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  1. 34Willys

    Kioti ck3510 loader issue

    I have the same issue with my 2610, but it's not a 'KIOTI' exclusive problem. Search 'floppy bucket' and most colors of tractor have it to some extent. I have the parts Stan listed, but haven't installed them yet. Mich Iron mentioned a flow restrictor, but you would then have the slow...
  2. 34Willys

    Comparison Seating

    My Kioti CK has a well padded, adjustable air ride seat. I'm 6'3" long inseam, my wife is 5'4" short inseam. We can both adjust the seat to operate the tractor comfortably. Patrick
  3. 34Willys

    Buying Advice Kioti LK3054

    My LK3054 had a FORD/New Holland frame mount backhoe, and it worked, great. My neighbor has it now and still going strong. Patrick
  4. 34Willys

    CK2610HST glow plug light

    It's finally cooled off here, and the glow plug light is turning on again. Patrick
  5. 34Willys

    cell phone signal repeater

    We have WeBoost and it works great. We recently bought a 5th wheel and moved back onto our burned out property. My Wife needs cell service to work from home, and service here is marginal at best. As PONY said, 0x0=0. We got the RV Destination because it comes with a telescopic antennae and...
  6. 34Willys

    Enough Trailer for my Tractor??

    JSTP nailed my developing thoughts exactly. It'll be very rare that I need to haul the entire TLB, and for all the other chores it will be super handy to have. I'm going with this trailer. After it safely hauls my tractor when we move from NorCal to Oregon, I'll be set. Looking forward to...
  7. 34Willys

    Enough Trailer for my Tractor??

    Most people I know with a truck don't have a trailer. I see it as a barterable tool. 'Hey Pat, I've got some fresh Crab and Salmon, could I use your trailer........' Patrick
  8. 34Willys

    Enough Trailer for my Tractor??

    Thanks for all the replies. I would only be using the trailer to move the tractor very infrequently, so day to day lumber from the hardware store, a pallet of stuff, logs to make lumber, or a couple atvs would be the norm. I don't know how the trailer is set up, so I'll contact the builder to...
  9. 34Willys

    Enough Trailer for my Tractor??

    I have an opportunity to purchase a nearly new/one trip trailer from a friend. A 16', dual axle flatbed with stored ramps, #7000GVW. The tag states not to load more than #5400 lbs. I have a 2018 Kioti CK2610 tractor, loader, backhoe, with loaded rear tires. My quick calculations show I would be...
  10. 34Willys

    Y'all Been Checkin' Lumber Prices?

    ning, 10% Markup, or Margin?? Why bother owning your own business? You can't make it on that unless your goal is to work until you die.
  11. 34Willys

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    There's a lot of Basque people out here and goat stew is one of the staples at their restaurants. I like goat meat, they taste better than they smell.
  12. 34Willys

    CK2610HST glow plug light

    Operated the tractor a lot this past weekend moving gravel from creek bed to RV and vehicle parking area. 112'F Saturday and 108'F Sunday. No glow plug light except when key on instrument panel self test. Might be a few months before the glow plugs kick in. Patrick
  13. 34Willys

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

  14. 34Willys

    CK2610HST glow plug light

    Hi Paul, I have a 2018 and I believe there may be an ambient/coolant temp sensor in the circuit. Since it's been hot outside, I've noticed my glow plug light doesn't illuminate, but the engine fires off in an instant. When the temps are cold, the light is on for a short time, or longer if it's...
  15. 34Willys

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I have a few of those too. Patrick
  16. 34Willys

    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I've seen the way you stand on ladders in your videos, and I cringe every time. Glad you're ok. I hate ladders, but they're a necessary evil. I'd recommend getting better ladders than what you've been using. STOKES Ladders are made here in Kelseyville, Lake County. They're expensive but super...
  17. 34Willys


    Most systems utilize a 120A +/- strip fuse or fusible link that may have blown if you shorted the cables or hooked them up backwards while swapping batteries. Check that, if there is one. Patrick
  18. 34Willys

    Replace or extend slab around water well?

    Chuck, thanks for the complement. It's sheetrocked and insulated, has lights and a 100 amp subpanel, 110/220v outlets for tools and welder, and there are 3 30a RV hook ups scattered around for when friends visit. Ning, yes 1 1/2" fire hose thread from our local farm/hardware supply Rainbow Ag...
  19. 34Willys

    Replace or extend slab around water well?

    Here's my pumphouse. 8 x 8 feet with a 2 x 2 feet 'dog house' extension covering the well itself. The dog house lid is held on with deck screws. No need to move the building for pump removal, and there's a slab under all of it. I built the walls and trusses at home and hauled them up to the...
  20. 34Willys

    Home Insurance inspection ploy?

