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  1. czechsonofagun

    Slow leak in rear tire

    My B1750 Kubota has a slow leak in the rear (turf) tire. I checked it with soap water and it is in the sidewall. I tried the Slime but it still leaks. I am not sure if it's advisible to try to plug leak in the sidewall. Should I dismount the tire and try to glue it from inside? I fixed many...
  2. czechsonofagun

    B1750 will not turn over - Resolved

    I was using MMM cutting tall grass. It stalled the engine and when I tried to start it there was a smoke coming from under the engine for few seconds and now the starter does not turn over. When I try, the dash lights go dim. My take is that some wiring or swith burned and is shorted to the...
  3. czechsonofagun

    Implement shed on an incline

    After years of parking my tractor under the tree - and tarp - with implements all around it, I decided to put up a simple shelter to protect it all. The place for it is on an incline, maybe 5 degrees. I should still build it with the roof horizontal when looking from the front, right? The...
  4. czechsonofagun

    Forney Easy Weld Multi

    I am looking at this unit. Anybody owns one? Or similar/same make? Forney Easy Weld 14 MP, Multi-Process Welder - -
  5. czechsonofagun

    Refurbishing pond aerator

    My aerator stopped working; I mean the compressor was still running, but the cauliflower of bubbles was not there anymore. I pulled it out of the pond to clean it and improve on it. I use a commercial membrane diffuser, I tried to make my own but the profi grade - mainly bubble size and...
  6. czechsonofagun

    Welding cast iron

    This is a forge blower that I want to fix. It is some kind of a cast iron, never welded it in my life. I was going to use a stick welder but not sure about the rod. Nickel 99? Should I grind it to make space for the weld? I don't have the capacity to heat it up, was planning to weld it...
  7. czechsonofagun

    Pictures of blacksmith shop

    Anybody with a blacksmith shop? Looking for an inspiration. Here are some pictures I collected over the years.
  8. czechsonofagun

    Bush hog maintenance

    Our hunting club was donated used bush hog and I need to do some work on it. After greasing stuff that was frozen solid I took it for a spin and it worked fine till it dropped the blade. :mad: Now, how do you work on bush hog? Do you flip it over with the front loader? Or just lift it and...
  9. czechsonofagun

    Pigeon Aviary

    My youngest got four pigeons from a friend, we kept them in a cage for six weeks and opened up. Two of them took off and the other two started family and eventually we had like 16 birds circling our property. It was great to watch them, racing pigeons if you don't race them are pretty much...
  10. czechsonofagun

    My wife wrote and published a book

    Czech :) it out: Iceman Awakens| Sharon Krasny
  11. czechsonofagun

    Lincoln troubles

    My little Lincoln MIG, I had it for years, developed a problem. Pulling the trigger, the wire moves out of the gun but the welder makes loud noise and eventually - in 3 or so seconds - it will pop the outlet breaker. Not while welding, just to get the wire rolling. I took the wire handling...
  12. czechsonofagun

    3pt watering solution

    I built this to water rhododendrons my wife planted on the other end of our property, out of reach of the hose. We used to haul water there by wagon and bucket, now I can water from the tractor seat. It is just a barrel and roller pump for the PTO.
  13. czechsonofagun

    Fireplace footings

    I will be adding a fireplace to our back porch. The floor is 20" above the ground where the fireplace is going to be. I want real fireplace with masonry chimney. Now the question of footings. In our area the freeze depth is 24", I was going to dig out 30" deep and pour 12" thick footings...
  14. czechsonofagun

    Oven roof

    It took me forever but the pizza oven finally has a roof. The frame is oak - after many years I done some real joinery again - purlins are just pine. I mocked the roof with 2x6 to match the pitch of the barn.
  15. czechsonofagun

    Joist for new sunroom, treated or not?

    I am planning to build an enclosed porch/sunroom. The floor will be between 2' - 3' feet above the ground, the roof will overlap the footprint of course. Should I use treated lumber for the floor joist? The joist will never get wet, but it will be - technically - outside. The joist will be...
  16. czechsonofagun

    Disc Harrow

    I am fixing a disc harrow for a friend, one of the axle needs to be replaced. Now the old axle is round but aggrisupply only carries square axles. Are the round axles thing of the past or something? I am confident I can make it work, just curious.
  17. czechsonofagun

    This is what a bad day looks like

    Posting for your amusement. I had these fence panels next to the field to use them for dragging but taking turn with the tractor, tiller was able to grab them. Oh, well, nobody gut hurt. It took me half an hour to untangle the tiller. :D
  18. czechsonofagun

