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  1. Liquidsilver

    Harbor Freight Tools that DO SUCK II

    I'm going to go ahead and say the 16" Atlas 40v chainsaw DOES suck. I only bought it for a quick utility job and I wanted it quieter than my trusty Stihl because I was along somebody else's property line. It ain't any quieter than a small gas Home Depot saw (I'll bet) and in order to prune...
  2. Liquidsilver

    Anyone like traffic circles-roundabouts?

    As it's been said 100 times, they're better than sitting at a 3 minute light with nobody coming.
  3. Liquidsilver

    A new Texas delicacy

    I think I had a little bit of an appetite... BEFORE I read this thread. :D
  4. Liquidsilver

    [email protected]#n Scrub Oak!

    I think it COULD be done, but I'd have to do a lot of rigging and fiddling. You'd need a sprayer at the same width as the cutter and have it spray slow enough to cover the whole mowed area. I think on these rough fields it would be very difficult. The 300 gallon sprayer I rented would pull...
  5. Liquidsilver

    Kubota M4900 Overheated

    I had something like this happen on my M5400. The fan belt had snapped and I didn't notice until I heard the furious boiling in the radiator. I'd just check the fan belt along with the radiator fins. I also had my M5400 get super hot while bush hogging. I couldn't guess why she seemed to...
  6. Liquidsilver

    Failed attempt to smooth property, how to correct?

    I think that field looks really good, considering how new it is. I think you'll be chasing it for a few winter/summer cycles and the grass will have to get nice and established before it will feel smoother. I had a field like that and with years of finish mowing, the clump grass...
  7. Liquidsilver

    [email protected]#n Scrub Oak!

    I'm guessing that it does. I think the biggest problem is that ground is very rough and rocky and I can't get grasses to grow thick enough to take over. These fields are on my wish list for dozer/grader work and planting with good grass. I just have to save up my lunch money for that. I...
  8. Liquidsilver

    The one animal I would eradicate from the planet...

    Riding our dirt bikes this time of year, we end up covered in them. After a couple of hours the goggles are a mess with all the sticky web material. We call those 'conch-shell spiders' since we don't know what their real name is. Tiny black spider that looks like he's got a sea shell on his...
  9. Liquidsilver

    Starter spins, pinion gear jumps up to flywheel, but, wont turn engine over. Battery well charged...??

    When a fully charged battery gets to a certain age, it will show full voltage, but then drop to nothing when you put a load on it. Could that be it? The thing that got me recently was a poor connection to ground. For the life of me I could figure why the big girl wouldn't crank. Replaced...
  10. Liquidsilver

    Titan 7 foot rotary mower.

    I had one 'smoke' on an 1810 too. They sent a new gearbox but didn't say anything about replacing the grease. Getting someone to install it was the not fun part. Thankfully I haven't had any problems since then.
  11. Liquidsilver

    Sammy the Snapper, on the Move

    I have a lake with a beach area and my kids wont go near the water if they see a snapper, so we shoot them on sight. I'm friendly to most critters, but snappers, cottonmouths and poisonous spiders are a no go.
  12. Liquidsilver

    Horrible News. 3 brothers die.

    Very sad.
  13. Liquidsilver

    Blades for a Rhino SE-6 rotary mower?

    Looks like they've been nicked up and sharpened a lot to me. Mine get horrible in 3 years.
  14. Liquidsilver

    clearing land

    I hope it works well for you. I'm afraid the Volkswagon-sized rocks just under the surface at my place would tear it up though. :(
  15. Liquidsilver

    [email protected]#n Scrub Oak!

    They told me to use Remedy while the leaves were intact and do not mow for three weeks. It made them turn fall colors in one week and then I mowed. Field looked great last year, just grass. This year they look like they're back to 100%. Do you spray the Crossbow to the leaves, or after the...
  16. Liquidsilver

    [email protected]#n Scrub Oak!