    I think the Wildfire Defense Services is actually private companies that come out and defend your home when CalFire is not able, or willing to. It's getting more common as the insurance companies are tired of loosing there financial butts and clients homes because nobody shows up. Basically...
  21. 34Willys

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Saw that coming. You still need a face and undercut, then your bore to create the hinge, then cut up but not quite all the way. Then your back cut slightly lower than your bore and it will 'pop'! The material between bore cut and back cut will prevent saw binding. We have Madrone trees out...
  22. 34Willys

    Anyone figured out a way to see

    My tractor has the rod, but I've never figured out how to use it. How I level the bucket is drop it to the ground slightly curled back, than curl forward until the front of the tractor starts to lift up. Curl back until front stops lowering. Tip forward a bit to cut. Once you do this a...
  23. 34Willys

    Need ideas for dog proof fence

    The Fido-shock is an AC high voltage/low current signal. Most cattle fences I've encountered were DC. Maybe AC doesn't give of much Ozone smell? Patrick
  24. 34Willys

    Mahindra 4110 lost power after topping fuel from can looked filter was black dirty

    The black goo might be microbial growth. We used a product called Prist in jet fuel, which is similar to diesel. I'm sure there's an anti microbial for diesel, I just don't know it by name. Patrick
  25. 34Willys

    CX2510 50 hour fluid change filters

    The set on the right appear to be same I replaced at my 50hr. I believe our tractors share the same engine, but I'm not sure about yours having a 2 spd HST as to my 3 spd. Maybe an internal difference, but same external filters? Patrick
  26. 34Willys

    Need ideas for dog proof fence

    What Eddie said. I had bear hounds and they would dig or climb no climb wire fencing. Fido-Shock is a lower powered fence charger that works great. I ran one wire near the top and one wire along the ground. They get zapped once and they avoid the fence. No more climbing or digging near the...
  27. 34Willys

    Mahindra 4110 lost power after topping fuel from can looked filter was black dirty

    Is there a shut off valve before the filter to prevent gravity feed dumping fuel that you left partially closed? Patrick
  28. 34Willys

    Insurance cancelled on century-old farmhouse. What are the alternatives now?

    Wow! The water tower reminds me of my Great-Grandma's house in Sebastopol. I think it was on Mill Station Rd. Last time I was there would have been very early 70's as I recall. Maybe 10 years old. Mom says the House is still there and has been 'updated', but they kept all the 'built ins' and...
  29. 34Willys

    Ford Production

    Most Suckers won't buy the Bronco for $48K, they'll finance it and pay about $90K. Patrick
  30. 34Willys

    Problem trying to reinstall BH on CX2510

    I have a CK2610 and the pins pull out and install with the tip of my pinky. There is no binding or hammering needed. I have found the worst part of a Kioti tractor is the dealer assembly. The only problems I have had were do to them. I would like to mail order my next tractor. You need to...
  31. 34Willys

    Compact "Root Rake Grapple" Options

    I also have the Land Pride SGC0660 on my CK. 62" wide at 250 lbs. It's been incredible at clearing our property after forest fire destroyed all. It'll grab, carry, or drag large trees and rake up the smaller debris. Patrick
  32. 34Willys

    Welding anchor to loader frame

    If your concern is weakening the frame, why not just weld the anchor to some plate steel, and mount the plate to the bolt holes with longer bolts? Patrick
  33. 34Willys

    Carbon Dioxide

    The tax credit is back. Biomass heating 26% for equipment and installation costs. We're buying a Central Boiler for our house build with radiant heat floors. Patrick
  34. 34Willys

    Heat Hand

    See this thread.... Temp gauge Patrick
  35. 34Willys

    Now it's a crime to use gas trimmers in my California city just as fire season kicks off...

    How soon they forget. Patrick
  36. 34Willys

    Kioti vs LS buying advice

    I believe Kioti also has the cruise control option on both CK and DK lines.
  37. 34Willys

    Any rule-of-thumb for replacing 4.5" cutoff wheels?

    Nibbler....... then draw file as, or, if needed. Have done many aircraft skin repairs and metal roofing trimming with those tools. A & P Patrick
  38. 34Willys

    FEL BBQ?

    I would call that a griddle. There's even a bottle of olive oil for non-stick cooking. Patrick
  39. 34Willys

    Strange noise, hydraulic pump LK3054

    I also believe it's cavitation. Probable cause is air leaking into inlet line, and/or restriction causing fluid to 'boil' on low pressure side of pump. Change or flush filter and inspect housing. Those little bubbles will erode the inside housing and gears of your pump. I had to change out...
  40. 34Willys

    Broken draft link

    There's a welding topic forum section here that you should post this question. Lots of great advise and knowledge. Patrick
  41. 34Willys

    3-Point Hitch 3 point does not lower....

    2018 Kioti CK2610HST with factory FEL, Backhoe, and 3rd function kit. Removed backhoe to use the 3 point and it would only lower a few inches than lock up. It would raise back up, but only drop slight amount. I checked the lowering control valve and it turns freely in both directions and...
  42. 34Willys

    Kioti LK3054 rear vent blowing oil

    Just replaced all the hydraulic hoses on my Kioti tractor's New Holland back hoe attachment, and now after running it, hydraulic oil is blowing out the vent tube from where the return line Tees into the rear end. I've had this happen in the past, but seemed to clear up on it's own, Is there a...