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  1. roadhunter

    3 speed PTO with reverse!

    So many of you may remember that I modified a vermeer trencher to use as a log skidder. It's a neat little tractor with a 6 way blade in front and a hydraulic winch on back. Works great for working in the woods and I don't worry about scratching it up in he woods like I would if it was my other...
  2. roadhunter

    Welder Plasma Cutter Resale Value

    I was going through some of my welding stuff I don't use and getting it listed on e-bay and noticed my plasma cutter sitting under the table. I bought it new about 10 years ago for a project repairing some breakwater on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. Since then it has been used only a few occasions...
  3. roadhunter

    2016 College Football Season and Playoff

    Any college football fans on here? I figured with all the craziness that has gone on this season and with the regular season rolling to an end we might need a place to talk college football. It sure seems that Bama is going to be hard to beat with all the undefeated teams going down last...
  4. roadhunter

    2016 Deer season thread

    It's that time of year once again. My favorite time of year when college football and deer season are going on. I know we have plenty of hunter on here so I thought we might want a good thread to share hunting stories and pics. Please feel free to share your hunting stories and plans for the...
  5. roadhunter

    Everlast Regulator

    Wanted to pass along an expensive lesson I learned yesterday. I was doing some welding with my Everlast mig welder throughout the day and I noticed I was out of shielding gas at the end of the day. This seemed really strange as I had just replaced that bottle of c-25 recently and they...
  6. roadhunter

    New Woodmax Gas Powered Chipper

    I was browsing the woodmax site and noticed that they had a new chipper listed. (Deposit) Gas Powered Chipper Sounds like an interesting setup that has much more capability than most small gas powered chippers from the box stores. I"m looking forward to seeing some videos as it seems...
  7. roadhunter

    Options for hauling slash piles, tops, etc..

    Hello, I am looking for opinions and options on how to move piles of tops, limbs, etc.... I live adjacent to some national forest as well as some private land made up up ponderosa pine. These areas are logged regularly and I am looking for options on how to move the piles of waste back to my...
  8. roadhunter

    Cost for Hot Shot Service

    I was listing a load on u-ship and it got me wondering what the going rate was for a hot shot service these days. I used to have a guy back in Oklahoma about 6 years ago who would move equipment for $1.65 a loaded mile. These days my local truckers are running between $2.50-$4.00 a loaded mile...
  9. roadhunter

    Getting manure to slide out of a dump trailer

    I am looking at hauling some manure in my dump trailer and am trying to figure out a good way to get it to slide out of the trailer. I picked up a load of compost the other day and even with the trailer all the way up some of it did not want to come out. Trailer is a 7x20 with 4 ft sides like...
  10. roadhunter

    Bringing 3 phase power onto my property

    Today is a day I have looked forward to for many years. The crew arrived to bring in 3 phase power for the building I plan to put up later this year. I'm really looking forward to having 3 phase as it seems I find all sorts of things I need to buy but they are always 3 phase so I have to pass...
  11. roadhunter

    Pipe fence product

    Was looking on craigs list and ran across these. Interesting product if you are trying to save time. Pipe Fence building made easy -- no more cutting saddles
  12. roadhunter

    Anybody ever used Biochar?

    I ran across a product a while back that I had never heard of called Biochar. After researching it a bit it sounds like an interesting soil amendment. I was curious if anybody out there has tried using biochar in thier garden, yard, flower beds, etc..? I found some older discussions on the...
  13. roadhunter

    Bison Box Blade BB-210 With Hydraulic Rippers

    I have been in the market for a box blade since buying my JCB tractor. I sold my Bobcat tractor with the blade so I had been getting by with the bucket (I added a 3 point attachment) on back of the JCB but I really wanted a box blade. I put a few ads in the local papers and website as well as...
  14. roadhunter

    PTO chipper WoodMaxx new MX-9900

    I'm considering purchasing a PTO wood chipper and had always had my eye on the Woodmaxx WM-8H and then I noticed they have a newer model, the MX-9900. I wanted to get opinions on the new model compared to the old as I am not sure the extra 1 inch of capacity is worth the extra $. $2,800 vs...
  15. roadhunter

    Tig Torch Adapter

    I was watching some tig welding videos this weekend and decided I was going to give it a try the next time I had a chance. I have a ESAB 161 that has a lift start tig setting and have always wanted to see how well it works. I have a tig torch I came across a few years ago but never hooked it...
  16. roadhunter

