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  1. Greenvalleymatt

    Garden pictures!

    Post yours!
  2. Greenvalleymatt

    Anyone build their own small no till seed drill?

    I've got an old disc harrow, a welder, and scrap steel, plus enough southern ingenuity to try to scrap together a small drill for cover crops at my place. Seems most used drills are expensive or very old, and I'm wondering if anyone has built one that worked pretty well? Pic for attention.
  3. Greenvalleymatt

    Anyone successfully gotten rid of Bermuda through tillage?

    Looking to prep future gardening plots with my new tractor and tiller, and my grandfather said if I keep tilling eventually I can be rid of the Bermuda. Anyone successfully done so? Tips and tricks? I know spraying would greatly help but I'm not keen on the idea of chemicals unless absolutely...
  4. Greenvalleymatt

    Light bars!

    I was so impressed with my front light bar that I installed a few weeks ago that I ordered 2 more small ones for the rear. The front bar kit came with a wiring harness that had an extra set of wires for a second light, so I ran them along the wiring harness in a loom to the back and spliced both...
  5. Greenvalleymatt

    Box blade width?

    I got a good deal on a box blade and chain harrow when I purchased my used shredder, or so I thought. I was paying 675$ for a used 5ft shredder, but the guy had a 48 inch rhino box blade and a heavy duty chain harrow next to them, so I offered him 1000$ for all three. I figured 325$ for a blade...
  6. Greenvalleymatt

    Old ford and past projects

    Wanted to share some of the things I've been working on for years. Spreading woodchips, making compost, improving and building soil. It's been fun. I sold the old ford last week since I upgraded to a modern tractor. Soil here was hard compact clay with very little to no organic matter. Not so...
  7. Greenvalleymatt

    Grading a lawn area...

    Hello all, looking to fix my mother's yard that's been a mess of a swamp since her house was built. The builder didn't grade the 1 acre lot before building, and my mother didn't know there would be any issues cause it looked fairly flat. All these years later we've found many low spots in the...
  8. Greenvalleymatt

    Updating profile information?

    People keep telling me to update my info, location, and other details on what I'm doing on the farm. Is there a way to add to my profile?
  9. Greenvalleymatt

    Bush hog setup

    Hey y'all, I'm running into an issue setting up my new to me John Deere 513 bush hog. Paid 675$ for it, get it home to fin banged up dull blades, gearbox dry, and the top link bars not fixed to the supports. Added some 00 grease, ground and sharpened blades, but the problem I'm having is...
  10. Greenvalleymatt

    New tractor, first few upgrades installed!

    My 2021 mahindra 1626 was delivered last Friday, I love it! Have used the loader a few times so far, but it's to wet to do any dirt work. So far I've installed a steering wheel spinner knob, and a 126 watt light bar to use for night mowing in our hot Texas summer heat. What other basic upgrades...
  11. Greenvalleymatt

    Questions about chain harrow capabilities.

    Long story short....I've been "farming" for a few years, basically trying to reinvent the wheel with a 49 ford 8n and some old worn out equipment, fast forward to today and I upgraded to a mahindra 1626 tractor with a 5ft tiller, I've also purchased a heavy duty used chain harrow. My goal with...