Tach and fuel level still work. Now temp gauge is acting up. This is what it looks like after sitting a few days. Could it be the sensor or bad gauge? See pic.
  12. deerefan

    Husqvarna 435 chainsaw

    I have posted a couple times asking advice on chainsaws as I have about worn out my Husqvarna 345 after 15 years. I whittled down my choices, with reviews and advice from you guys, to the 435. Give me the good and bad. Occasional use-10x a year, mainly small trees and limbs. Light firewood...
  13. deerefan

    Yellow marks under hood??

    My wife and I purchased a 2015 Armada in July last year. Had about 52k miles, overall good condition. Clean Carfax, 1 owner. These marks pictured under the hood are weird. Don’t body shops use these to line things up? Noticed some white ones under car when changing oil too. Not sure what they...
  14. deerefan

    5w-30 Shell Gas Truck Synthetic vs Mobil 1 Synthetic

    Bought the Shell at Tractor Supply, 6qts for $24+tax. Much cheaper than equivalent Mobil 1 by roughly $20. This is for my 2015 F150 2.7eb. Meets Ford specs too. What gives? Is this good oil? Why so much cheaper? The reviews were positive🤷*♂️
  15. deerefan

    Red Max chainsaws

    Was looking at Echo per my other thread, but brought my Husky in for a repair and my dealer sells red max, made by jonesred? Any thoughts on these vs Echo? Thanks again!!
  16. deerefan

    Dressing for soft top bed cover

    I am looking for a product, similar to armor all, to help preserve the soft top bed cover on my 15 F150. I want something that will not run and leave streaks all over my paint. I attached a pic for reference. Any suggestions?
  17. deerefan

    2.7 ecoboost opinions

    Was looking at Titans to be an everyday truck since my 2500 Ram is constantly working for my side business. Came across a few F150 with the 2.7EB. Give me some input on this please-reliability, turbo problems, towing etc.
  18. deerefan

    Nissan Titan

    We are looking for a second truck as we use the 2500 Ram mainly for our side business. Any input on the Titan with the gas engine? Looking for 16 or newer. Will be our daily truck, towing infrequently.
  19. deerefan

    Echo vs Husqvarna

    I have about worn out my Husqvarna 345. Been a good saw. My operation time on a saw has dropped to maybe 1x a month from just about every weekend. I am looking at 20” saws and narrowed it to the Echo and Husqvarna Rancher 455. There is a $60 price difference. I have an Echo weed eater that has...
  20. deerefan

    Rear Finish Mower Bush Hog FTH 720

    How did I do? Bought this today for $450. Paint faded but belt and blades in good shape. Cuts real nice too.
  21. deerefan

    2015 Nissan Armada

    My wife and I are looking at this, 73k miles. Any thoughts on these? Reliable? We are replacing a 2013 Expedition with 100k miles.
  22. deerefan

    Storing tractor outdoors

    My tractor, a 2005 JD 5103, is currently being stored outdoors until my tractor barn is finished. This may be up to a year. I put a good coat of wax on it today and sprayed down crucial areas with WD40. What tips do you guys have that are forced to store your machinery outdoors? Here are a...
  23. deerefan

    2018 Ram 2500 4x4 tire help

    Currently has 275/70/18 Firestone Transforce AT and they have not worn well at all. About shot at 33k miles. I found some Cooper AT3 for a good price. What tires are you guys running on you HD trucks?
  24. deerefan

    2005 JD 5103

    I bought this tractor new in 2005. There does not seem to be a lot of them around and most people are not familiar with it. Had a couple folks tell me it is not a JD, it is an India tractor [emoji849]. I can get basic parts for it at the dealer and in my opinion it is one of the simplest...
  25. deerefan

    Cleaning gutters and roof valleys

    I have roughly 200’ of gutters to clean monthly, more so in the fall. When doing this, I also get all the leaves and twigs out the roof valleys. I clean the gutters by hand and with a blower then rinse with house at end. My roof pitch is very steep, making cleaning the valleys very unsafe. How...
  26. deerefan

    Ford p/u recall

    For my tbn friends with Ford trucks with block heaters. Be careful.
  27. deerefan

    Please be careful

    Put tractor in park and start only with your butt in the seat.
  28. deerefan

    Ram 2500 4x4 Cummins-opinions

    Need some help guys. Looking at a 2018 Ram 2500. 4x4 Cummins with automatic, 16k miles. Tradesman package with leather and chrome steel wheels upgrade. Power everything, including factory installed gooseneck hitch. Would trade my 13 Tundra with 136k miles. I drive alot, 120 miles a day minimum...
  29. deerefan

    Mowing Inherited 05 5103

    A friend has inherited a 2005 5103 from his uncle’s estate. The tractor has about 400hrs on it. He is a high school teacher, lives on 12 acres, mostly open, but funds are limited. The tractor has had regular greasing, oil changes every year as well as fuel filter, hydraulic oil filter and air...
  30. deerefan

    Dash camera advice needed

    I drive 170 miles a day round trip, with my morning commute starting at 5am. I see a lot of crazy driving. Want a dash camera to protect myself in case of an accident, etc. What brand do you recommend?
  31. deerefan

    Tundra Update

    I figured I would post an update as I turned 5 years of ownership with my 2013 Tundra. I have 127k miles on the 5.7. It has had only 2 issues-a faulty charcoal canister and broken passenger door lock actuator. I average 18.5 mpg, keeping my rpms at 2k or less (75 mph or less). The truck is as...
  32. deerefan

