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  1. gsganzer

    County covid vax data breached

    Hopefully this thread doesn't go off the rails, but I'm not holding out hope. BTW, I've been vaxxed. However, I just got a letter in the mail from the County Commissioners Court that their database was breached and names, DOB, phone number, Covid 19 vax data and email addresses may have been...
  2. gsganzer

    Neighbor had a close one brush hogging

    He got too close brush hogging and rolled his tractor into the pond, pinning his foot under the machine with only his mouth above water. He had to dive down three times until he finally worked his foot out of his boot. He's OK and the tractor is being checked.
  3. gsganzer

    Bought a Milwaukee weed whacker

    I'm not sure why I waited so long! Last weekend I was using my Stihl Kombi 130R and it was running a little rich before I put it away. Yesterday, I went to start it so I could tune it, and despite 30+ pulls, no start. I'm getting too old to deal with that frustration. Despite using...
  4. gsganzer

    Why are 7-pin connectors so sloppy?

    Both my rear bumper connection and my in-bed gooseneck connection seem to be sloppy (Bumper is Ford OEM, gooseneck is Hopkins). With two different trailers and in both configurations I get the same issue. Today, while heading up to Madill OK to get some pipe, my truck was constantly sensing...
  5. gsganzer

    Camlocker truck toolbox

    I ran across these truck tool boxes made by CamLocker on another forum and thought I'd pass it along. I've had Weatherguard and currently have a RKI cross bed and it looks like these Camlockers might be a better design if security is an issue. My RKI could easily be pried open and I believe...
  6. gsganzer

    Who makes a good wrench roll?

    All the wrench rolls I find are too short to fully cover the 1 1/4 and 22mm wrenches and the wrenches slide out. Does anyone make a decent one, preferably canvas , oiled/waxed canvas? Or maybe I have a tarp maker make me one. Anyone have experience with doing that?
  7. gsganzer

    Which trailer TPMS system?

    I'm looking for a TPMS for my double axle gooseneck horse trailer. Anyone have some recommendations? I'm probably interested in one that is monitored by a phone app, not wanting additional clutter of another screen. I had a blow out the other week and would have never known if someone hadn't...
  8. gsganzer

    Who makes a good butane lighter?

    I'm so tired of grabbing a Bick or Scripto butane lighter to light the fireplace, only to find the dang thing has plenty of fuel, but won't light worth a flip. Who makes a good one? Preferably one that's refillable. I'd rather buy once cry once and have a quality lighter I don't have to...
  9. gsganzer


    My 4 year old black mouth cur found another one and got the full blast... again. This is either the 4th or 5th time. You'd think he'd learn at some point. I guess the tenacity of the BMC is what makes them so good for hunting hogs, coons and squirrels. I wish their breeding gave them a...
  10. gsganzer

    Floor jack and stands, what's a good one?

    I need a decent floor jack and stands, mainly for changing/rotating tires and such, largest vehicle is diesel F250. What's a decent one?
  11. gsganzer

    Anyone have a Pronghorn truck bed?

    Looking at utility/flatbed "hybrid" style truck beds and really like the Pronghorn UTD bed. Does anyone have a Pronghorn bed? Opinions on the quality? Do the boxes stay relatively watertight? This will be put on a 2020 Ford F250 Long bed, like the photo below.
  12. gsganzer

    Commercial Motor Vehicle requirements?

    Can anyone shed some light on a vehicle requiring to be a CMV or not? Here's my scenario. I have a LLC and the company bought (titled and insured by company) a 2016 Chevy 3500 with a GVWR of 13,200lbs. It only hauls me and my tools for jobs that are typically within my state. I do not haul...
  13. gsganzer

    Brined Chicken

    I brined 4 Cornish game hens and cooked them last night. The family thinks it was the best chicken they've ever had. What a difference it makes to the tenderness, juiciness and flavor. The brine recipe came from Steven Raichlens brined turkey recipe. I halved the below recipe to make one...
  14. gsganzer

    Terminating wire woven fence options

    I'm replacing some woven equine wire on a pipe fence and I'm reminded how tedious it is to terminate the ends by wrapping each horizontal strand around the terminating pole and twisting it back on itself. I twist the wire using fencing pliers and another small mutihole twisting tool at the...
  15. gsganzer

    New welding process HDMTGTAW?

    I was on a jobsite this past week where the welders were able to do some open root tig welds on stainless without a purge gas. I was doing some googling and I believe it's called High Deposition Metal Transfer Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (HDMTGTAW), that's a mouthful! I guess it's a fairly new...
  16. gsganzer

    Gas cylinders on an angle?

