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  1. George2615

    LS free loader promotion

    "My nearest LS dealer said the same thing about HST. Too many suburbanites with 5 acres or less want HST. He'll order a gear model, but not unless requested." That's true here as well. I'm one of those suburbanites but I always had a gear tractor. When I bought a new one 17 years ago all I...
  2. George2615

    LS free loader promotion

    Something to think about. Your area may be different but in my area a tractor without a loader takes much longer to sell. Some people may not need a loader and have specific uses for a non loader tractor but the majority do seem to want one. Two dealers I spoke with years ago would not order a...
  3. George2615

    Log Splitter hydraulic ram fitting broke off.

    Mcmaster-carr has weldolet fittings. Is this something you could use.
  4. George2615

    Insurance is strange!?!

    "It would have been much cheaper to remove the tree before the garage was built." I'm sure it would have been cheaper 30 years ago due to inflation but still would have required a crane. Could not drop the tree in one cut due to neighbors house to the south (less than 90') and my house only 8'...
  5. George2615

    Insurance is strange!?!

    I just went through the same thing about 4 months ago. Had a 90' pine that was 3' from the garage for past 30 years. Then we had a bad wind storm with 80-90 MPH winds and the pine was swaying toward the garage just touching it with each gust. Insurance co. told me the same preventative maint...
  6. George2615

    Meat Grinder recommendations

    I have the Cabelas commercial grade 1/2HP Grinder. Bought it about 10 years ago for processing deer. It weighs 35lb. and can process 4-6lb per min. It has been flawless for me.
  7. George2615

    Towing capacity

    Some things to think about. If your proposed tractor is 3300lb. then add another 1000 for a loader so now 4300lb. Add the minimum trailer weight of 2500lb. and you're up to 6800lb or about maximum for a 7K trailer. Plus any 3pt. attachments and a cab will also add weight so a 7K may not be ideal...
  8. George2615

    What size lug wrench on LS

    Welcome to TBN Not sure which model LS you have but my LS XR3037HC lug nuts / bolts require a 24MM socket front or rear.
  9. George2615

    Log in Verification

    Never had that type of login problem and had to use a code sent to email. I used to be able to click on TBN from my laptop bookmarks and be logged in automatically but my laptop system has updated recently and now I do have to log in each day. I haven't found out what changed. Apparently when I...
  10. George2615

    Need opinions 2016 Chevrolet 2500HD

    I have this same truck. A 2016 CC std bed with 6.0 bought new but with 4WD. Bought it for towing and I'm pleased with the power. About the only thing I don't like is the poor MPG but it is built to tow. I have recently checked and found retail book values between 34-36K but mine has low miles...
  11. George2615

    Celebrities I have met

    I have met Danielle Colby (American Pickers), Erik Estrada (Ponch from CHIPS), Doc Severinson (Band leader from Johnny Carson), One of Doc's daughters was in my High School graduating Class, his other kids were behind or ahead of me in school.
  12. George2615

    Snow plow set up, which way?

    I have lived in snow country my entire life and plowed snow for the past 50 plus years. Most of those years I only plowed my own driveway with a truck plow. I plowed with a friend who had many contracts as a sub contractor. He always paid me on time per job. I moved and decided to start my own...
  13. George2615

    Differential lock was stuck

    I had the same problem on my 2615HST. Where the linkage goes into the trans it was sticking. I guess it had rust buildup due to being left outside in the rain. No way to lube. I used a spray penetrating oil and manually worked the pedal up and down. At first I had to pry the pedal up and step on...
  14. George2615

    List all the Cars/Motorcycles You've Owned

    Here's my list not in any order but written as they popped into what's left of my mind. I'm sure there's a few not listed that I forgot about. 64 Chevy Impala V8 auto 64 Chevy Chevelle 64 Chevy El Camino 67 Chevy El Camino 65 Pontiac Catalina 2Dr 389 4 BBL 4 Spd 3.89 gears 68 Pontiac Catalina...
  15. George2615

    3 acres, greenhouses & heavy loader work + snow removal, Am I going too Big, Kubota M5-111?

