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  1. John White

    Facebook ads.

    I have noticed in the last few weeks a couple ads popping up on Facebook. Listing a new mini track hoe (about the size 0f a riding lawn mower) and now I see a little dozer. All are listed under $100 with limited amounts available. Evidently they come from a retailer. Whats the catch? Anyone...
  2. John White

    Post was banned from Face Book

    I got ready to post a new ad on Facebook and seen a ad I tired to post about a year ago. I never followed up on the ad because I had it listed on Craig list and the first person came to see it took it So I never looked at the ad on Face book. I know the trailer had a lot of clutter on it...
  3. John White

    Newer style Victor mouse traps.

    Has any one tried the newer style victor mouse traps? I had a mouse that kept going where he should not go. I tried a regular mouse trap but it would just not set off the trap. Finally I got a idea, cut a small hole about 1 1/2" put cat food inside and set the trap. It would still get inside...
  4. John White

    How did your knee replacement go?

    Any one who has had a knee replacement, how did it go? Any complications? Can you still get around all right. Pain? I have a couple of posts on here about a year ago about my knee. Has gotten worse. I tried all the potions and lotions suggested by you fellows, and pain pill are out because...
  5. John White

    ct335 Backhoe installation?

    Anyone have the instructions for installing the Bob Cat backhoe? There must be a easier way than what I am doing. If you have one what is your method? Seems like I seen a clip on u tube once but cannot find it now
  6. John White

    Happiness is:

    At 80 being able to get up in the morning and p & p, go out and plow snow in my warm tractor and my 15 year old cat that rides with me everywhere and of course my wife and all God's blessings. Go ahead and and a post "happines is" maybe your dog, horse, wife grand kids.
  7. John White

    New way to catch a mouse.

    Sometimes I think mice are pretty smart critters. I have a cat that rides with me to work every day and rlde's in the truck for service calls. I have a bowel for her that I put dry cat food in. She will always leave a few pieces. I begin to notice that she was cleaning up the bowel (I...
  8. John White

    Any one have a air bag go off??

    I was wondering if any one has had a accident where the air bag went off? What injuries did you suffer? I was involved in a crash about a month ago and the air bag went off. I was taken to the emergency room because I thought it had broken my brest bone. It hit me so hard I couldn't breathe...
  9. John White

    What Mfg. made this trailer?

    I haven been looking some time to up date my trailer 12gvw 16' to the next size larger in length and weight 18' 14gvw. Good used trailers are very hard to find and usually if you get a good one, you are within $500 of a new one. This one caught my eye. Not all beat up, Owner said it needed...
  10. John White

    Brake away safety battery"

    I am curious as to how many of you maintain your brake away battery, I don't think I ever bought a trailer with it working. Usually that is the first thing I do Is check the brake away system. But don't ask me if I maintain it afterwords. Most time all they need is a new battery but I don't...
  11. John White

    Lets talk about your balls

    Hitch balls of course. Those of you who pull a 14 gvw trailer, what is your ball rated at? I have pulled a 12 gvw16 ft for about 12 years. Sometimes loaded to the max. 10 K. I ran on to a 14 gvw trailer 18' long. I sold the 12 gvw trailer and the fellow wanted a pintle ring so I switched the 2...
  12. John White

    Trailer serial #

    Just bought a 18' 14gvw equipment trailer. There is no mfg tag on it. (no title) I would say it is built too professionally to be a home built. Built better than some of the top 4 mfg that I have looked at. The only # I can find is J.N.072710-- stamped on the tongue. The fellow owned it 5...
  13. John White

    Trailer weight ???

    Most trailer specs don't give the empty weight of the trailer. I have a 12K Bob Cat style trailer 16" I figure it weighs around 2500 empty. Sometimes I haul a piece of equipment that weighs around 10k so I figure that puts me about 500 over the listed gvw. Although it has always handled it...
  14. John White

    Installing a grab handle

    I have a tractor with a cab. I am getting older and it would be nice to have a grab handle when I get up out of the seat to get out. I really don't want to drill any holes. I have a flat surface. I was think something along the line of a big handle like on a sliding barn door. Is there any...
  15. John White

    Knee injection.

    I posted on here last year and had a lengthy discussion about steroid shots and knee surgery. Thank you all who responded but as of yet problem has not been resolved. The two doctors I have talked to said I would not be a candidate for knee surgery due to my age (79) with a prior blood clot in...
  16. John White

    6 Lug or 8

    I see some trailers advertised as 12k gvw and have 6 lug. Looking at one now. All my previous trailers had 8.
  17. John White


    I run on to a 18' equipment trailer. Moritz. Guy cant tell me much about it. Haven't seen it yet. I assume they have torsion axles which I am not fond of. How is their workmanship, Welds, etc. I have seen some trailers that they look they used bubble gum to weld them.
  18. John White

    CT335 with cab,brackets ?