    Why do so many welding trailers and welding rigs have the cylinders on an angle? I understand that typically O2 and some of the inert shielding gas can be tipped. But the acetylene is a whole different deal. I just modified a skid that my welder is on and put the oxygen at 45 degrees and I...
  17. gsganzer

    First aid kit requirements

    The topic came up on another forum and I thought I'd post it here too. I cut myself pretty bad a few months ago and fortunately had a Molle pack first aid kit I had put together in my truck. But that experience made me completely revamp what I had in that kit. It seems most kits focus on a...
  18. gsganzer

    Built a shooting bench

    I've been wanting a good shooting bench at my deer lease, so I built this with a 2" x 6" x 14ga purlin, 2" x 14ga square tube, 1 1/2" square tube (used on the pull bars) and 2" x 1/8" flat bar I had lying around. I built it with skids so I can drag it to different shooting distances. I can...
  19. gsganzer

    GM trucks have slipped

    I'll preface this by first saying that I'm not trying to start a brand war. I currently have a 2016 Chevy 3500 Crew cab DRW cab chassis, WT trim, with flatbed for a work truck, which has a great ride and has been problem free. It's a basic tool with vinyl seats, rubber mats, and simple but...
  20. gsganzer

    Flies are out of control!

    Every fall we battle the flies. They always seem to start congregating at the back of the house (because it's south facing and stays warmer) and also faces the pasture. We also put in some new horse stalls, that are probably adding to the problem this year. Next year I might look at putting...
  21. gsganzer

    Homeowners Insurance

    Good grief, I looked at my renewal bill today and it's nearly $4K/year with Farmers. Prior to this year, our homeowners was always paid through escrow on our mortgage payment, so we probably didn't pay as much attention to it as we should have. Last year we paid off the mortgage, so we now...
  22. gsganzer

    Need ideas to get water from pond to trough

    I'm tinkering with ideas on how to get water to a trough on my back pasture. I can run a 600' water line from my shop, but there's a lot of table rock between the two which might make the digging/trenching difficult. Another option is I have a pond on the front pasture that's 150' from the...
  23. gsganzer

    Grilling oysters tonight

    Well, I'm chilling out on vacation on North Padre Island with the wife and kiddo's. Because it's fathers day, I get to choose what I cook for dinner, so I'm going to try grilling oysters. I love anything seafood (or BBQ). I was on a job in MS earlier in the week and stopped at a restaurant...
  24. gsganzer

    Asphalt thickness and cost check

    I just got a quote to have part of my driveway paved. The driveway is currently compacted 1/2" flex base. Tired of the dust and tracking it into the house and cars. Quote is to grade and repack existing base and then surface with 2.5" uncompacted, compacting to about 2". Just shy of 3000...
  25. gsganzer

    Bought a PJ Deckover

    I bought a 10K 20' PJ bumper pull deckover trailer. I needed an all around trailer for occasionally hauling the Kubota L3800, picking up hay and getting other materials. I didn't need a huge weight rating and I wanted something I could either tow with my F150 or 3500. My ideal trailer would...
  26. gsganzer

    L3800 PTO cable fix

    Any tried and true, long lasting fix for the sticking cable issue? I've lubed mine with the best lube I can find and I'll still have an issue if I don't use it frequently enough. Stronger spring, different cabling routing? The problem is certainly compounded by the lack of accessibility to...
  27. gsganzer

    Do they make a good mop anymore?

    I started today by knocking my full 30oz coffee mug off the counter. It became a coffee bomb all over the kitchen floor. In the ensuing clean up, I discovered that every mop we own is a piece of crap. Either the sponge isn't truly secure, or the wringer thing doesn't truly wring the sponge...
  28. gsganzer

    South African Bobotie Recipe

    I thought I'd post this one for the hunters. We frequently make this dish throughout the year using ground venison and it's very simple to make. It's delicious paired with a red wine, especially a South African Pinotage. We had this traditional African meal (national dish) during our stay in...
  29. gsganzer

    L3800 hydraulic GPM and 3pt splitter

    I'm considering buying a 3pt log splitter, but I'm unsure of what the available hydraulic flow would be. Tractordata lists my hydraulic flow as: pump flow 6.3 gpm, steering flow 3.8 gpm, total flow 10.1 gpm Does this mean I have 10.1 gpm available or only the 6.3 GPM? My tractor is set up for...
  30. gsganzer

    Roasted Cauliflower recipe

    I stumbled upon this recipe the other week. So far I've made it twice and it's excellent. Some of the reviewers make it sound like it 's a hassle to make, but it isn't. I used shallots in place of the scallions and thought they added great flavor. Whole roasted cauliflower
  31. gsganzer

    New A/C Cost

    Alright you A/C guru's. So my 22 YO Frigidaire 3T Air and gas heat system is kaput. (actually only the compressor, but heck it's 22 YO, so I figure I've got my value from the system and probably time to replace it.) How do these installed prices stack up? Goodman 16 Seer 3 ton gas system...
  32. gsganzer

    Landpride FS spreader issue, learn from me

    Thought I'd share an issue I ran into today, hopefully I can save someone else the hassle. Make sure the bolts that attach the poly hopper (or metal hopper if that applies to yours) have nylock nuts, lock washers or threadlock. Otherwise, they very easily come loose and the bolt drops down...
  33. gsganzer

    Anyone know this post hole digger?