    I'd guess that if you may plan on lifting 2600# noted in your post #4 you can get by with a 40-50HP tractor as most will have that lift capacity. They will also weigh less than the MF 2650 HD you're looking at and be withing your tow rating..
  16. George2615

    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    I drop mine off at a local garage that has uses a waste oil furnace for heat.
  17. George2615


    I have the older model XR3037HC. I installed my own radio, a Sony. I don't use the bluetooth. The general consensus here is the factory speakers are not that great. Others have replaced them and have posted better results. The sound they produce reminds me of vehicle radios and speakers back in...
  18. George2615

    Trailer Size

    Never heard of a trailer with 8333 pound capacity but I would go for the larger trailer. Who knows, you may want to haul the tractor at sometime with several attachments. Plus a larger trlr will make it easier to balance your load. A 16' trlr may be marginal for your tractor length including the...
  19. George2615


    That is correct. The Boomer uses the same antenna just has MT in front of the number.
  20. George2615


    Neither, Its for AM/FM radio in cab. I don't use my tractor enough to warrant installing a ham radio and antenna.:LOL:
  21. George2615


    Order a replacement from your dealer. I know of no aftermarket one that mounts the same. I have to order one also. A low hanging pine tree branch snapped it in half. My temp fix was to slide some heat shrink on it and shrink it. My friends XR4140HC uses an all stainless antenna. Mine is flexible...
  22. George2615

    Request for Icon

    Maybe there's no prayer icon due to forum rules about religion topics.
  23. George2615

    New member from Ct.

    Welcome to TBN
  24. George2615

    Coming soon list

    Not sure how to do that other than ctrl and roll mouse.
  25. George2615

    Coming soon list

    That's how I got it to show. Hold control and roll mouse. It makes print smaller but shows all. When I reverve procedure for larger screen print the emoji, media, quotes, table goes away.
  26. George2615

    Coming soon list

    Got it to display but had to go with smaller print (resolution). Tough to get older and need a large print screen
  27. George2615

    Coming soon list

    Emojis icon does not show on mine either. Also using a laptop like Redneck.
  28. George2615

    New member from central NY

    Welcome to TBN
  29. George2615

    Well, McGoo, you did it again!

    The TNT site is working for me. Only reason I go there is to check out Cowboy Ron's latest memes. I hate all the politics though.
  30. George2615

    Welcome back

    If I log out like LittleBill says then look at the posts I can view the posted pics. When logged in they do not show up.
  31. George2615

    Welcome back

    Can only see Xfaxman (or any) jpg's by holding control and clicking on each jpg. Then they open in a new window.
  32. George2615

    Welcome back

    If I hold control and click your image then save it to desktop then attach files it comes up
  33. George2615

    Welcome back

    All I see is your CS -series.jpg noted below. If I hold control and click it does open in a new window.
  34. George2615

    Welcome back

    If I hold control and click on .jpg like Xfaxman says it will open the jpg in a new window.
  35. George2615

    Welcome back

    Ibrahim updated settings so I tried to insert image again but still not working. I'm using a laptop with windows 10 and Firefox. The only way I can post an image is to use attach files at the bottom.
  36. George2615

    Welcome back

  37. George2615

    Welcome back

    No it No it does not show when I used insert image icon but it does when I used attach files.
  38. George2615

    Welcome back

    The attach files works, not the insert image.
  39. George2615

    Welcome back

    I'll try again using attached files instead of insert image.
  40. George2615

    Welcome back

    I can see the one I posted only when I hit the post button. but not previous ones. Once I leave that thread then come back all I see is the .jpg name but no pic. Another bug to work out.
  41. George2615

    Welcome back

    I'm not seeing any of the pics posted so far. I'll try one myself.
  42. George2615

    Lock that won't freeze

    Have you tried rubber coated padlocks that have a cover over the key area like this.
  43. George2615

    LED bar light experience?

    I installed the combo spot/flood LED lights on mine about 5 years ago. Not the curved bar. mine are straight (either 22 or 24" I think). I made brackets to mount them front and rear. They are much brighter than stock lights. They are blinding if you are in front of them. And No, mine don't offer...
  44. George2615

    Help identifying old back blade

    Looks like it will need some welding repairs. But its still a great buy.
  45. George2615

    Help can稚 figure this out quick hitch issue One side seats the other side does not.

    Re: Help can稚 figure this out quick hitch issue One side seats the other side does You need to either lower the top hook (red arrow) or raise the bolt (yellow) so the lower pin can sit down further. The top bolt (yellow) is probably bottomed out in the hook preventing the lower pin from seating.
  46. George2615

    XR3135HC Opinions and snowplow blade vs. blower

    Hi Mike and :welcome: to TBN I have the older version of the tractor you are looking at purchasing. Mines an XR3037HC and I have a 7 1/2' Quick attach plow for the front and a double auger blower for the 3 pt. It works fine on my gravel driveway. I like it better than plowing with my truck since...
  47. George2615

    ?????? GROAN

  48. George2615

    Dump trailer load equalizer hitch

    My trailer is built by Cross Country Mfg. here in NY. Also a single cylinder. Pics do not show my WD hitch brackets as they were taken the day I brought it home.