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  1. tractorshopper

    2018 Diesel Trucks - 3/4 or 1 ton - favorites and why

    With 2018 year models very mature and 2019's right around the corner, I wanted to get the most current opinions from owners of why they picked the brand they did and if they are happy with their decision or not. I'm once again considering finally buying a new truck, really want a diesel, and am...
  2. tractorshopper

    Help needed - Spraying advice 101 - Lawncare

    I've read some other threads on the subject and there is a lot of info already out there, but I am very green in this area and it's a lot of confusion to me right now. I just bought a Fimco 40 gal sprayer and some 24D Amine on the advice of the Tractor Supply worker. As usual, I sprayed and...
  3. tractorshopper

    Rear remotes troubleshooting question - BX 2380

    Finally went and picked up my parts to use the hydraulic top-link. I added the rear remote option when I bought the tractor, but haven't had a chance to use it or even finish setting it up yet. Had trouble finding the right male adapters to match, but we got all that resolved and hoses made up...
  4. tractorshopper

    What are good concealed carry choices for women?

    Don't want to get too much into the back story, but recently a family member of mine got in a sketchy situation after dark at a business located in a rough area. I am thinking of helping her get signed up for a CCW class and wanted to know opinions of what would be a good carry choice for a...
  5. tractorshopper

    Need help - emptying pond

    After several years of having a pond, I'm now wanting to fill it in and put it back the way it was. My younger neighbors in the "hood" are having more children and they like to play and roam (which I am perfectly fine with) and I'm just afraid that one day, one of the kids could slip or drown...
  6. tractorshopper

    New BX2380

    Finally took delivery of my new BX2380. Posting pictures here. Will do deeper review when I have more hours on it.
  7. tractorshopper

    Traded up - BX2380

    After reading the other thread and watching a bunch of youtube videos since the 80 series was announced, I pulled a John Thomas and traded my 2370 on a 2380. I actually took mine in for service, and had to reconfigure it and switch some stuff out because I needed my grapple worked on too and...
  8. tractorshopper

    Grapple quit grappling ;-(

    I was using the grapple extensively last Sunday and it just stopped closing and opening all at once. It's stuck in the mostly open position. My quick guess is this is probably a simple electrical issue of sorts, but I haven't had a chance to do any troubleshooting at all. My curl and lift...
  9. tractorshopper

    What fuel mileage do you get in your 3/4 or 1 ton diesel? Which brand is best?

    Towing or normal driving? I'm looking at all 3 and trying to be as open minded as possible. Late model comparisons will be best and also those who live in foothill/rolling hill areas. Not my #1 priority, but am curious. Want to educate myself and your experience may help my final decision...
  10. tractorshopper

    Garden Problems

    Strange year this year. I planted my garden on April 9th. Weather has been nice, but not a ton of rain. I have watered it a couple times in the meantime, but apparently not enough. Had one good rain at about a week and a half after planting otherwise. Usually by 2 weeks it seems all is...
  11. tractorshopper

    Kubota running a special on mower blades

    Just wanted to pass along to others that Kubota is running a special on new MMM blades. $18 each. This is cheaper than I could buy the blades for my old lawn tractor. Picked my brother up a set too while I was there. If you need new blades or want a spare, now is a good time.
  12. tractorshopper

    Strange Grapple Behavior - Question on Hooking Up

    When I brought my baby home, the grapple had already been installed and was working perfectly. I used it a bit, then removed it. A couple weeks later, I put it back on, and it didn't open and close right away. I thought this was strange and was going to call my dealer, but after about 10-15...
  13. tractorshopper

    Flat tire question

    Have a flat front R4 on my new BX. Went to shop last night and it was deflated. Must be some kind of slow leak. Filled it back up and listened for any noise, but no hissing. I have inspected the tire as good as I can without removing the wheel and cannot find a puncture or anything obvious...
  14. tractorshopper

    Initial thoughts on new BX-2370

    I took delivery of my new BX-2370-1 last Thursday. It replaces my L3800. I sold the L3800 a couple months ago because my dealer told me I'd get more out of a private sale than he could give me in trade. He was correct. I had got a lot of big stuff done with the L3800 and absolutely loved...
  15. tractorshopper

    Loader Any BX owners with a Grapple? Thoughts?