    Hydraulics and heat

    I have an attachment that is building an incredible amount to heat in the hydraulics when I operate. I don't' exactly understand what causes heat in hydraulic systems so I thought I would throw this out there and see if anyone can shed some light on this subject. The machine only has 4...
  17. roadhunter

    Oil types for JCB 212Su

    Can anybody point me in the right direction for a listing that shows the oil types for this model JCB loader. I am not having much luck searching the web.
  18. roadhunter

    Bobcat CT445 3 point problem

    Just my luck. LOL. I purchased a different tractor and was planning on putting this up for sale and I think I must have made it mad when it heard the news. I used it this evening to unload a trailer full of logs and everything was working great. Thinking back I did notice a couple of times...
  19. roadhunter

    Tractor for a specific use. Must handle 3,000 pounds.

    I am needing to handle more weight than my current tractor will handle and wanted to get some suggestions. My current tractor is a 45 HP Bobcat (Kioti/Daedong) with a cab and FEL. I bought it about a year and a half ago and have really enjoyed it. IT has dual rear and front remotes. Dual AG...
  20. roadhunter

    Hydraulic chainsaw off hydraulic winch feed?

    I have a project that from my limited understanding of hydraulics is possible but I think I'd prefer an expert opinion to confirm that what I am attempting is going to work. I ran across a Stanley CS06 hydraulic chainsaw that I was interested in using with my tractor, 45 HP Bobcat. I believe I...
  21. roadhunter

    New Toy Vermeer V-430A mini skidder

    I purchased a new toy last weekend. I'm going to make some posts with my tractor using a PTO powered peeler and needed something to get the logs up to where I can peel them without tying up my tractor. Here is the thread that discusses the PTO powered peeler...
  22. roadhunter

    PTO post peeler

    Anybody have any experience with a PTO post peeler? I've been looking for one and haven't found much, Mobark makes a pretty complex one called the PS8 but that is all I have found in the states. Their salesman was not aware they even made the unit so I guess it is not to popular. I've ran...
  23. roadhunter

    The reality of aluminum body panels.

    Now we have actual confirmation of what common sense told us all along. What's Crazier Than Smashing An Aluminum Ford F-150 With A Sledgehammer? The Repair Bill - Forbes What's Crazier Than Smashing An Aluminum Ford F-150 With A Sledgehammer? The Repair Bill Comment Now Follow Comments...
  24. roadhunter

    Hydraulic Biomass Press

    I buy lumber from a local sawmill and have become pretty good friends with the family who owns it. They were showing me their waste piles of sawdust and it got me into thinking about making pellets. I did some research and found that there were many variables into getting a solid pellet and...
  25. roadhunter

    110v welder and the 3/8 bend test

    So since this has been such a controversial topic on this board I took it upon myself to put an end to it in a peaceful way. I contacted Shield Arc on another board to see if he would help. He agreed and I contacted Everlast and had a 110v mig welder shipped to Shield Arc. He goes by CEP on...
  26. roadhunter

    Everlast Welding Helmets?

    Was looking for videos and reviews of the Everlast 200 and ran across this site that sold Everlast helmets. I may have missed it but I dont remember this being discussed. Looks like they have 3 models from $99 - $169. Anybody have an Everlast helmet? Mark, any thoughts? Link Everlast...
  27. roadhunter

    Good deal on some 6010

    I could not resist and grabbed 50 pounds for $55. Seem like it's too good to be true so I will probably find out that it was recovered from a sunken ship. Thought I would pass it along. Shipped in SEALED Can 50 lbs Lincoln 5P 6010 3 32" Welding Electrodes 12" | eBay
  28. roadhunter

    Radio for CT450

    I have been doing some searching for the correct wiring harness that would allow me to install an aftermarket radio in the cab of my CT445 which appears to be wired for a radio and 2 speakers. I fond some old 2010 threads on this fantastic site which talked about a $19 adapter but no part...
  29. roadhunter

    Moving snow with bobcat tractor

    Hello, New member who just purchased a new CT 445. For some reason I am having difficulty moving snow around the house with the factory bucket and a box blade. I am sure it is operator error as I am not an experienced tractor operator by any means and am just gettign used to the machine. I...
  30. roadhunter


    After wishing for many many years I was finally able to get a new tractor. Been scouring the internet for information and ran across this site. Really impressed so far. Some of the projects I have looked at are nothign short of spectacular. I previously had a IH 2500 b series backhoe that...