    A couple of years ago I sprayed this pasture (and others) to the tune of about $1700 in Dow Remedy... and they looked great, until this year. Should I have to spray this field every two years? I just bush hogged over it and it looks better now, but what do I have to do to get rid of...
  17. Liquidsilver

    FEL Mounted Brush Cutter Recommendations

    In my neck of the woods... 80 acres would have me calling a competent dozer operator to clean it and grade it smooth. (Ribbons around the big trees I'd want to keep.) Then I would call the seed man to seed it with a good pasture blend. I think I could do this for about the same money as a big...
  18. Liquidsilver

    Billionaire Space Shots

    You wrote that you "wonder how much these trips cost ME & YOU through tax breaks and wright-offs." My point is that tax breaks and write-offs should not COST anything to 'ME & YOU.' If you're thinking that 'ME & YOU' somehow get to keep the money they would pay in taxes without tax breaks and...
  19. Liquidsilver

    Billionaire Space Shots

    Costing 'me and you,' because they're spending money 'me and you' can't take from them. Gotcha. :rolleyes:
  20. Liquidsilver

    All kidding aside; any chance Bigfoot is out there?

    I think people are just spotting my son. I've told him to shave and get a haircut a million times...
  21. Liquidsilver

    Beware! Yellow jackets are out.

    I didn't have any spray on hand when I found out the hard way there were yellow jackets nested by a hose spigot I needed to hook up to. (Right on the end of the knuckle, hurt worse than any I can remember.) A local farm boy was there working on something and he told me to mix up some Dawn...
  22. Liquidsilver

    Two things I will never understand in life...

    I've always been a Michelin guy, because in my experience they are always consistently high quality and good performance... but at a premium price. Now lately, with so many of my kids driving, I've found Hankook tires to be good quality and a good value. Korean company and a lot of the...
  23. Liquidsilver

    Which Backpack Blower?

    Hey Tony, can you help me out with "Reenact." I'm not finding that anywhere on the interwebs. Can you tell me who makes it or where to find it? I really do read and appreciate all the suggestions. $500 plus is a pretty significant expenditure for me.
  24. Liquidsilver

    trail clearing technique and tools

    I don't take any string into the trails because I'm dealing with taller grasses, blackberries (thorns) and 3/8" face-slappers. I found a blade like this for my Echo trimmer and it's extremely helpful. Rocks don't seem to bother it and it will take out stuff just under 1-inch. It's been...
  25. Liquidsilver

    Which Backpack Blower?

    Yes indeed it was. I didn't know whether to blame that on the covid or not. We'll see how they do this time. I was thinking that the engine had seized, so I didn't know what to think.
  26. Liquidsilver

    Which Backpack Blower?

    I AM willing to buck up for a 'commercial model,' I just don't know where to get one, or which to look for. The equipment dealer I buy from sells to landscape guys all the time and I assumed this Echo 8010 WAS used by commercial operators. I see a lot of the lawn services using RedMax, which...
  27. Liquidsilver

    Which Backpack Blower?

    I've had excellent service from most other Echo equipment and I don't believe any manufacturer is perfect... but I'm just wondering why little ol' me is having trouble with these blowers. The blower I want must be able to run at full throttle constantly, like any other piece of equipment I...
  28. Liquidsilver

    Which Backpack Blower?

    UPDATE: The service shop just informed me that it wasn't the bearing that went bad on the 80cc Echo before, but the fan "got loose from the shaft." (??) Echo covered it 100% and said the problem had nothing to do with the engine or oil. It had seized, so I thought it was the motor. The only...
  29. Liquidsilver

    Which Backpack Blower?

    On the previous Stihl, I was mixing 3.2 oz/gallon with Valvoline 2 cycle oil - 40:1 On this Echo, I'm using the Echo branded oil at the recommended ratio of 2.6 oz/gallon - 50:1 because that's what the dealer recommended after the same inquiry. (They accuse me of not putting oil in them.)...
  30. Liquidsilver

    Which Backpack Blower?

    I have the biggest Echo backpack blower... 80ccs. It's great when it's working. I need it for the power to blow off my woods trails, even when the leaves are a little wet. I have to have a carried/backpack model, because many of the trails are too steep to use any of the wheeled models...
  31. Liquidsilver

    Kodiak mower blades..

    Not sure about your specific model, but I was finding parts : HERE You can also browse through Rotary Cutter Supply for the correct blades. When I was getting blades for my Titan, I had to go through the Titan dealer to get them. WD40 and a long breaker bar (and a helper) will be your...
  32. Liquidsilver

    What is the worst dog you ever had?

