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  1. MikefromMI

    Kabota Thumb modification for New Holland 757C

    Hey, been a while since I've contributed. Thought I'd throw this up here. The price was right. I had to do it. The New Holland boom is about a 1/4" wider than the unit. The least confusing way to explain what I did is I cut the boom mount in half. By doing this the thumb will now mount inside...
  2. MikefromMI

    Air Compressor Pump Issue

    My compressor will start and run fine till about 40ish pounds. Then the pump starts putting so much of a load on the motor it almost stops it. Then it releases (about 5sec later) the load and spins up to normal again. And continually cycles like that until the pressure switch shuts it off. I've...
  3. MikefromMI

    Tc25d Max Load

    Hello, Need some info I can't find. Imagine that! So I acquired a converted fork lift for the tractor. Believe it or not it is mounted on a sub frame. I haven't mounted it yet - but can use my backhoe measurements to see it fits. Only difference is its longer by about 12". I will have to drill a...
  4. MikefromMI

    How do you replace the case seal under the PTO shaft.

    Hello all, I woke up a couple days ago to a garage floor full of hydro fluid. After pressure washing and removing the frame for the rear Back Hoe connection and tow bar assembly I noticed about 1/16" of rust from the lower seal stuck to the back of the Tow Bar frame. I don't want to touch the...
  5. MikefromMI

    Front-End Loader Titan Extreme Duty Clamp on Trailer Hitch \ Loop

    Just wanted to make a quick post about this new attachment. I fell a couple 80' trees over the weekend and had a chance to really beat on it. When I got this thing out of the box I couldn't believe how heavy it was. Both of the trees were dropped in a ravine and had to be pulled up out of the...
  6. MikefromMI

    Dirt Moving What size box blade/scraper for TC25D

    Hey fellas, I‘ve moved to a new home where I'm on a private road and a long drive. I'm going to have to pick up a box blade. What's the biggest this thing will handle with the fel on it? Thx ahead, mike
  7. MikefromMI

    3pt splitter on a tc25d setup for backhoe

    Wouldn't you know the same thing just happened to me. But I caught my mistake. I got pulled away from my desk a couple times and had to minimize. When I completed I somehow hit reply again. Not submit reply. It killed my text window..... Anyway, thanks for continuing. Lets see if I can do the...
  8. MikefromMI

    3pt splitter on a tc25d setup for backhoe

    Hey fellas! Been looking at split fire dual action splitters with the 4 way knife. Only problem is I can only afford one (3404) if I go 3pt. At this time when the backhoe is connected I'm using the 3pt lift hydraulics which aren't needed. I'm going to want the ability to adjust height on the...
  9. MikefromMI

    Jensen Equipment: Inventory/Asset Liquidation

    Did a search on this and found nothing. There is alot of stuff being auctioned on E-Bay. Wish I lived in Or. Good Luck
  10. MikefromMI

    Tractor wheels won't move in cold.

    Tractor wheels won\'t move in cold. Hi all, Had a hard time searching out this problem. I've noticed when it's really freezing cold out that when I'm moving snow with the rear plow and try to back over it, that the tractor will at times just does nothing. I'll lift the plow and move ahead...
  11. MikefromMI

    Smaller BH Bucket

    Long time no see all. Over the past year I've over-dug a ton with the 16" bucket (trenching). Could someone tell me what a 9" runs in central Mi. Or better yet, what the dealer pays, Spencer...... I love driving my dealer nuts with that. Thanks All, Mike
  12. MikefromMI

    3pt. Reese Rcvr

    Does anyone make these other than Northern (200$ before s/h)? Getting the feeling I will be learning how to weld really soon.
  13. MikefromMI

    TC25D On the way...

    Thanks for all the info everyone. At our county fair I knew pricing and issues more than the sales person from NH. The TC25D-R4's- Beat Juice -Grill Guard = 12743$, the 7308 FEL = 3500$, and the 757C BH = 5896. Total 22139 before tax @ 8.5%. I felt this was a decent price. Also I read somewhere...
  14. MikefromMI

    King Kutter 72" side & Woods 7500 Back Hoe

    King Kutter 72\" side & Woods 7500 Back Hoe My local dealer quoted these with a TC25D. Pricing all seems OK per these forums. Does anyone have this equipment that would care to comment on the quality. Does the Back hoe fit OK on the 25D? Thanks all, Mike