    I'm about to buy a BX2370 and while chatting with my dealer, he has 3 grapples on the lot and said he'd sell me one for $1,600 with my tractor. I believe he said it was a Landpride grapple, but I haven't looked at them yet because the attachments are in a different lot than the tractors and I...
  16. tractorshopper

    Small Food Plot

    I've helped quite a few others with various sized food plots over the last couple years. This weekend I decided to put in a small one of my own. Sorry, did not stop to take pics, due to rush with rain coming today, but I have a spot in my back yard kind of on a terrace that overlooks the back...
  17. tractorshopper

    Thinking of downsizing L3800 to BX2370

    I feel like John Thomas. :laughing: I've had my L3800 for 2.5 years now and have done most of the major stuff that I've wanted to do. It only has 160 hrs on it. I put 50 hrs on it in the first 6 months, then 100 hours in the next two years. I'll be using it for some box blade work this...
  18. tractorshopper

    Help!! Need snow clearing advice from Northern friends

    I live in Upstate SC and we may get up to 14" of snow today. My neighborhood road is a private road not quite a 1/2 mile long with a decent hill. It's gravel and I maintain it for my neighbors with my box blade. Being a secondary road, there will be no state or county maintenance...
  19. tractorshopper

    Softball field repair - pitcher's mound, catcher's and batter's boxes (pics)

    This was a weekend project for me that I started Friday and finished Monday with vacation taken both days. I know some others on the forum have Dirt Divas like I do so may be interested in this project. Both of mine pitch. Our high school field needed some work from drag lines on the mound...
  20. tractorshopper

    Is there a bush hog for a John Deere 425 Garden Tractor?

    Have a friend with a 425 and he has some occasional need for bushhogging stuff that is more than the finish deck is designed for but he doesn't want to buy another tractor just for this task. Is there a bush hog for this garden tractor series?
  21. tractorshopper

    Passed 3 of these yesterday

    Bridges being hauled somewhere. Not sure what they are for, but would like to have a section of one to put across my creek. Picture is not great, but the decking had brand new 2X8's run crossways with little or no gaps, then a 1/4 to 1/8"" or so flat sheet of some type of plywood over that...
  22. tractorshopper

    Recent bush hogging

    Saturday work. This was the easy stuff. Should have taken a picture on the other side of my property. Didn't bush hog that last year at all and had some stuff 16' tall to knock down. Had to go slow just to see the slope and where I needed to cut to and where to not go. Started mostly in...
  23. tractorshopper

    Pond Questions

    I built a pond just before Christmas. Put in about 16 hrs on the tractor. Had fun doing this. Pictures here are horrible, but they're the best I've got. Had to rush to finish since rain was coming. Filled up and actually overflowed the 2nd night. Now is leaking down. Is it normal for a...
  24. tractorshopper

    L118 running issues - need help

    Most of this last year my L118 has run better than ever, at least until a month or month and a half ago. Two times during this season, it started running up and down quickly until it just died during mowing. Both of those time were when I was running for a long time (I usually do a good 2 acre...
  25. tractorshopper

    Sand Creek Post & Beam - Kit Barns

    Beautiful stuff. Probably out of my range, but feel free to PM me a quote on a 16'X24' pole barn kit with gambrel roof, loft storage with steps, and 12' overhang off one side for additional covered storage. 9' 1st floor interior, 1 main door on front left and man door on front right and man...
  26. tractorshopper

    Best lawn mower in $2-4,000 range?

    Didn't want to cross up with the other current thread because the price range is different. Have up to 6-7 acres I could mow regularly if I had the right machine. Currently mow about 2 or so each week on my JD L118. Have had it for probably 4 or 5 years and don't really love it, but it keeps...
  27. tractorshopper

    Another tiller question - LP 60" Reverse

    Finally used my tiller yesterday. Ran it for a hour and a half or less. Got a rock stuck once and had to free it up (not many rocks at all on this area that used to be cultivated regularly, just some freak thing where the rock wedged between a tine and the housing). It stopped the tractor...
  28. tractorshopper