    Long-haired dachshund. Male. Fixed. He's got 'little-man syndrome' (read: aggressiveness) Like the kindergarten bully. I've seen dogs of this breed that were nice, but this guy is awful. He's bitten me a couple of times, once causing a nasty infection. He can be sweet occasionally, when...
  33. Liquidsilver

    More Weekend MOWING Tragedy

    Mowing fields with rough spots and a 10-foot rotary cutter behind... doesn't take too much imagination to think what would happen if a bump popped me out of the seat... then a 5-foot tire holds me down and the cutter makes sure I won't have an open casket funeral. I'm getting better at ALWAYS...
  34. Liquidsilver

    ATV ban proposed in Ontario Canada

    My newest ATV is a 2003. The thing has warning labels all over it, mostly saying 'nobody under 16 is allowed to operate it.' It IS annoying to see all the kids operating them irresponsibly... but we have to decide how much liberty means to us, or we won't be allowed to do anything. I...
  35. Liquidsilver

    Least Tippy Machine

    I see the big highway department tractors pulling their 15-foot bat wing cutters on slopes that make me dizzy. They have very wide front axles, big weights on the front and the rear tires are also set very wide. I would think you could look into similar equipment for other tractor models...
  36. Liquidsilver

    Grand jury indictment for shop removing diesel truck emissions devices.

    I guess it's not nice to fool with the EPA.
  37. Liquidsilver

    Who Broke The Bridge?

    Also surprised it didn't break at that last row of bolts next to it. Looks more like a geological stress event than a duty-cycle fracture to me. (Not an engineer, but I play one on TV.)
  38. Liquidsilver

    Who rides motorcycles?

    I got to enjoy Road Atlanta last week. #56
  39. Liquidsilver

    “Disappearing” Lynch Pins

    I had a slough of lynch pins that weren't flat against the 'work side' and those would pop off so bad, I just gave up and used 3/8ths bolts with jam nuts. They are still on there (on the tractor side). Only later did I discover the problem was the crummy pins. For other implements I use...
  40. Liquidsilver

    More Weekend MOWING Tragedy

    Good to remember...
  41. Liquidsilver

    How to compost 107 dead hogs

    Interesting. But I could almost smell the video. Woohee.
  42. Liquidsilver

    Honey Locust Tree

    Yeah, I don't have many... but I don't wait for them to die. I break them down and burn 'em. No need for those thorns and I have inner tubes!
  43. Liquidsilver

    Now it's a crime to use gas trimmers in my California city just as fire season kicks off...

    And long grass that doesn't get cut is no danger of wildfires is it? Duhhh! Just so dumb.
  44. Liquidsilver

    Your Internet went down? I wonder what caused it?

    I'll bet the poor fellow in the picture wishes he was wearing a face mask at that moment!
  45. Liquidsilver

    Was one of you pulling this trailer?

    Looks like some kind of insurance fraud/play to me. (??)
  46. Liquidsilver

    Why do we like trails so much?

    A bit over 400 acres. Mostly woods. :)
  47. Liquidsilver

    Why do we like trails so much?

    With 17 miles of single track on my property, I spend a lot of time working them by hand. Loppers and chainsaw mostly. The dirtbikes actually keep a pretty good path to hike on, too.
  48. Liquidsilver

    Cost to asphalt a gravel road?

    It costs me right at $2500 to have a neighbor with a tandem dump truck spread my whole driveway and access road that length with good limestone rock. Then I can make it almost pavement smooth with my tractor. I was also quoted about 50 grand by an asphalt contractor 15 years ago. I'm so...
  49. Liquidsilver

    How to know when your parents may not want to drive anymore?

    It was a very tough time for me. Dad's car would have new, unexplained body damage that he wouldn't comment on. Making him lose his independence/driving was very difficult and emotional. I haven't met many that will turn in the keys voluntarily. :(
  50. Liquidsilver

    Renting a Cat 953D - Stupid Idea?

    I have an area behind my pond that was left a mess by a friend with a backhoe when he fixed a leak in it. It's been a weedy mess ever since, and the area behind it has a pretty sharp gully that's about 100 feet long and 40 feet deep. I've smoothed it out with my FEL but it's still really...