    I have a CT335 with cab. On the rear cab at the top of the vertical supports there are two brackets. One on each side. What is the purpose of them. I also have the 8TB backhoe and on the seat post where it attaches, there are a couple of small attachment holes there and I have no idea what...
  19. John White

    Tractor pallet forks???

    I am in need of a set of pallet forks. Which are better Falcon or Titian. Ebay seems to have the lowest price. (if any one in Ohio has a used set to sell, send me a email} The lowest price for the ones I want are about $550. 3000 lbs rated 42".
  20. John White

    Quick hitch, HF & RK

    Are the quick hitch from Harbor Freight and Rual king the same? I don't understand why when you buy a cat. 1 hitch you have to buy pins. Why don't they make them to accept cat 1 pins without adapters. I would say that most people who buy a cat 1 hitch have cat 1 impliments.
  21. John White

    Bobcat paint.

    Is the white paint on Bobcat a semigloss paint or gloss? I have to do some touch up on mine. It has a blister patch on the loader arm and I have to sand it off and repaint. I hate the powder coat they put on them. I went to buy some hay off a farmer and he had a Kioti about ten years old and...
  22. John White

    Bobcat CT335 extremely hard to start

    This thread caught my attention. Here is my story and "sticking to it". I just purchased a Botcat ct335 with a factory Bobcat backhoe. I purchased it from a dealer on Ebay. (not complaning or badmouthing him" who had purchased it from another dealer and couldnt sell it. It has 302 hours on it...
  23. John White

    335 download manual??

    I read some where on TBN someone had a free download workshop manual for ct335. I can't find the site again. Can someone point me to it?
  24. John White

    Bobcat CT335 complaint. Suggestions

    I Just purchased a CT335. 2012. It has some grill damage which I patched up and fixed most of it but I need the lower screen. Some one had cut a hole through the screen to hook up a battery charger and ran the cord through it plus it is bent up pretty good.This tractor is 8 years old. Bobcat...
  25. John White

    Bobcat ct335 info. parts

    I just purchased a Bobcat ct335. Has a few things wrong with it that I am trying to address. One is that the grill is damaged. I glued the plastic shroud back together with JB plastic weld and seems pretty strong. It has two grill screens in it. I pretty well have the top one straightened...
  26. John White

    CT335 tractor help

    Have a ct335. I understand that there are 4 relays under the dash. How do you go about removing dash to get to them. From a little info. I have it says picture 290. I don't have a manual. My tach, or warning lights do not work. Fuse 3rd from bottom has no power feed to it. (Red wire, blue...
  27. John White

    DK35SE info, help.

    I just purchased a Bobcat CT335. Same as the Kioti. I tried posting in the Bobcat forums about information before purchasing it but didn't get much response. I bought it knowing there was a electrical problem, which that model had a lot. I started out at the battery, replacing battery terminal...
  28. John White

    Welding cast iron??

    I just purchased a tractor and it had a backhoe on it and someone hit something and cracked the diff. housing. It is a small horizontal hairline crack about 6" long on the round part of axel tube on bottom. Fluid seeps out of it. I know first off that I will have to get the fluid drained. I...
  29. John White

    Bobcat ct335 info.

    Any one own a Bobcat CT335 with a cab and backhoe. Hoe do you like it. What do you think it is worth? I am looking around for a medium size backhoe but I want one with a cab and heat and AC. (used of course) I made contact with a dealer who says he has one coming in. I haven't seen on in...
  30. John White

    Lets talk golf carts.

    Do any of you use a golf cart and find it practical? When we built our house 12 years ago there was not room to build my shop right next to the house (past house all I had to do was walk about 30' and that was it) so I had to build it in the back of the lot behind some trees and it is about 150...
  31. John White

    Steriod shot in knee, ???

    Well after all these years old body is wearing down. Had a pain in my knee for over a year. Just limped on and thinking I must have sprained it or twisted it. It gradually got worse. Finally had to go to VA. They said I have arthritis in in pretty bad and need a steroid shot and if that...
  32. John White

    How to transport a tree for replanting. Need info.

    I am purchasing a treed for replanting. I read all about digging it up and wrapping the rood ball. It has about a 38" root ball, and about 18' tall with 6" dia at trunk. The nursery will sit it on my trailer with a forklift. I looked on U-Tube and could not find any information about hauling...
  33. John White

    B3030 with FEL brace?

    I have had two previous B3030 with FEL, Both had a cross brace that run under the pan making it messy to change the oil. I recently got a 2011 and I notice that it does not have that cross brace. At first I thought it maybe had been removed but upon looking closer there is no indication it...
  34. John White

    Best glue for foam board?

    I have a shipping container box I use for storage and when the temperature changes it sweats inside the roof. I am thinking about getting the 4x8 sheets of the silver backed foam board and gluing it to the ceiling. What would be the best type of glue? Silicon? I have used different glues on...
  35. John White

    Be carefull cat owners. Dumb thing I did.

