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  1. Daver1963

    Main pulley removal from Countyline finish mower

    I am trying to replace the gearbox on my Countyline 72" finish mower, but I'm having trouble getting the main pulley off the output shaft. Anyone have any tips or tricks for getting the pulley off? There's millions of instructional videos on Youtube, but I haven't been able to find one about this.
  2. Daver1963

    Finish Mower Gearbox Ratios

    I ordered a new gearbox for my 72" Countyline Rear Finish Mower from AgriSupply. I was so busy paying attention to the in and out shafts of the gearbox that I didn't take note of the ratio. The gearbox that comes on the mower is a 1:1.19. What I ordered and received is a 1:1.47. Can I install...
  3. Daver1963

    GoPro Video - Tilling the Garden

    Yesterday's tilling of this year's garden area. I have a GoPro I can mount on my right fender. (With musical accompaniment)
  4. Daver1963

    Leaf Baling Machine

    I never would have thought of such a thing - A leaf baler. I wonder what they do with them. Compost? Fuel for energy or heating? Or just a landfill? What other odd machines are out there?
  5. Daver1963

    John Deere recalls lawn tractors due to crash hazard

    FYI - John Deere recalls lawn tractors due to crash hazard. Click here for the story. Complete list of serial numbers here. Lets be safe out there.
  6. Daver1963

    Scythe vs Weedeater

    Not even close.
  7. Daver1963

    County Fair Photo Contest

    Tis the time of year for county fairs. The local one here has a photo contest and I entered 14 pictures and got a few ribbons. I thought I'd share. If you have any please share. I received a 1st place ribbon for this one. Lot 2611 Farm (anything that makes you think farm) Another 1st...
  8. Daver1963

    New John Deere mower model 2P1RM - Economical & Ecological

    2P1RM = 2 pedals & 1 reel mower Great present for Mother's Day
  9. Daver1963

    Needs a few minor parts

    Seen on Craigslist. In the words of Jeff Spicoli: "Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he's got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it."
  10. Daver1963

    Throwback Thursday Pictures

    Throwback Thursday Pictures. First picture is from December 1987 when I was stationed at San Vito Air Station, Italy. They still used horses. Second picture is from April 1959. My big brother is the one on the tractor. My father was on leave in his hometown of Bradford, TN up from John...
  11. Daver1963

    2014 Spring Plowing

    I know there are plenty of plowing videos, but this is mine. Between the snow and the rain I finally got hooked up and plowed where we're going to have the garden. Put new coulters on my 60 year old plow and it made all the difference. Anyone else got their plowing done/started?
  12. Daver1963

    Multipurpose Contraption

    I wonder if it needs outriggers.
  13. Daver1963

    New Coulters for a Ferguson AOPlow

    Last July I got a decent deal on a Ferguson 12-AO-40 2-bottom plow. I found and downloaded the user manual and adjusted the coulters to the proper distance. The times I used it I had issues with roots and stems and stuff clogging the coulter, stem, and fork assembly. Then I found and...
  14. Daver1963

    Using Technology to Stop Theft

    Copper theft is causing thousands of dollars of loss to farmers that use these irrigation systems. They are using technology to stop and catch thieves. Farmers become prime targets for copper thieves - Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee Here is a link to the system: Net Irrigate | Products
  15. Daver1963

    Used Olive Oil Uses

    Anyone know a use, other than cooking, for used olive oil.
  16. Daver1963

    Good landscape rake - cheap (Part 2 - Daver1963's attempt)

    Back in December I saw this thread Good landscape rake - cheap. To summarize, if you don't want to read this thread, member RedDirt built a landscape rake from hay rake replacement teeth, a piece of pipe, and some angle iron. I decided I could do something similar and attach it to my King...
  17. Daver1963

    Gear or HST

    I wonder which one this is........
  18. Daver1963

    What kind of plow.........

    Nephew posted this on my facebook page. What in the world kinda plow is this and what are they doing?
  19. Daver1963

    Local Christmas Songs

    Do you have a Christmas song that is local to your area? Or done by someone you know? Here are two to start. The first one is from down the road in Jackson, TN. The young lady you see in the opening thumb and at about the 1:00 thru 1:25 mark in the gray shirt is my cousin's daughter. "Santa...
  20. Daver1963

    Poulan Pro PRRT900 - Thoughts?

    A local Rural King has them marked down. Online price is $539.93 and the store has them marked down to $385.94 Any thoughts on if this is a good tiller? If this is a good tiller this seems like a good deal. It has a Briggs engine and I think I read somewhere they're made my Husqvarna...
  21. Daver1963

    What is it? Found along the railroad tracks.

    We have a railroad track about 200 yards from the house. I was exploring today and found this alongside the track. It looks like a PTO shaft going into a box. It looks like at one time there were hoses that came out up to a track junction and might have greased it in some way. I don't know...
  22. Daver1963

    Italian Artist Plows JFK Portrait in Field

    This is pretty neat. I wonder if he used a GPS. Italian Artist Plows JFK Portrait in Field | NBC4 Washington
  23. Daver1963

    Tribute to a Fallen Farmer

    This is pretty impressive. A young man died of cancer and a community came together. Breathtaking Tribute to a Fallen Farmer - Modern Farmer
  24. Daver1963

    Glowing Pumpkin - for decoration or a child to carry Trick-or-Treating

    Here is a decoration I made for out fall display. You could also invert the dirt spike and have a lit up pumpkin for your child to carry to Trick-or-Treat with. It could be the thing that keeps them seen on a dark night. Anyone else got some easy stuff they made?
  25. Daver1963

    Tractor Lean-To Project (and checking to see if you can link a Facebook Photo Album)

    A little tractor lean-to project with a photo album from Facebook. If you're not a Facebooker I'll post a few pictures if you want to see them. I needed something to park my tractor under so I could get my truck in the carport come winter time.
  26. Daver1963

    Quick Hitches Attachment Limits of Tractor - Inches or weight

    This is mainly in regards to a box blade, but when it comes to the implement limits outlined in my owners manual should I pay more attention to the limit in inches or the limit on weight? For example: I have a Kubota L2800 and the manual says for a box blade the limit is 52 inches max cutting...
  27. Daver1963

    Ferguson Plow 12-AO-40

    Picked up this plow for $175. The plate is painted over, but its a Ferguson and the best I can make out its a 12-AO-40 with SN 6173. Any ideas on age? I hooked it to my Kubota L2800 and plowed a little bit with it yesterday. It needs adjustment, but all the bolts and nuts look pretty rusted...
  28. Daver1963

    Dave from Idlewild, Tn

    I was just retired medically from the Tennessee Air National Guard after 26 years and from my Federal technician job. Me and the missus have moved back to where we grew up. We bought the house of one of our high school teachers along with 4 acres. Its just enough to have a tractor and a few...