    2005 JD 5103 hour meter

    My hour meter has stopped working. All other gauges work. Is there a universal hour meter you would recommend and how would I go about hooking it up? Thanks
  33. deerefan

    Tractor Time with Tim

    Ran across this on you tube the other day. He has a whole series of different projects he did with his sub compact Deere with loader and backhoe and his Case mini ex. Informative videos on what to do and some on not what to do. Just thought I would pass it along to the group if you did not know...
  34. deerefan

    Mowing 2005 5103 bush hog max size

    I am currently using a model 286 (6ft) bushhog brand cutter and it has been excellent. 13 years old and still in great condition. On our new farm we have 3 pastures totaling over 15 acres. They are open, no trees. I would like to upgrade to an 8ft pull behind and will need to add rear remotes...
  35. deerefan

    Mowing Kubota 7100 hydro power

    My father has a Kubota 7100 hydro 4wd. I think they gave roughly 13 pto hp and he would like to run a 5 ft finish mower. I feel it may be a bit much and suggested a 4 ft as he already had a 4 ft bush hog. Thoughts?
  36. deerefan

    Conventional vs Synthetic Oil Video

    Pretty good video, easy to follow. Enjoy. Is Synthetic Motor Oil Better For Your Car? - YouTube
  37. deerefan

    Blacklion tires 255/70/18

    I am looking for tires for my 13 Tundra. Tight budget, found blacklion tires for $633 out the door. Looking for some opinions on these tires. Found some overall good ratings, but they appear to be Chinese made, which makes me a little leery. Thoughts?
  38. deerefan

    OTC pest control

    I used to use a pest control service but honestly at $85 a pop and the inconvenience of getting them into and around my house-someone has to be home, we have to pull furniture away from walls and most importantly we have 2 young kids and 5 outside dogs-being careful is also important. I decided...
  39. deerefan

    Steak cooking methods

    My wife tells me I have become quite the "expert" at cooking a medium rare steak on our propane bbq pit. It is our Sunday dinner tradition-NY Strip Steak on the grill. I am looking to change it up a bit, seeing if I can make it even better. May go the cast iron skillet on the stove route...
  40. deerefan

    Replacing a/c blower motor-2013 Expedition

    We were coming home Saturday and noticed the front a/c vents were not blowing. The back were blowing fine. After checking fuses (all checked ok), I found a source that said to strike the bottom of the motor, under the glove box passenger side, with a rubber hammer or palm of your hand. I did...
  41. deerefan

    Whiskey Choices

    I do not drink much, really have not found a beer I like but do enjoy a nice glass of whiskey on a Sunday evening. For years I drink Jack Daniels, either regular or Gentleman Jack. My wife introduced me to Fireball last night, it was good but not something I would drink regularly. I have...
  42. deerefan

    2013 Ford Expedition Limited EL 5.4L 3V

    My wife and I shopped for over 6 months, looking at both Suburbans and Expeditions, new and used. We finally bought one, a Kodiak Brown Metallic 2013 Limited EL. The fold flat power fold 3rd row seats and built in trailer brake controller sold us. It was also 2k cheaper than comparable...
  43. deerefan

    Mouse control-electronic

    I took my 2013 Tundra in for service and they noticed mouse damage to both my air and cabin air filters. They showed them to me- the mouse was taking fabric from the engine air filter and taking it to the cabin air filter where it was building a nest. There were fecal deposits on the cabin air...
  44. deerefan

    Amsoil-use and distributing

    I have been researching Amsoil and may want to switch my 97 F150 over to it, using their 10k mile system. I run dyno 5w-30 Castrol in it now and notice a slight tap when I crank it in the morning until the oil circulates (about 2 seconds). I change it and filter every 5k miles. Have many of...
  45. deerefan

    Painting cabinets

    Doing some upgrades in our kitchen, we are down to the last item- repainting the cabinets. We had new doors and drawer fronts made and I am priming them now. We are looking for durable paint that can withstand kids and cleanings/wipe downs. Also, satin or semi-gloss? My wife wants me to apply a...
  46. deerefan

    Old engine oil requirements

    We have a 1997 Honda ATV 300 4x4 we use on our farm everyday, twice a day, to feed our horses. The engine is original, never rebuilt. I run dino 10w-30 in it but think it may benefit from a heavier oil as I have been told has been done on older motors- some folks going from a 10-30 to straight...
  47. deerefan

    Chevy Tahoe-Strange Behavior

    I was at a jobsite today and noticed a brand new (2014) Tahoe's wipers slowly going back and forth across the windshield. Thinking it was odd, I walked up to the truck-it was not running, no keys or occupants in it. A few minutes later, I was sitting in the company truck when the owner...
  48. deerefan

    1987 Case 850D Oil Change

    I posted a while back I have recently acquired a Case 850D dozer from a friend. It needs an oil change. Is there a way to extract the old oil thru the dipstick tube instead of having to crawl under the machine and remove the skid plate?
  49. deerefan

    Installing work lights- 2005 JD 5103

    Due to time constraints-also known as kids :)- I do my bush hogging mainly at night. My JD 5103 has a great set of headlights and I cut out in the open with few obstacles. There are a few spots I back in to and would like to mount at least one light on my rops facing the rear. I would like to...
  50. deerefan

    1995 F150 300 6cyl 5 speed

    As some previous posts stated, I am looking for a good run around truck. My 97 F150 has over 200k miles and needs some work. I plan to park it for some refurbishing and repairs and would like a truck to drive while it is down and then to split driving with the 97. I looked at a 03 F150 the other...