    Trailer Brake Problem/Question

    My old brake box stopped lighting up long ago as I haven't towed a trailer with brakes in quite some time. It was a hand-me-down to begin with so after several years and not needing it, I didn't think much more about it. Now, I have a trailer of my own with brakes and need to take my tractor...
  29. tractorshopper

    Horses - fencing advice needed

    Longer term plan for my property is to put up the nice looking 4 rail wood fencing at least around the perimiter, and section the rest, but let's say I wanted to put two horses over there in the meantime (will build there later, live about 4.5 miles away currently), what would be the most...
  30. tractorshopper


    After years of dreaming, researching, asking questions and learning on TBN, and doing way to much manual labor with all the wrong tools (ie, 3 lawn mower decks now because of bush hogging with my lawn mower), I have just finally purchased a new tractor. L3800HST FEL and a few implements to get...
  31. tractorshopper

    New Chicken Coop

    Finally getting around to posting this. I started this project in late Spring - maybe May/June timeframe. We bought our first chicks right around Easter and I borrowed a brooder from a friend. While they were growing, I knew I had to get going on the chicken coop. I went across the street...
  32. tractorshopper

    Buying Advice 1026 Feedback?

    Not a lot of talk recently about the new subs. Any input from new owners? Likes/dislikes?
  33. tractorshopper

    Pole Barn Guesstimate?

    Thinking about building a 16' X 24' pole barn. One man door, two tractor doors, 6 windows, internal stairs to loft inside gambrel roof. Treated 6X6 posts, yellow pine (and treated where necessary) framing, T111 siding, 4" concrete slab over 4" gravel, and shingled roof. Lean-to shed roof off...
  34. tractorshopper

    SC2400 MMM

    I haven't seen one with the MMM yet so was hoping an owner can tell me how stout that deck is. Is it comparable to a Kubota BX MMM deck thickness? I'm assuming it's much more stout than a standard lawntractor deck from a box store.
  35. tractorshopper

    BX2350 163 hrs MMM Loader - Deal?

    $9,500 - Good deal? Been looking at new BX2660's. Stopped by a different dealer to check a different brand for the sake of it. He had just taken this on a trade for a larger Kioti. Looks to be in great shape. Would there be any concerns with the hours or the price for the hours?
  36. tractorshopper

    Buying Advice Quarter-inching Valve

    Is the 3PH positioning a pain on the BX's and B's since it does not have the infinite position adjustment? I hope I'm getting that right, but on other tractors I've used we've called it draft. I'm not sure how exactly the qtr inching works on the smaller machines and since that's what I'm...
  37. tractorshopper

    JD L100, L110, L118, L120 Mower Deck Advice

    If you ever need to replace your deck shell and want to do it as cheaply as possible, don't follow my lead and buy just the shell. I was lured in by the $418 dollar price on a new shell vs. over $600 on a new complete deck. I reasoned that I could nearly buy a whole new lawn tractor for $600+...
  38. tractorshopper

    Buying Advice Question for John Thomas

    JT, since your front hill looks like one of mine and since you've owned every Kubota known to exist :), at least in the B and BX series which is what I'm trying to decide between, can you tell me if you had to choose only 1 tractor, which would it be? Uses: Mowing about 3 acres, bushhogging...
  39. tractorshopper

    Looking for used shell or full 42" deck JD L118

    I'm guessing the 110-120 are all the same. Looking for used, but in good shape if anyone has one. JD doesn't sell just the shell, but that's all I really need, unless someone wants to get rid of the whole thing. I've been bush hogging too much :)
  40. tractorshopper

    Cub/Yanmar SC2400 or Kubota BX2660?

    Posted this on the Cub page also. Looking for some knowledgable folks to lend some advice. Have been looking at both of these machines and think I'm leaning toward the Cub/Yanmar right now, but have never owned a tractor myself, only used other's a little. Kubota model has more HP at the PTO...
  41. tractorshopper

    Cub/Yanmar SC2400 or Kubota BX2660?

    Looking for some knowledgable folks to lend some advice. Have been looking at both of these machines and think I'm leaning toward the Cub/Yanmar right now, but have never owned a tractor myself, only used other's a little. Kubota model has more HP at the PTO, but I like some of the features of...