    I'm tired of the crappy clamshell style post hole diggers and I'm on a quest to find one that I used as a kid that was radically different, that I've never seen since. Instead of a clamshell digger that has a fulcrum point, this one had one heavy digging blade fixed to one handle (stout wooden...
  34. gsganzer

    Lost a good buddy today

    I had one of my best friends pass away today, he was 49YO. He was diagnosed with cancer in May and it overcame him fast. We both started our careers together after college and remained best friends since. I saw him again on Friday and knew his days were becoming short, but thought we still...
  35. gsganzer

    Portable cement mixer recommendations?

    I have a bunch of projects that require setting fence poles, pouring tubes, piers etc. Usually, I rent a cement mixer when I need one and knock out a bunch of stuff over a weekend. My time now is becoming so sporadic that I'm thinking of buying a small portable mixer so I can do things when I...
  36. gsganzer

    Anyone hire a caregiver for elderly parent?

    Has anyone directly contracted an individual to act as a caregiver for an elderly parent? We've been using a local agency for the past few years, but we've had somewhat spotty quality of caregivers and service. We've found someone that comes highly recommended that's been a caregiver for...
  37. gsganzer

    Visited Washington DC,.. two thumbs up!

    I've been on a job in Maryland and had today off, so I decided to spend the day in DC. What an awesome day!! My folks took me to DC when I was 9- 10 years old and I always held fond memories. I was like a grade school kid on a field trip today! Heck, I walked 14 miles and never even realized...
  38. gsganzer

    Cowboy bumper/ grill guard

    I'm thinking of putting an aftermarket bumper/grill guard on my 2016 3500. Anyone have any experience or recommendations? I was looking at a Ranch Hand Legend, but wonder if it might be too heavy. Anyone have any experience with some others?
  39. gsganzer

    Once you go flat, you'll never go back

    Flat bed truck that is! I think I just bought my dream truck. It's a new 2016 3500 crew cab chassis, diesel 4x4 with 9.5 foot Knapheide flatbed. The dealership near me had some 2016 leftovers, with slight hail damage at a price I couldn't resist. On top of that, they had 0%/72 months. I...
  40. gsganzer

    Truck PTO, anyone have one?

    Does anyone run anything from a truck PTO? I understand running hydraulics, but has anyone run anything else? Generator, compressor, pump etc?
  41. gsganzer

    L3800 3pt lever stop knob

    Anyone find an alternative to that stupid little knob that acts as a travel stop for the 3-point lever? Maybe it's just mine, but it sure seems like it should be easier to turn.
  42. gsganzer

    L3800 PTO cable

    Despite my best efforts to prevent it, my PTO cable is starting to stick. Anyone have a sure fire lubricating process to keep this from happening? I've periodically shot some white lithium in it. Might have to squirt some Kroil down the jacket to get it freed up again. What a crappy design.
  43. gsganzer

    How about a cooking/recipe forum?

    The chili thread hot me to thinking. How about a forum for us to share recipes or cooking/canning/pickling tips so they're all in one place?
  44. gsganzer

    Scored a BH MPG720 Aerator

    I found this one on Craigslist. It's in pretty decent shape and all the tines are good. Hopefully it works pretty decent for the yard and horse pasture. It's a little big for my L3800. I have my backhoe on the back right now, so I haven't been able to see how well it hooks up. The lift...
  45. gsganzer

    Santa came early and left welder(s)

    Well, Christmas came early for me this year. My new business has been going great and the time was right to take on some capital expenses. I figured I'd take them for this fiscal year, so I bought a Lincoln 305G engine driven welder (thanks for your input Shieldarc!!) It's one heck of a...
  46. gsganzer

    Time for a new dog

    I finally think I'm ready to look for a new dog. I had to put my old yellow lab, Dually, down back in July. We had a wonderful 14.5 years together and he was a great companion in every sense. Dually considered everyone in the neighborhood his "family" and he had a daily ritual to visit each...
  47. gsganzer

    Gas power post driver

    Anyone have any experience with one of these gas powered portable post drivers? The neighbors and I are looking at going in on one for driving tee posts. RediDriver
  48. gsganzer

    L3800 HST Cruise control not holding

    I was mowing the other day and decided to try the cruise control. I noticed that it doesn't hold it's position and slowly backs off as you drive. Anyone else experience this? I have the shop manual, so I'll see what it says about adjustment. Seems like it should just be a simple tightening...
  49. gsganzer

    Golden Malrin fly bait... did it change formula?

    When I was a kid, we used to use Golden Malrin fly bait on the farm. It was like using a nuclear weapon on flies, killing them by the thousands, and helped keep them in check around the barns. We've had a wet spring and the flies around the house are getting out of control. So I'm at TSC and...
  50. gsganzer

    Recommend travel booking sites

    I do a significant amount of business travel and have always either booked direct with an airline or used Expedia. Lately I'm having more and more problems with Expedia (dropped calls, bad connections, call center in India) or the process of booking/changing travel plans takes a ridiculously...