    We have 5 wonderful cats that we have had for over 5 years, All cats some one had dropped off. We neutered and spayed them. ( one rides to work with me and rides with me on my service calls) We got these large styro foam boxes that steaks come in. Cut a small hole in the side and put warm...
  36. John White

    Buying a used trailer? Be prudent.

    I have a 12K gvw 16' trailer and have been looking for a used one for about 5 years. I Wanted a 14k gvw and 16' with a 2' dove tail. Hard to find. I didn't want to pay more than what I could get out of my present trailer. It has served me well for 10 years and is a well built trailer. I...
  37. John White

    Replaceing trailer fenders??

    Has any one replaced the fenders on their equipment trailer. I just bought a Load Trail 18" trailer and needs work. The fenders are cracked, bent, and rusted through. I would like to put the same style back on it. 9" wide 72" long steel with the tread plate pattern. Did you order them some...
  38. John White

    Sand blasting equipment trailer?

    I am looking at top of the ling equipment trailer, used. Needs a lot of work, But mainly the under carriage should be sand blasted and repainted. So I am interested in knowing if any of you had did this and what did it cost to get it sand blasted? A worse case situation I could flip the...
  39. John White

    Torsion axles???

    I am sure it has been discussed here but I just couldn't find a thread. Buying used trailer you cant always get what you want. I am looking at a Corn pro 14GVW equipment trailer 18' long. It has torsion axels. I have always stuck with springs. How will torsion axels perform and hold up...
  40. John White

    B3030 hstdc, wont crank over,

    Need some suggestions before I start checking. Just bought a B3030, after a long trip home went to unload it off the trailer and it wont crank over. Battery and connections are all right. (full voltage) I didn't have time to really check it over as it was late. It acts as lock out switch in...
  41. John White

    B3030,HSDC what did you pay for yours, used.

    If any one has purchased a B3030hsdc used, what did you pay for it and how many hours. I have a 2006 , 720 hrs, with a FDR 1672 Land Pride mower that I am thinking about selling. Reason for selling is that I ran on to what I thought was a good deal on a 2008 B3030 so I don't need two tractors...
  42. John White

    B3030 parts brakedown picture

    I need several parts for a B3030 I just purchased. Grill, headlight asy, tie rod ends, mirror. A few weeks ago I was looking and found a place that had parts listed and picture. (I didn't book mark it) I tried finding pictures on Messicks web site and Colemans, but I must be doing something...
  43. John White

    B3030 power steering trouble, advice fast

    I am going to look at a Kubota b3030 this week. It is a estate sale and they cant tell much about the tractor, except it is very hard to steer. It has 450 hrs. on it and they don't know if the fluids have ever been changed. (probably not) I know it cant be diagnosed on here with out further...
  44. John White

    B3030 FEL bucket wearing on one side>???

    I bought a B3030 some time ago and trying to tackle all the problems. I noticed right away that the cutting edge was wore back on one side. First thing I did was take the bucket off and square it up and run beads with my welder. I have been too busy with other projects to check out why. I...
  45. John White

    B3030 Looking to purchase

    Any one have a lead on a good B3030 (with cab) 2010 or newer. I just purchases one a few months ago (2006) I love it. Have a friend that offered me a reasonable profit if I can find a newer one. I told him I would shake the bushes and see if I could find something. I know most people who...
  46. John White

    B3030 gear selector control indicator.

    My gear shift selector (speed) is off about halfway. How can I adjust it so it reads right? I looked underneath and saw no adjustment. The only way I see is to peel off the selector label and reattach it or order a new one.
  47. John White

    B3030 might be re4placeing a New Holland 1720???

    I have a New Holland 1720 with FEL, no complaints, has been a excellent problem free tractor. I ran on to what I thought was a great deal on a B3030, 750 hours. The enclosed cab with heat and AC was a great motivator. Question is will the Kubota do ever the NH did. NH seems to be built a...
  48. John White

    BH75 Backhoe problems???

    I have a BH75 backhoe and when it sits over night one of the stabilizers leaks down. Can't see any fluid leaking out. When I go to raise it the control lever is rock solid in the up position. I have to keep steady hard pressure on it. After about 2 min it will slowly start to raise. Works...
  49. John White

    Price check L3400, need fenders & hood

    I am looking at a Kubota L3400. Hood is rusted through and fenders are not very good either. Any idea what a hood and fenders would cost. Any place (salvage yards) that would have them.? What would a 3400 be a fair price 1200 hrs, FL, with backhoe and cab.? Shame they let it sit out.
  50. John White

    Another Wile E. Coyote idea

    You guys shot my first Wile E. Coyote idea down, about flushing a pet locator down the drain and finding a septic tank. ( since you shot idea down, I am not talking about tying a cat on a string and flushing it down either) :laughing: So here goes another one. I have around 50 5 gal plastic...