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  1. NativeSon

    Chigger Season

    I forgot how much I hate chiggers. I have been able to avoid the little buggers for quite a few years, but yesterday I had to weed eat a tall stand of weeds that had gotten out of control at the end of our deck. Weed eating is not one of my favorite things so it had been put off a little too...
  2. NativeSon

    Insurance Increase in Kubota insurance premium

    I just got a email from Kubota Insurance informing me of a 35.6% increase in my annual premium. Wow, what a shock. I have never had a claim with it for anything. The premium went from $368 per year to .......wait for it.......$499 per year with a $250 deductible for an insured value of $32,000...
  3. NativeSon

    200 mph Corvette

    This is way cool. I want one. Fark Video Player (8068187) Wanna see a new 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray breeze by a Texas State Trooper at 200 MPH? You may or may not need a diaper Charlie
  4. NativeSon

    Texas Spring/Summer Thread

    OK here's my attempt to put up a picture of all the grandkids with the newby, and the ones on each end are cousins. As you can imagine it was a houseful but a lot of fun. Charlie
  5. NativeSon

    EPA issue ban on wood stoves

    Just saw on the news this morning that the EPA has issued regulations that will basically shut down the manufacturing of wood burning stoves. This is not only a job-killer but an attack on families that heat their homes with wood. Charlie
  6. NativeSon

    Texas Fall/Winter thread!

    Lou, I'm glad your going to stick around. If you leave I won't have anybody to drink with when the rest of them are working. Freedom is good, and here in Texas we're kind of partial to it. Charlie I was looking to replace or brighten the avatar and I found a couple of pics for the Girls.
  7. NativeSon

    Elvis is back

    This is the best Elvis impersonator I've ever seen. It's almost spooky. [HD] Ben Portsmouth - An American Trilogy (Elvis Week) - David Letterman 2-8-13 - YouTube Charlie
  8. NativeSon

    Does anybody else read Elmer Kelton

    Elmer Kelton is my favorite Western writer. At present I'm reading again for about the 3rd time "The Time it Never Rained" a story about the Drought in Texas back in the '50's(7 years) and how the gov't got it's hooks in the farmers and ranchers. It shows how the gov't and beauracrats can really...
  9. NativeSon

    Mockingbirds and Kubota orange

    I've never had this problem before so........I noticed a mockingbird hanging around my tractor several times over a couple of days. On inspection I found a nest was built on the transmission housing. It was a bear to get to but I removed it and a day or so later I looked over the tractor again...
  10. NativeSon

    March 2nd

    March 2, 1836 The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed in Washington-on-the Brazos, Texas. Four days later the Alamo would fall and the Battle for Independence would continue till Santa Anna was defeated at the Battle of San Jacinto by Sam Houston. Let me be the first to wish you a...
  11. NativeSon

    Cowboy with gun on Tractor

    Here's my cowboys without the guns, but looking for the tractor. Charlie
  12. NativeSon

    Poles saw looking

    I'm looking at pole saws to trim up the trees out in the pasture. Has anybody used a Stihl pole saw or compared it with other makes? Charlie
  13. NativeSon

    How HOT is it....

    It's just June but how Hot is it????? Hotter than a June Bride in a feather bed. Hot as a $2.00 pistol. Hot as a bed of Mesquite coals in a BBQ joint. Hot as a depot stove. Hot enough to melt leather and it still on the cow. Charlie
  14. NativeSon

    Oil & Fuel Diesel Kleen?

    Saw an Ad in a magazine for Diesel Kleen, a fuel additive for diesel trucks. It's suppose to clean dirty injectors and act as a fuel lubricant. Has anybody used this product in their tractor? Charlie
  15. NativeSon

    Tire punctures?

    Well it's about time to hook up the shredder and get busy. I've got a lot of 1" to 2" Sweet Gum trees that I want to shred. Has anyone done this and had problems with tire punctures from the stubble left in the ground? My M7040 has loaded 6 ply R1"s. Charlie
  16. NativeSon

    Old Coot....Old Codger?

    A guy at work and I got into the discussion of which was senior in rank, "Old Coot" or "Old Codger". His opinion was that "Old Codger" was senior. That made him(3 mo. older) an "Old Codger" and me an "Old Coot". I ask you, Coots and Codgers, does this ranking seem correct? Charlie
  17. NativeSon

    Plowing snow in Texas

    For the last 2 months I have been reading here all about huge winter storms hitting the mid-west and the north east and all the discussions about snow plowing. Very informative stuff and a lot of different techniques being discussed. Well, it's a good thing I was paying attention. You see here...
  18. NativeSon

    New Member- M7040SU arrives today

    The New tractor arrives today. I have already found a lot of great answers to my dumb Questions on this site, and look forward to learning more.