    Plug aerator

    I posted this in attachments, got very little response :( Anyway, to tickle my ego and also hoping that maybe somebody will be looking for ideas here one day, I post it on this board one more time. The frame was meant for a tiller I started building years ago. I scratched that plan after...
  19. czechsonofagun

    Plug aerator

    One of the project I had on and off for some time. It is done now and it works. I still want to make some concrete weights instead of cinderblocks to put on top. Spoons are from Agri Supply, bearing blocks from Surplus Center.
  20. czechsonofagun

    Weather vane

    This was just a little project on my ToDo list. When I changed the roof on the barn, I left there a piece of 5/8" round stock sticking up 6" right in the middle with the plan to put a weather vane on it eventually. I found a local plasma mo and pa shop and got the figure cut from 14ga steel for...
  21. czechsonofagun

    Japanese beetle and a business idea :)

    Just like every year, my vineyard is full of Jap beetles. I trap them and spray poison every so often but there must be thousands of them. They eat vineyard leaves, knock out roses and some (brown) basket willows. The traps are not as effective as they could be, I have bugs eating leaves...
  22. czechsonofagun

    Building a fence

    Total will be 15 sections like this one, concrete posts with 12" cast wall between them. The wall will be crowned with pavers and pine boards - pickets or privacy - will be screwed to 2x4 cross beams to complete the fence. The distance between posts is 98", posts are 8', above ground section...
  23. czechsonofagun

    Stone dust used for concrete mixing

    The local quarry sells stone dust by a ton, it is half the price of concrete sand. I used it for setting pavers, in horse stables and other places. Just out of curiosity I did some searching and there are studies like this one...
  24. czechsonofagun

    Plowing food plot

    I plowed a food plot this year, we used to just till it, but it was time to really turn it over. After that, I plowed it one more time and than used 3pt tiller to smooth it over, it worked reasonably well, but it is far from smooth, there are lower and higher areas in the field. For future...
  25. czechsonofagun

    UDT for bottle jack?

    I scored bottle jack at the pile of scrap metal, all it needed was to top the oil up, haha. Anyway, I did not have enough oil for it so I used Kubota UDT, likely overkill :D What do you think?
  26. czechsonofagun

    Shredded MMM belt

    Let's see, I got Kubota used 11 years ago, cut grass with it every summer and the belt just died. Not bad, not bad at all :thumbsup:
  27. czechsonofagun

    Tail Light

    I broke the tail light on B1750 about a year ago, finally started looking for new cover. All I needed was the plastic red light lens if you can call it a lens. Like this one: $18.80 plus shipping was the best price I could find. So I spent nine bucks at the local TSC and made my own...
  28. czechsonofagun

    Broke the key

    Stupid me, hit the key with my knee and it broke, luckily I can still turn the lock to start her, but I would prefer to get the broken key out. Anybody had that happen before? Is it hard to dig out the lock? This is B1750, but I believe it is the same for tractors of that era.
  29. czechsonofagun


    I could not resist to come back to my old stomping ground to show off :D First, this is what it does:
  30. czechsonofagun

    Tire Selection Tires 20.5x8-10

    Good Morning, I am looking for a pair of 20.5x8-10, mainly because the old pair is so old and cracked that even with tubes inside I have to patch them often. It is for B1750 Kubota, I have turfs front and back and in the back I have 29.5x12.50-15. Now to replace the front, I could only find...
  31. czechsonofagun

    Front tires 20.5x8-10, where to find them?

    Front tires on the Kubota need replacing, but it is such an odd size I am not able to find them anywhere locally. Where do you buy yours? I have turfs now, would like knobs better, definitely not agriculture. Thanks!
  32. czechsonofagun

    Floating duck house

    Anybody build one here? I am looking into it for my oldest daughter. Not to live in one :) but she likes ducks. I was thinking 4" water pipes for floating grid and build on top of it, anybody has a better idea for a pontoon?
  33. czechsonofagun

    MMM wheels?

    I tried and failed. One of the 4 wheels on my 60" MMM disintegrated on the end of last cutting season. The rubber was basically free spinning on the steel core; I need to find a new wheel. Anybody knows where to get them - the usual places such as Messicks and Tractor Smart do not seem to...
  34. czechsonofagun

    44 Magnum shot load

    I played a bit to create shot load for 44 Magnum. This one uses #9 shot and 6.5 grains of Unique. The shells is enclosed by wad of modelling clay and between Unique and the shot there is a felt divider. Target and the can was shot at from 6 feet, the idea was to have a load to use on rats...
  35. czechsonofagun

    What in the woirld is that?

    It surely stung me to make me feel it.
  36. czechsonofagun

    Charcoal grill from electrical water heater tank?

    I am sure somebody here build one of these. I posted in build it yourself, but maybe somebody here has the answer. I have a water heater tank, must be 20 years old, it was in our house when we moved in 2002 and it was already old. Anyway, I got a new water heater, when this one died and...
  37. czechsonofagun

    Charcoal grill from water heater tank?

    I am sure somebody here build one of these. I have a water heater tank, must be 20 years old, it was in our house when we moved in 2002 and it was already old. Anyway, I got a new water heater, when this one died and decided to weld up a charcoal grill from it. I am aware of newer tanks...
  38. czechsonofagun

    Barn roof

    I finally bit the bullet and replaced the corrugated roofing on the barn. It was deteriorated and way overdue for replacement. The barn before.
  39. czechsonofagun

    Insulating ducts in crawl space

    I need to insulate ducting in the crawl space. Some of the ducts (6" diameter) are laid in the 8" joist and it is impossible to wrap them with fiberglass insulation. I figured I could use aluminum buble wrap and staple it to the joist, I am sure it will work for heating but what is it gonna...
  40. czechsonofagun

    Motorcycle hunting

    The plus - no blood shot meat The minus - need new headlight
  41. czechsonofagun

    HVAC wiring and breakers

    I am reading up on my future project and here is a question on wires. This is what I can understand from resources I found: Air handler - 240V, double breaker - provides power to the blower and circuit boards (2+1 romex, based on the current, #10 should be enough) Emergency heat strip - 240V...
  42. czechsonofagun

    Replaced rectifier - tractor self sufficient again, interesting side effect

    My rectifier on Kubota died few years ago. Since money was very short, I would charge the battery every few month instead, the diesel does not need much of electrical power. It worked quite well actually, the clue to charge the battery again was when the starter would not turn over warm...
  43. czechsonofagun

    Old farm turned into horse riding school

    Please, forgive me posting just a link, but I think it is very pretty. Old farm from 19th century was nicely rebuilt - the before picture is from 2009 - and now it is a combination of school with accomodation and restaurant. Fotogalerie: Zrekonstruovala polorozpadlý statek, aby si splnila sv...
  44. czechsonofagun

    B1750 muffler

    Today I bent and broke off the muffler on my B1750. It is still holding there, but there is a hole in the bottom and generally it is not repairable. It looks like I can buy new muffler, but how do you get the old one off. I tried one of those bolts - it snapped off just like I expected. They...
  45. czechsonofagun

    External insulation

    I plan to stucco the rest of the house, now it is half stucco and old vinyl siding for the rest - the house is a work in progress, I am sure you understand :) Anyway, for the NW side I would like to add some external insulation, since that side is exposed to the wind the most and in winter you...
  46. czechsonofagun

    Outdoor shower

    Last year I made me an outdoor shower, well water only. It is very basic, just soldered 1/2" copper pipes that can stand on their own and a cedar platform. Also secondary spigot 16" from the ground for feet washing. The first year I just had it behind the vineyard, used it only at night and...
  47. czechsonofagun

    2 phase electrical motor not running, help please

    The motor for the table saw stopped running. Well that's not correct. it starts, flips the breaker and stops. From the sound of it, seems it runs on one phase only. I did the obvious - got new capacitors and swapped them - with zero effect. The motor is little bit over a year old and it...
  48. czechsonofagun

    18 SEER for Virginia?

    I am looking into new HVAC unit for the house. This is how it compares from one of the sellers: 18 SEER $4500 16 SEER $4100 15 SEER $2900 14 SEER $2800 13 SEER $2500 Prices are for 3ton Goodman but that's not important. My question is if it makes sense to pay for the 18 SEER, looks like 15...
  49. czechsonofagun

    Soldering? Information needed.

    Good Morning, I will be doing some heavy soldering soon. I learned that skill in high school, we were using electrical soldering irons to join sheet metal, build drawers and such. I have done it at home too - my dad had two irons, three including the pistol for electrical connections, and...
  50. czechsonofagun

    Quality gutters?

    We are reroofing part of the house these days -yes, it is quite hot up there :) - and I would like to replace the gutters in the same time. The typical local suppliers, HD, Lowe's have gutters that look very cheap and flimsy. So, my question is - what gutters would you put on your house...